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Doner Bistro DA¶ner Box Menu and Prices

This Creation Popped Up Around The Change Of The Last Century To Satisfy Pommes Lovers’ DA¶ner Meat Cravings.
DA¶ner Meat And Pommes – Our Hand Cut Signature Fries ; topped with our garlic-yoghurt sauce with fresh cucumbers (tzatziki).

Doner Bistro Pommes Menu and Prices

Our Motto ;Savor Our World; Rings True With Our Fries. The Spaniards Discovered Potatoes In The New World; The Belgians Made Them Famous Through Cutting And Frying. The English Language Refers To This Creation As French Fries And The Germans Cal
Hand Cut French Fries Out Of 100% Natural Potato ; double fried and seasoned with our signature spices.

Doner Bistro German Bratwurst Menu and Prices

Pork Sausage ; served in a brA¶tchen or with pommes our hand cut signature fries.

Doner Bistro Sweets Menu and Prices

Join Us In The Land Of Milk And Honey Where Violet Cows Make Chocolate, American Ice Cream Fools Us To Be Of Scandinavian Decent And Where Kids And Grown-Ups Love It So-The Happy World Of ;Haribo;.
Treat Your Sweet Tooth ; with haribo candy, milka chocolate or hA¤agen dazs ice cream.

Doner Bistro Beer ‘N More – In Bottles Menu and Prices

Erdinger Urweisse   top fermented wheatbeer, brewed after a 120 year old recipe. particularly strong, spicy aroma and a distinctive yeast flavor.
Unertl Weissbier   unpasteurized wheatbeer from a german craft brewery. open fermentation and the use of 70% wheat malt creating a full bodied taste of almond, banana and yeast.
Bitburger Pilsener   hoppy taste, but lighter than jever
Einbecker Maibock   medium strong bockbier with amber color
Weihenstephan Pils   pilsener from the oldest brewery in the world. slightly hoppy, mild and crisp with a clean finish.
Effes Pilsener   our turkish beer as an homage to the inventors of the dA¶ner
Jever Pilsener   from northern germany with a nice bitter taste (hoppy)
Erdinger Wheat   banana and vanilla taste with a citrus finish
Gaffel KA¶lsch   from cologne with a light malty sweetness
Franziskaner Wheat   banana and clove taste with a hint of citrus at the end
Eggenberg Natur TrA?b   unfiltered pils, brewed after a 200 year old recipe. smooth and bready grains with a touch of lemon.

Doner Bistro Beer ‘N More – On Tap Menu and Prices

;A Real DA¶ner Needs A Real Beer;
KA¶stritzer Black Lager ; smooth and malty
Warsteiner Pilsener ; full bodied, clean and crisp
Veltins Pilsener ; golden bodied, well balanced note of malt and hops, refreshing
Weihenstephaner Wheat Beer ; from the oldest brewery in the world founded in 1040 a.d.

Doner Bistro Wine By The Glass Or Bottle Menu and Prices

Nuernberger Christkindl Gluehwein (Seasonal) ; hot spiced red wine to warm you up this winter and get you in the mood for the christmas season
Featuring A Red And White Rare-Find Treat For Your Senses ; such as a small hill from austria, a chenin blanc from a german vineyard in south africa and a 2010 st.urbans-hof riesling from germany.
European Club Scene Favorite Redbull And Prosecco ; party like itA’s hot

Doner Bistro Wiener Schnitzel Menu and Prices

Our Imbiss Style Fried Veil Cutlet Is A Quick Version Of The Traditional German ;Sit Down; Flavor.
Tender Breaded Veal ; served with pommes – our hand cut signature fries.
Sandwich Style In A BrA¶tchen ; topped with our special sauce.

Doner Bistro Currywurst Menu and Prices

2009 Marked The 60th Birthday Of This Proletarian Cult Dish Which Has Its Own Museum In Berlin, Germany. There Are Uncountable Styles And Versions Of Currywurst Out There: Beef Sausage, White Sausage, Bratwurst, Skinless Wurst, Sliced Into Pieces, Cut Up
Slices Of Beef Sausages Or Our Bratwurst (Pork) ; add brA¶tchen or pommes our hand cut signature fries.
Slices Of Beef Sausages Or Our Bratwurst (Pork) ; topped with warm curry ketchup.

Doner Bistro Falafel Menu and Prices

A Fast To Prepare Vegetarian Dish Originated In The Middle East Which Has Been Adopted By An Alternative Hip Crowd.
Fried Vegetarian Patties Out Of Smashed Chickpeas And Spices In A Hot Flatbread ; with lettuce, sweet A’n sour coleslaw, tomato-cucumber mix and onions, topped with our garlic-yoghurt sauce with fresh cucumbers (tzatziki).

Doner Bistro Salad Menu and Prices

Freshly Assembled, Low Carb Diet Friendly Dish With The Special Tzatziki Twist Which You Cannot Get Anywhere Else. Lettuce, Sweet`n Sour Coleslaw, Tomato-Cucumber Mix And Onions, Topped With Our Garlic-Yoghurt Sauce With Fresh Cucumbers (Tzatziki).
Plus Three Vegetarian Chickpea Patties ; falafel salad
Plus Lean Beef Or Chicken From The Rotisserie ; dA¶ner salad
Plus Feta ; feta salad

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