Dessert Bowl

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Dessert Bowl Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Dessert Bowl Hong Kong Dessert Menu and Prices

Hong Kong Dessert
T12. Rose Tremella $18.00 With bird’s nest soup.
04. Durian King Sago with Vanilla Base $7.00
06. Mango Sago with Milk Base $6.00
T7. Bubur Cha Cha Summer Soup $7.00
T5. Papaya Braised with Milk $6.00
02. Boba Mango with Vanilla Base $6.00
03. Toddy Palm Mango Sago $7.00 With coconut base.
T2. IQ Balls $6.00
T9. Black Glutinous Rice Congee with Coconut $7.00 Hot.
09. Mix Fruits Sago with Milk $8.00
01. Toddy Palm Grass Jelly $6.00 With coconut base.
T6. Red Potato Sweet Ginger Soup $6.00
T3. Mung Beans Seaweed Soup $6.00
T10. Osmanthus Pumpkin Congee $7.00 Hot.
T1. Ginko Nut Yuba $6.00 With barley soup.
10. Mango Sago Cream $7.00 With pomelo in mango base.
11. Mountain Durian King $7.00 With vanilla base.
07. Honeydew Sago with Milk $6.00
05. Papaya Sago with Milk Base $6.00
08. Red Bean Sago with Milk $6.00
12. Thai Black Glutinous Rice $7.00 With mango in vanilla base.
T8. Red Date Tremella Pear Soup $7.00
T13. Papaya Milk $18.00 With bird’s nest soup.
T11. Red Date Wolfberry $18.00 With bird’s nest soup.
T14. Tremella Osmanthus $18.00 With bird’s nest soup.
T4. Red Beans Coconut Soup $6.00

Dessert Bowl Waffles Menu and Prices

W1. Strawberry and Nutella Waffle $5.00
W5. Nutella and Condensed Milk Waffle $5.00
W2. Honey and Butter Waffle $5.00
W4. Caramel and Peanut Butter Waffle $5.00
W3. Blueberry and Strawberry Waffle $5.00

Dessert Bowl Fruit Crepe Menu and Prices

Fruit Crepe
K5. Strawberry Crepe $6.00
K6. Banana Crepe $6.00
K4. Mango Durian Crepe $8.00
K3. Mango Banana Crepe $7.00
K7. Strawberry Blueberry Crepe $7.50
K1. Strawberry Banana Crepe $7.00
K2. Strawberry Kiwi Crepe $7.00

Dessert Bowl Appetizer Menu and Prices

A2. House Special Popcorn Chicken $6.00
A3. 2 Piece Grilled Taiwanese Sausage $5.80
A5. Sweet Glutinous Rice Ball $6.00 6 pieces.
A4. Crispy Glutinous Riceballs $6.00 6 pieces.
A1. Golden Fried Bun $6.00 6 pieces.

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