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Enjoy Drama Cafe latest menu price updated list. Up to date Drama Cafe and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Drama Cafe Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Drama Cafe Drama Beverages – Snapple Menu and Prices

Polant Spring $1.50
Apple $1.25
Orangeade $1.25
San Pellegrino $2.75
Pink Lemonade $1.25
Peach $1.25
Lemon $1.25

Drama Cafe Breakfast Menu and Prices

Full Breakfast $7.95 3 eggs any style, home fries, choice of harn sausage or bacon.
Steak and Eggs $9.95 2 eggs any style, mushrooms and tomatoes.
Yogurt Parfait $3.95 with fresh fruit and granols.
Blueberry Pancakes $6.95
Light and Crispy Buttermilk Waffles $6.95
The Latin Lover $8.95 two eggs any style with Spanish cheese (fried). With Spanish salami, and latin home fries, with lavander tea.
Whole wheat pancakes $6.95 served with walnuts and bananas topped with caramel sauce.
French Toast / Cinnamon and Spice. $7.95 served with whipped cream and berrias

Drama Cafe Entrees Menu and Prices

all entrees come with one side dish
Grilled Salmon $12.95
Bacaloa (Cod Fish) $11.95
Pasta A La Latina $10.95
Creole Sauteed Shrimps $12.95 tomato marinara sauce fresh herbs
Curry Shrimp $12.95
Pepper Steak $11.95
Jerk Pork $10.95
Jerk Chicken $10.95
Roasted Pork $10.95
Escovitch (King Fish) $11.95

Drama Cafe Side Dishes Menu and Prices

White Rice $2.95
Fried Sweet Plantains $3.95
Steamed Mixed Veggies $2.95
Cous Cous $3.95
Fried Green Plantains $3.95
Rice and Beans $3.95
Quinora $3.95
French Fries $3.95
Roasted Garlic Mashes Potatoes $3.95

Drama Cafe Drama Beverages – Hot Drinks Menu and Prices

Chai Latte $3.25
Cafe Latte $3.25
Ice Coco $2.95
Hot Coco $2.95
Espresso $2.00
Coffee $1.25
Ice Coffee $2.00
Cappuccino $2.95

Drama Cafe Soups and Salads Menu and Prices

Soup Du Jour $5.95 – $7.95
Garden Vegetable $5.95 – $7.95
Chicken with Rice $5.95 – $7.95
Spanish Lettuce Wraps $7.95 Roman lettuce porn, peppers and relish (choice of meet or veggies)
Chili $5.95 – $7.95
Pickled Beets and Spinach $5.95
Chicken Salad $5.95 grilled chicken with roasted veggles
Taboulet $4.95
Chicken Caesar Salad $5.95 Roman lettuce cheese olives and crotons with Caesar dressing

Drama Cafe Drama Beverages – Soft Drink Menu and Prices

Coke $1.25
Mug Root Beer $1.25
Sprite $1.25
Carrot Juice. $1.25
Diet Pepsi $1.25
Lipton Iced Tea $1.25
Fresh Squeezed Orange $1.25
Sierra Mist $1.25
Diet Coke $1.25
Pepsi $1.25

Drama Cafe Starters Menu and Prices

Nacho Extravaganza $6.50
Sweet Plantain Cups $5.95
Buffalo Wings $5.50
Chicken Fingers $5.95
Cheese Mania $5.95 mac and cheese
Codfish Cakes $8.50
Salmon Cakes $9.00
Mangu $6.98 mashed green banana with onions. Can be served with fried Spanish cheese or salami (eggs extra $1.95)
Pastellijos $4.95 this is a surprise you must try.

Drama Cafe Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Eddie Burger $7.50 with cheese and fries, sun dried tomatoes and chopped onions on facuci bread
Chicken Club $8.50 grilled chicken with lettuce, tomatoes and bacon with basil aioli.
Cuban Sandwich $7.95 roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles.
BLT $6.00 bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, with mayonnaise
Veggie Burger $6.95
Grilled Panini $6.95 ham and cheese or chicken and cheese panini.
Turkey Burger $6.95

Drama Cafe Desserts Menu and Prices

Tira Misu $4.95
Cookie Cake (Special Orders Only) $35.00 need a couple days in advance
Assorted Italian Cookies $2.95
Flan $4.95
Bread Pudding $4.95
Rice Pudding $4.95
Honey Cake $4.95
Cake Roll (Brazo De Gitono) $4.95

Drama Cafe Drama Beverages – Hot Tea Menu and Prices

Peppermint $2.75
Chai (can be Iced) $2.75
Tension Tamer $2.75
Black Cherry $2.75
English Breakfast Black Tea $2.75
Vanilla Nut Cream $2.75
Pomegranate $2.75
Wild Rasberry $2.75
Fusion of Green and White $2.75
Lemon Ginger $2.75
Mint $2.75
Chamomile $2.75
Earl Gray $2.75
Jasmine Blossom Green $2.75
Premium Green $2.75

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