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Dosa Factory Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Dosa Factory Kathi Roll Menu and Prices

Shrimp Kathi Roll $6.95
Soup & Kathi Roll Combo $8.95 choose a soup and a kathi roll.
Paneer Kathi Roll $6.95
Beef Kathi Roll $6.95
Chicken Kathi Roll $6.95
Lamb Kathi Roll $6.95

Dosa Factory Indian Chinese Menu and Prices

Hot & Sour Soup $2.50 as the name suggests, sichuan chilies and malted vinegar matched to perfection.
Vegetarian Hakka Noodles $7.50 soy, ginger and cilantro scented dry tossed vegetarian noodles
Shanghai Chicken $8.95 served with rice. bell pepper and cilantro scented crispy dry chicken.
Chili Paneer $8.95 served with rice. an indochinese classic, chili soy and cilantro spiced cottage cheese preparation.

Dosa Factory Indian Beverages Menu and Prices

Sugarcane Juice $2.95
Lassi $2.95 mango, rose, masala ginger
Milk Shake   saffron & pistachio, vanilla, mango
Milk Shake $3.95 with ice cream.
Falooda $4.50 a street food classic “dessert drink“ with rice vermicelli and holy basil seeds.
Lassi $2.75 plain, salted
Falooda   rose, saffron & pistachio, vanilla & cardamom
Lassi   a churned yoghurt baed chilled drink.

Dosa Factory Indian EntrA©es Menu and Prices

Do Piazza EntrA©e $7.95 chicken
Chef Special Goat Curry $8.95 a north indian regional recipe, with succulent goat pieces cooked slowly with select spices.
Do Piazza EntrA©e   a stir-fry with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, scallions and spices. choice of chicken, lamb, beef or shrimp.
Curry EntrA©e $7.95 chicken
Vindaloo EntrA©e   a tangy sauce with coastal indian spices and vinegar. choice of chicken, lamb, beef or shrimp.
Curry EntrA©e $8.95 lamb, beef
Korma EntrA©e $9.95 shrimp
Lamb Rogan Josh $8.95 a north indian classic cooked with exotic herbs, nuts in a rich creamy sauce.
Korma EntrA©e   a silken gravy with nuts, exotic herbs and spices. choice of chicken, lamb, beef or shrimp.
Curry EntrA©e   a sauce with onions and exotic herbs and spices. choice of chicken, lamb, beef or shrimp.
Vindaloo EntrA©e $7.95 chicken
Saagwala EntrA©e   a gravy made with fresh spinach and an exotic spice blend. choice of chicken, lamb, beef or shrimp.
Swordfish Masala $10.95 chunks of fresh swordfish in a creamy tomato sauce with a touch of fenugreek.
Vindaloo EntrA©e $9.95 shrimp
Chicken Tikka Masala $7.95 diced boneless chicken cooked in a tandoor and finished with a rich sauce.
Korma EntrA©e $8.95 lamb, beef
Vindaloo EntrA©e $8.95 lamb, beef
Saagwala EntrA©e $7.95 chicken
Do Piazza EntrA©e $9.95 shrimp
Saagwala EntrA©e $8.95 shrimp
Do Piazza EntrA©e $8.95 lamb, beef
Saagwala EntrA©e $9.95
Curry EntrA©e $9.95 shrimp
Korma EntrA©e $7.95 chicken

Dosa Factory Indian Breads Menu and Prices

Aloo Naan $3.50 delicately spiced potato stuffed in an unleavened flatbread.
Gobhi Paratha $3.95 ginger and shredded cauliflower.
Plain Naan $2.50 the king of indian breads, unleavened and baked in the tandoor.
Aloo Paratha $3.95 potato and onion stuffing with a hint of ginger and cilantro.
Bhatura $2.75 semi-leavened flatbread.
Tandoori Roti $2.00 unleavened, high fiber whole wheat bread.
Mooli Paratha $3.95 daikon and cilantro stuffed whole wheat bread.
Methi Roti $3.00 fenugreek scented whole wheat bread.
Poori $2.75 whole wheat unleavened bread.
Garlic Naan $3.00 unleavened handmade bread stuffed with garlic and coriander.

Dosa Factory Soups $2.50 Menu and Prices

Tomato Soup  
Mulligatawny Soup  

Dosa Factory Dosa Menu and Prices

Teekha Chana Dosa $7.95 spicy chickpeas with fresh tomatoes and cilantro.
Masala Egg Dosa $7.95 scrambled egg with onion, pepper and spices.
Chicken Tikka Dosa $8.95 the north indian tandoor classic chicken stuffed in a south crepe.
Kerala Seafood Dosa $9.95 shrimp and swordfish tossed with kerala spices stuffed in a dosa.
Roasted Eggplant Dosa $7.95 mashed eggplant dosa with curry leaf spiced potato.
Beef & Potato Dosa $8.95 the american staple with an indian twist.
Lamb Vindaloo Dosa $7.95 stuffed with lamb and potatoes cooked with palm vinegar.
Chili Garlic Cheese Dosa $8.50 stuffed and roasted garlic and dry chili spiced cottage cheese.
Peking Signature Dosa $9.95 stuffed with peking duck and bell peppers, with kimchee.
Plain Dosa $6.95 just the crepe served with coconut chutney and sambhar.
Masala Dosa $7.95 rolled and stuffed with potato and curry leaf spiced onions.
Mysore Masala Dosa $7.95 mysore dosa stuffed with potatoes and southern spiced onion.
Mexican Signature Dosa $8.95 with a corn, jalapeno and roast lamb filling.

