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Dosa Delight Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Dosa Delight Desserts Menu and Prices

4. Ras Malai $3.95 homemade cheese balls with milk.
5. Badam Halwa $1.50 one scoop of ice cream.
6. Falooda $4.95 rose and kaiser. (saffron)
1. Payasam $3.95 sweet pudding made from rice vermicelli.
2. Gajerla $3.95 caramelized grated carrots, studded and pistachios.
2. Gajerla $1.50 one scoop of ice cream.
5. Badam Halwa $3.95 shredded almond cooked with milk and sugar.
3. Gulab Jamun $3.95 a light pastry made from milk and honey.

Dosa Delight Starters $3.99 Menu and Prices

Served With Coconut Chutney And Sambar.
12. Combo   one idli and one medhu vada.
9. Medhu Vada   donut shaped spiced lentil patties.
10. Rasam Vada   vada soaked in rasam. served with coconut chutney.
11. Dahi Vada   vada soaked in yogurt and served with the sweet chutney.
8. Idli   steam cooked rice and lentil patties.

Dosa Delight All Time Favorites $6.95 Menu and Prices

13. Puri Bhaji   2 piece puri with potato.
14. Chole Puri Or Bhatura   2 piece puri with chana masala.

Dosa Delight Lunch Special Menu and Prices

Lunch Box Special $5.95 2 vegetables, 2 roti, rice dar or sambar, pickle and raita.

Dosa Delight Bombay Specials $5.95 Menu and Prices

Samosa Chat  
Sav Puri  
Bhel Puri  
Pani Puri  
Papdi Chat  
Pav Baji  
Dahi Puri  

Dosa Delight Beverages Menu and Prices

Fresh Lime Soda $2.99 made fresh.
Lassi $3.95 lassi flavor choice: mango, sweet, salty, strawberry banana, rose.
Soft Drinks $2.49 soft drinks flavor selection: coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite, fanta orange, iced tea.

Dosa Delight Vegetable Appetizers $3.99 Menu and Prices

5. Vegetable Spring Rolls   vegetable in a crisp wrap. garnished with scallions.
6. Paneer Spring Rolls   vegetables and cheese crisp wrap.
7. Samosa   potato and green peas with spice in a crisp wrap. served with sweet and spicy chutney.

Dosa Delight Dosas & Uthappams Menu and Prices

South Indian Style Pancakes Made From Rice And Lentil Flour Mix. Served With Coconut Chutney, Hot Tomato Chutney And Sambhar. Dosa & Uthappams Filling Choice ($2): Spinach Filling, Chili Paneer Filling.
3. Mysore Dosa $6.99 dosa with a layer of hot chutneys.
6. Butter Masala Dosa $6.99 dosa sprinkled with butter and potato masala inside.
15. Vegetable Uthappams $7.49 uthappam topped with your choice of vegetables.
9. Rava Masala Dosa $6.99 dosa made from semolina and rice flour mix.
13. Paper Dosa $7.99 large dosa folded in the form of a cone.
15. Vegetable Uthappams   vegetable uthappams toppings choice: onions, carrots, peas, chilies, tomatoes.
8. Sada Rava Dosa $6.49 dosa made from semolina and rice flour mix.
7. Set Dosa $6.99 4 small soft dosas.
14. Plain Uthappam $5.99 uthappams are thick pancakes.
4. Mysore Masala Dosa $7.49 dosa with a layer of hot chutneys and potato masala inside.
1. Sada Dosa $5.49 also called plain dosa. a crisp and thin crA?pe.
12. Pondicherry Dosa $7.49 dosa with a layer of hot chutney and spicy potato inside.
11. Mysore Rava Dosa $7.49 dosa made from semolina with a layer of hot chutney.
16. Chili Paneer Uthappam $7.49 uthappam topped with chili paneer.
2. Masala Dosa $5.99 dosa with potato masala inside.
10. Special Rava Dosa $7.49 dosa made from semolina mix with chopped onions and chilies on request.
5. Butter Dosa $5.99 dosa sprinkled with butter.

Dosa Delight Soups $3.49 Menu and Prices

3. Sweet Corn Soup   cream style corn soup.
1. Rasam   spicy soup made with tamarind base.
2. Tomato Soup   tomato based mild soup.
4. Mulligatawny Soup   bean and lentil soup.

Dosa Delight Special Items Menu and Prices

Halwa Poori Special $6.99 2 pieces of poori served with chicken pea curry, raita, onion, pickle and halwa.
Bajra Roti Special $1.99
Dava Idle Special $5.95 steamed semolina, yogurt, mustard, curry leaf and ginger.
Aloo Paratha Special $3.50
Chocolate Dosa Special $7.99 chocolate dosa sprinkled with cashews.
Cheese Dosa Special $7.99 dosa with cheddar cheese.
Parmesan Cheese Uthappam Special $7.99 tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro and onions.
Masala Idli Special $5.95 chopped idli sautA©ed with mustard, curry leaves, chili and touch of spices.
Methi Paratha Special $3.50
Spinach Momo Special $5.95 dumpling.
Aloo Bonda Special $4.95 spiced potato fritter.
Cheddar Cheese Uthappam Special $7.99 tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro and onions.
Dal Vada Special $4.95 chickpeas, ginger, curry leaf patty.
Kati Roll Special   kati roll choice: paneer, potato.
Imli Baigan Special $5.95 eggplant in tangy tamarind sauce.
Kati Roll Special $5.95 your choice of filling wrapped in paratha bread.
Missi Roti Special $1.99
Vegetable Pakora Special $5.95 onion and potato fritter.
Gobhi Paratha Special $3.50
Idli Finger Chips Special $5.95 chopped idli fried.

Dosa Delight Dinner Specials $8.95 Menu and Prices

Madras Special   madras special idli or vada selection: idli, vada.
Thali Special   3 vegetables, dal, sambar, rasam, rice, yogurt, pickle and papadam. choice of roti or puri and choice of dessert.
Madras Special   choice of idli or vada and one masala dosa or uthappam.
Madras Special $1.00 madras special dosa choice: rava dosa, paper dosa, pondicherry dosa.
Thali Special   thali choice: roti, puri.
Madras Special   madras special dosa or uthappam selection: dosa, uthappam.

Dosa Delight Breads Menu and Prices

Missi Roti $1.99
Gobhi Paratha $3.50
Methi Paratha $3.50
Bajra Roti $1.99
Aloo Paratha $3.50

Dosa Delight Specials Menu and Prices

Cheese Dosa $7.99 dosa with cheddar cheese.
Kati Roll   kati roll choice: paneer, potato.
Puran Poli $5.95 2 paratha stuffed with lentil, jaggery and ghee.
Bombay Pav Baji $5.95 bombay street specialty.
Kati Roll $4.95 wrapped in pratha bread.
Imli Baigan $5.95 eggplant in tangy tamarind sauce.
Halwa Poori $6.99 2 pcs. poori served with chick peas curry, raita, onion, pickle and halwa.
Aloo Bonda $4.95 spiced potato dumplings.

Dosa Delight Rice Items Menu and Prices

Served With Pickle, Raita And Sambhar.
Masala Rice $6.95 basmati rice cooked with indian spices.
Special Rice $6.95 choice of rice.
Uppuma $6.95 cream of wheat cooked to softness.
Vegetable Biryani $6.95 basmati rice and vegetables spiced to perfection.
Bisi Bele Bath $6.95 rice and vegetables cooked in spicy soup with pulses.
Special Rice   special rice choice: tomato rice, coconut rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice, yogurt rice.
Brown Rice Basmati $2.00

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