Drunken Fish

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Drunken Fish Salads Menu and Prices

Tai Ceviche Salad   Thinly sliced red snapper served over julienne onions and drizzled with ponzu sauce and topped with chopped jalapenos
Snowcrab Salad  
Ceviche Salad   Fresh green salad with chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber, jalapeA±os, cilantro mixed with fresh fish, tuna, salmon, snapper and yellow tail
Tender Chicken Breast Salad   Grilled marinated chicken breast over a bed of romaine lettuce, julienne cucumbers and sliced tomatoes
Ika (Squid) Salad  
Cucumber Salad  
Blackened Tuna Salad   Seared blackened tuna served over a bed of romaine lettuce with chef’s vinaigrette. Cook: Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well done
Seaweed Salad ;
House Salad ; Serving of bed fresh romaine lettuce, julienne cucumber, string carrots and tomatoes. Dressing: House dressing (ginger dressing), vinaigrette
Seafood Ceviche Salad ; Shrimp, kani, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, lime, jalapeno, fried shallots, and ponzu sauce

Drunken Fish Sushi Menu and Prices

Boston Roll ; Kani crab stick, tuna, and cucumber.
Kappa Roll ; Cucumber roll.
Geisha Roll ; Red snapper, snowcrab, avocado and cream cheese deep fried in tempura beer batter and topped with eel sauce and siracha.
Combination Dinners ; The following dinners are served with a soup and salad. Sashimi: Small (8 pieces), large (16 pieces). Dinner: Dinner a: 7 Pieces of nigiri sushi and a california roll, Dinner b: 9 Pieces of nigiri su
Paradise Roll ; Tempura coconut shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, kani, wrapped in seaweed, toped with coconut cream sauce and siracha.
Naruto Roll ; Kani, avocado and masago wrapped in cucumber skin.
Coach ;DD; Breaux Roll ; Tuna, kani, avocado, cucumber, jalapeA±os, cilantro, red onion, wasabi tobiko, wrapped in rice paper, topped with spicy ponzu.
Miami Roll ; Fresh cut salmon and avocado.
Tempura Roll ; Fried tempura jumbo shrimp, avocado, and cucumber topped with eel sauce and with masago on top.
Snowcrab Roll ; Fresh snowcrab with avocado.
Avocado Roll ; Avocado wrapped in seaweed.
LSU Tiger Roll ; Spicy tuna, cucumber, topped with salmon fresh water barbeque eel and eel sauce.
Sake Roll ; Fresh cut salmon wrapped in seaweed and with rice inside.
Tekka Roll ; Fresh cut tuna wrapped in seaweed and with rice inside.
Spicy Tuna Roll ; Chopped fresh tuna in house spicy sauce and cucumber.
Green Dragon Roll ; Grilled eel, cucumber, topped with avocado, masago, and tempura crumbs coated with special sauce.
Playboy Roll ; Japanese tempura shrimp with cream cheese and avocado, topped with a layer of snowcrab and red hot tuna sprinkled with tangy remoulade and nanami togarashi.