Dosa Factory Sides Menu and Prices

Green Salad $2.95
Basmati Rice $2.00
Raita $1.95
Mango Chutney $1.50
Papad $1.50

Dosa Factory Desserts Menu and Prices

Dessert Dosa $5.50 a sweet crepe stuffed with cheesecake and chocolate chips.
Gulab Jamun $2.95 condensed milk and wheat balls soaked in rose scented syrup.
Kheer $2.95 rice cooked with sweetened milk raisins and almonds.
Rasmalai $2.95 fresh homemade cheese patties cooked in a milk syrup, almonds and nuts.

Dosa Factory Indian Vegetarian Selection Menu and Prices

Kabuli Chana $6.95 chickpeas tempered with coriander, cumin and tomatoes.
Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda $7.95 chickpea flour flavored tempered yoghurt, combined with rice. it is a punjab staple.
Saag Paneer $7.95 cubes of cottage cheese tossed with fresh spinach and subtle indian spices.
Mixed Vegetable Curry $7.95 fresh seasonal vegetables in a silken onion tomato gravy.
Shahi Bhindi $7.95 stir-fried okra with fresh tomatoes and cilantro.
Fresh Sabji Of The Day $7.95 the chef`s creation with the freshest vegetables.
Baingan Bharta $7.95 eggplant specialty baked and mashed with a select blend of spices.
Shahi Paneer Korma $7.95 cottage cheese cubes cooked in a rich and silken sauce with raisins and nuts.
Dal Makhni $6.95 braised lentils sautA©ed in butter with fresh herbs and spices.

Dosa Factory Tandoor Se Menu and Prices

Tandoori Chicken $8.75 – $13.00 the classic… tender chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices.
Tandoor Roasted Lamb $8.95 cubes of succulent lamb slow roasted to perfection.
Tandoori Tikkas $7.95 tender pieces of chicken marinated in spices, cooked in the tandoor.
Paneer Tikka $7.95 cottage cheese marinated in tandoor spices and yoghurt.
Mahi Tikka $8.95 yoghurt and ginger marinated salmon chunks, delicately spiced to perfection.

Dosa Factory Uttapam Menu and Prices

Masala Uttapam $8.95 topped with onion, cilantro, tomato and green bell peppers.
Uttapam Sandwich $9.95 both our uttapams turned upside down.
Chili Cheese & Onion Uttapam $9.95 a classic, spicy cousin of the masala uttapam with cottage cheese.

Dosa Factory Chaat & Indian Snacks Menu and Prices

Vada $5.95 crisp lentil dumplings served with sambhar (curry leaf spiced lentils) and chutneys.
Chole Bhatoore $7.95 indian chickpea preparation with deep-fried semi-leavened bread.
Tikki Chaat $5.95 spiced potato cakes tossed with fresh cilantro, tamarind and mint.
Vada Pav $5.95 classic mumbai leavened bread served with a lentil dumpling, tossed green salad.
Aloo Tikki $4.50 potato patties served crisp-fried with a melange of chutneys.
Samosa Chaat $5.95 crisp deep-fried savory pastry pyramids stuffed with spiced potatoes and chutneys.
Paneer Pakora $3.95 chickpea battered tandoori paneer.
Daami Poori $5.95 semolina puffs filled with spiced chickpeas and potatoes and mint chutney.
Banana Chaat $5.95 fresh banana served with yogurt tamarind and spiced potato onion and cucumbers.
Vegetable Pakora $3.50 chickpea battered spiced indian vegetables.
Meat Samosa $4.00 crisp deep-fried savory pastry pyramids stuffed with spiced lamb.
Vegetable Samosa $3.00 crisp deep-fried savory pastry pyramids stuffed with spiced potatoes.
Pani Poori $3.95 spicy indian semolina waterballs.
Ragda Patties $5.50 potato tikki served with chickpeas and mint chutney.
Rajkachauri $6.00 the royal chaat, semolina puffs stuffed with spiced veggies and topped with yoghurt.
Idli Sambhar $5.50 steamed rice cakes served with sambhar and coconut chutney.
Teekha Jheenga Papdi Chaat $7.95 intricately spiced shrimp tossed with semolina shortcrust, an array of chutneys.
Pav Chole $5.95 classic mumbai leavened bread served with chickpeas, tossed green salad.
Aloo Papdi Chaat $5.95 potatoes and crisp fried flour puffs tossed with mint and tamarind chutneys.
Pav Bhaaji $6.95 classic mumbai leavened bread served with potato curry, tossed green salad.
Pav Tikki $5.95 classic mumbai leavened bread served with potato patties, tossed green salad.
Dhokla $5.95 steamed savory sweet and sour cake from gujrat.

Dosa Factory Biryani Menu and Prices

Lamb Biryani $8.95
Chicken Biryani $8.95
Vegetable Biryani $8.95
Shrimp Biryani $9.95
Basmati Rice Biryani $7.95 cooked with exotic spice, herbs and seasonings.
Beef Biryani $9.95

Dosa Factory Beverages Menu and Prices

Soda $0.99 – $1.39
Bottled Water $1.25

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