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Doobies Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Doobies Build Your Own Menu and Prices

For All Sandwiches And Burgers
Other Stuff   lettuce*, hot peppers* or onions*
Other Stuff $0.50 tomato*
Other Stuff $0.50 black olives*
Other Stuff $0.50 mushrooms*
Cheese   provolone
Cheese   swiss
Other Stuff $1.00 bacon
Other Stuff $1.00 chili
Cheese   muenster
Other Stuff $1.00 roasted red peppers*
Other Stuff $0.25 jalapenos*
Cheese   vegan cheddar*
Other Stuff $1.00 green chiles*
Cheese   pepper jack
Other Stuff $0.25 sauerkraut*
Cheese   american
Cheese $1.00
Cheese   cheddar
Other Stuff  
Cheese   blue cheese

Doobies Bottle Beer Menu and Prices

Yuengling Chesterfield Ale  
Sierra Nevada Seasonals  
Carib Seasonals  
Phila Brewing CoA’s Seasonals  
Oskar Blues Seasonals  
Rolling Rock Pony  
TrA¶egA’s Seasonal  
Lagunitas Seasonals  
Strongbow Hard Cider  
Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale  
Abita Seasonals  
Magic Hat # 9  
Dogfish Head 60 Minute Ipa  
Stegmaier Porter  
Miller Lite  
Brooklyn Seasonals  
Warsteiner Dark  
Clausthaler   non-alcoholic

Doobies Create Your Own Menu and Prices

$2.95 Plus Toppings, Choose From
Cheese   mozzarella
Mushrooms* $0.50
Jalapenos* $0.25
Bacon $1.00
Pepperoni $1.00
Cheese   blue cheese
Cheese   cheddar
Onions* $0.25
Cheese   pepper jack
Cheese   vegan cheddar*
Green Chiles* $1.00
Cheese   swiss
Cheese   muenster
Broccoli* $0.75
Cheese $1.00
Sauce Or Olive Oil*  
Black Olives* $0.50
Green Peppers* $0.50
Plum Tomato* $0.75
Hot Pepper Rings* $0.25
Roasted Red Peppers* $1.00
Cheese   provolone
Chili $1.00

Doobies Starters Menu and Prices

* Indicates Vegan Salad Dressings: Caesar Or Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar*; Homemade: Blue Cheese, Creamy Basil, Lite Italian*, Russian, sesame-Ginger Vinaigrette*
Nacho Platter $7.25
Tossed Salad * $3.50 – $2.25
Tortilla Chips & Salsa * $3.50
Chef’s Salad $6.95
Soup Du Jour $3.50 – $2.25 check for vegan availability
CruditA©s * $6.95 with dip, check for vegan availability
Chicken Dumplings $5.50 panfried or steamed with dipping sauce
House Salad * $5.50 can be vegan
Nacho Platter $8.95 with chili
Caesar Salad $4.00
Cheeseboard $7.25

Doobies Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Choice Of Kaiser Roll, Pumpernickel, Rye, Wheat Or White
Smoked Turkey & Brie Melt $7.25 with cranberry sauce on pumpernickel
Chicken Gyro $6.50 with tzatziki served in pocketless pita
Smoked Turkey $6.95 tomato & cheddar melt on english muffin
American $4.95 cheddar, provolone or swiss cheese
Meatball $5.25
Meatball $6.25 with provolone cheese
Beef Burger $5.50
Bacon $5.50 lettuce & tomato
Chicken Filet $5.95 with horseradish mayo, let & tom on round roll
Chicken Parmigiana $6.25 on round roll
Imported Ham $6.50 imported ham, swiss & tomato melt on english muffin
Smoked Turkey Club $7.25
Smoked Turkey $5.95
Crabcake $5.50 served with let, tom & celery seed mayo on round roll
Veggie Burger* $5.50
Pepperoni $6.95 black olive, roasted red pepper & mozzarella melt on portuguese roll

Doobies Pita Pizza Menu and Prices

Plain $3.75 tomato sauce & mozzarella
Black Olive $5.50 plum tomato, green pepper & mozzarella
Broccoli $5.25 plum tomato & mozzarella
Pepperoni $4.75

Doobies Miscellaneous Menu and Prices

Chili Con Carne $3.95 – $5.25
Chicken Filets $6.95 with spicy apricot sauce, 2 veg
Crab Cake Platter $6.75 with celery seed mayo, 2 veg
Quiche Du Jour ; with sm tossed salad
Baked Potato $5.50 with bacon & cheddar
Baked Potato $4.75 with broccoli & cheddar, can be vegan
Baked Potato $5.95 with broccoli, bacon & cheddar
PapayaA’s Special Chili $6.95 with cheddar, sour cream & tortilla chips
Chili Con Carne $1.00 add cheddar
Baked Potato $5.75 with chili & cheddar

Doobies Draft Beer Menu and Prices

By The Mug, Pint Or Pitcher Pitchers Served At Tables Only
Flying Fish Seasonals ;
Yuengling Lager ;
PbcA’s Kenzinger ;
Rotating Seasonals ; on our beer engine
Sly Fox OA’reillyA’s Stout ; pint only

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