Sunshine Roll ; Crawfish, snowcrab, wrapped in fresh salmon with naruto sauce.
Drunken Fish Roll ; Snowcrab, crawfish, and tuna wrapped wrapped in seaweed then deep fried in tempura beer batter.
Ashley Roll ; Avocado, cream cheese, smoked salmon, wrapped in soy paper, topped with snowcrab and tempura crumbs with spicy mayo and eel sauce.
Neigihama Roll ; Yellow tail and scallions wrapped with seaweed and rice inside.
Sportsman Roll ; Snowcrab, cream cheese, avocado, red snapper, deep fried until golden topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo.
Unakyu Roll ; Fresh wated grilled eel and avocado topped with eel sauce.
Philadelphia Roll ; Smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese.
Yakura Roll ; Crawfish, cream cheese, and cucumber topped with fried red snapper, spicy mayo, eel sauce and tempura crumbs.
Spicy Cajun Roll ; Deep fried blackened red snapper and cucumber topped with snowcrab, spicy mayo, eel sauce and tempura crumbs.
Baked Salmon Roll ; Salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and snowcrab wrapped in seaweed then baked.
Rainbow Roll ; Snowcrab and avocado topped with tuna, salmon and escolar
California Roll ; Kani crab stick, avocado, cucumber and masago.
Samurai Roll ; Snowcrab, cream cheese, avocado, crunchy shrimp, wrapped in soy paper, topped with spicy tuna, eel sauce, spicy mayo, scallions, and tempura crumbs.
Acadiana Roll ; Crawfish in a spicy cajun sauce with avocado.
Rock-N-Roll ; Fried tempura jumbo shrimp, snowcrab, avocado, cucumber and masago rolled in a soybean wrap.
Spicy Sexy Roll ; Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado wrapped in seaweed, topped with spicy tuna, chopped jalapenos, green onions and special sauce.
Tokyo Roll Roll ; Yellow tail, tuna and scallions.
Saints Roll ; Tuna, salmon, snowcrab, avocado, tempura crumbs, in soy paper with naruto sauce.
Halloween Roll ; Tempura coconut shrimp, cream cheese, snowcrab, avocado, wrapped in soy paper, topped with masago, black tobiko, and pomegranate sauce.
Amanda Roll ; Snowcrab, tuna, cream cheese, avocado, lettuce wrapped in rice paper topped with drunken fish sauce, siracha and crunchy flakes.
Crunchy Roll ; Tempura fried shrimp, avocado, masago coated with eel sauce.
NOLA Roll ; Spicy tuna, cucumber, snowcrab, wrapped in seaweed, topped with fresh tuna, spicy mayo, jalapenos, fried onions, scallions, masago and ponzu sauce
Margarita Roll ; Tuna, snowcrab, avocado, wrapped with soy paper, topped with hamachi, slice of lime, a drop of siracha, sprinkled with sea salt and side of ponzu.
A La Carte Sushi & Sashimi ; One piece for sushi and two piece for sashimi. Kani (crab), unagi (grilled eel), ebi (shrimp), green mussel, sake (smoked or fresh salmon), tai (red snapper), hamachi (yellow tail), masago (smelt roe

