Dressing Room

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Dressing Room ACT One Menu and Prices

Root Vegetable and Native Corn Chowder $10.00 House cured bacon, toasted pumpkin seeds
Newman Says Use a Spoon Chop Salad $14.00 Hard boiled pullet egg, chickpeas, frisee, cucumbers, blood orange, olives, blue cheese, pistachios, sherry vinaigrette
Millstone Mix Salad $12.00 Assorted local lettuce leaves, honey crisp apples, apple cider dressing
Dry Baby Back Ribs $17.00 Scott county missouri-style, apple cabbage slaw
Super-Fresh Connecticut Oysters $16.00 From nells buddy, jeff northrop
Chicken Liver Mousse $13.00 Roasted beets, goat cheese, meyer lemons, toast points

Dressing Room Entree Salads Menu and Prices

Rare-Seared Sashimi-Style Tobago Blackfin Tuna $22.00 Quinoa salad, millstone farmA’s organic mesclun greens, roasted pistachio dressing
Spit-Roasted Chicken and Arugula Salad $19.00 Warm local goat cheese, dried cherries, candied pecans, homemade buttermilk dressing
P.L. Newman Burger Lite Done Right $23.00 Bunless niman ranch beef, grilled over a wood fire, local greens, noble amish cheddar, caramelized onions, mustard vinaigrette

Dressing Room Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Roasted Lamb Panini $19.00 Roasted leg of lamb, collard greens, local goat cheese, fig jam, mint mayonnaise
Grilled Roasted Vegetable Sandwich $17.00 Toasted rye bread, goat cheese, eggplant and olive relish
The P.L. Newman Burger $23.00 Niman ranch beef grilled over a wood fire hand-cut fries, noble amish cheddar, house-cured bacon, caramelized onions
Hot Heritage Turkey Sandwich $18.00 Choice: Market greens, hand-cut fries, home-style mashed potatoes

Dressing Room ACT Two Menu and Prices

Niman Ranch Hanger Steak $24.00 Sweet potato fries, wilted spinach, horseradish sour cream
New England Blackfish $21.00 Spiced spaghetti squash, red russian kale, pickled cranberries
Dressing Room Meatloaf $22.00 Caramelized onion gravy, roasted broccoli, home-style mashed potatoes
Line-Caught Yellowfin Tuna $23.00 Black barley, grilled hierloom squash, apple rosemary puree

Dressing Room Sides Menu and Prices

Home Style Mashed Potatoes $8.00
Kettle Maccherone and Cheese with Pork Belly $8.00
Sauteed Garlic Swiss Chard $8.00
Fresh Cut Fries $8.00
Cast Iron Corn Bread with Honey Drizzle $8.00

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