Drunken Fish Desserts & Beverages Menu and Prices

Che Chuoi ; Made from bananas and tapioca.
Che Dau Xanh ; Mung beans.
Che Ba Mau ; Sweet, mung beans, jellos, with pomegrante seeds.
Tea ; Green tea (hot or cold)
Che Thai ; A sweet fruit soup with variety of tropical fruit.
Soft Drinks ; Coke, diet coke, dr. pepper, sprite, pink lemonade, barq’s root beer, ramnue: lychee, melon or strawberry

Drunken Fish Noodle Bowls Menu and Prices

Bun   Vietnamese vermicelli noodles. The following entrA©es are served with lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, and fish sauce. topped with peanuts and shallots. Vermicelli: Pork, shrimp, egg roll, combin
Hu Tieu   Saifun noodle bowl. Saifun: Shrimp, scallop, seafood: scallops, shrimp, octopus, kani and red snapper, tofu, vegetable: broccoli, zucchini, eggplants, carrots and tofu
Pho   Vietnamese protein noodle soup. Pho: Chicken, beef, beef & meatball, meatball, brisket, combination

Drunken Fish Entrees Menu and Prices

Entrees are served with rice and vegetables
Beef with Broccoli  
Pagoliac Steak   Tender steak cubes marinated in low sodium soy and cracked pepper then pan-seared on high heat. Garnished with chopped peanuts and fried shallots
Vegetarian Ma Po Tofu   With Hot Bean Sauce
Dare Devil   Beef marinated with lemon grass essence and authentic asian spieces served at your table with a hot iron plate. Not allow for takeout
Spicy Salted Shrimp Claypot   Plump jumbo shrimp battered and fried golden then tossed in high heat with garlic, jalapeA±os, green onions, and special spices that make this dish delightful
Teriyaki Steak   14 oz. Juicy rib-eye steak grilled to perfection, showered with teriyaki sauce
Satee Beef Claypot   Beef marinated with special bean and lemon grass stir-fried with onions and flamed with rice wine in a special brown sauce
Curry Pork with Lemon Grass Claypot   Slices of pork tenderloin rubbed with house spice, lemon grass, and yellow curry, then sauteed to perfection
Shrimp and Scallop Combination   Shrimp and scallops sautA©ed with fresh vegetablesin house special sauce
Bird’s Nest ; Combination of shrimp, scallop, chicken and beef with vegetables in house light brown sauce
Tempura Dinner ; Jumbo shrimp and fresh vegetables dipped in tempura beer batter, deep fried until golden. Served with tempura sauce
Curry Chicken with Lemon Grass Claypot ; Sauteed chicken with mixed vegetables in our light curry lemon grass sauce can be substituted with beef or shrimp
Sauteed Udon Noodles ; Choice of meat with vegetables sauteed with japanese noodles. This dish does not come with rice. Meat: Chicken, shrimp, scallop, beef
Shrimp with Fried Tofu ; With broccoli in creamy ginger sauce
Bento Box – Sushi ; Seaweed salad, kappa roll, 3 pieces of tai sushi, 3 pieces of sashimi your choice, miso soup and orange slices
Red Devil ; Chef’s special marinated beef, served at your table with a hot stone. Not allow for takeout
Fried Rice   Fried rice: Chicken, shrimp, beef, combination
Spicy Salted Shrimp and Tofu  
Teriyaki Chicken   Marinated sake chicken breast grilled to perfection, showered with teriyaki sauce
Salt and Pepper Tofu   Tofu battered and deep fried in a seasonal batter then tossed with garlic, jalapeA±os, and green onions on high heat
Tofu and Vegetables   Stir-fried tofu and vegetables in a delicious sauce
Eggplant and Tofu   Stir-fried japanese eggplants and tofu in a sweet, tangy, and spicy sauce
Spicy Shrimp with Vegetables Claypot   Sauteed shrimp with vegetables in spicy teriyaki sauce
Bento Box – Kitchen   Rice with steamed broccoli, house salad, miso soup, and orange slices. Meat: Pork, chicken, shrimp, scallop, tempura shrimp

Drunken Fish Lunch Specials Menu and Prices

Beef and Vegetables   Served with miso soup
Curry Chicken with Lemon Grass   Chicken sauteed with house spice, lemon grass and yellow curry. Served with miso soup.
Ninju-No-Chiryl   Crunchy roll topped with snowcrab, tempura crumbs and house brown sauce. Served miso soup and with the choice of cucumber salad or house salad
Vegetarian Ma Po Tofu with Hot Bean Sauce   Served with miso soup
Sauteed sake scallop with vegetables   Served with miso soup
Hana-Maki   Cream cheese, kani, avocado, cilantro, and onion rolled in beef, deep fried and topped with sweet and spicy sauce. Served miso soup and with the choice of cucumber salad or house salad
Shrimp with Fried Tofu and Broccoli   Served with miso soup
Aka-No-Josei   California roll topped with fresh tuna and naruto sauce. Served miso soup and with the choice of cucumber salad or house salad
Sauteed Shrimp with Vegetables in Hot Bean Sauce   Served with miso soup.
Sportsman Roll   Snowcrab, cream cheese and avocado wrapped in red snapper deep fried and topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo served with sushi rice. Served miso soup and with the choice of cucumber salad or house s
Shrimp and Vegetables   Served with miso soup

Drunken Fish Appetizers Menu and Prices

Grilled Shrimp   Marinated jumbo shrimp grilled and drizzled with teriyaki sauce $8.00
Baked Salmon   Snowcrab wrapped with fresh salmon, baked until golden and topped with house special sauce and masago $2.00
Tempura Appetizer   Jumbo shrimp and fresh cut vegetables dipped in tempura beer batter deep fried until golden cripsy. Tempura appetizer: Shrimp, vegetables, both
Vietnamese Spring Rolls   Rolled with vermicelli, lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots and dikon radish. Meat: Fried tofu, grilled pork, shrimp, chicken breast, satee beef, kani (crab sticks). Sauce: Peanut, drunken f
Egg Rolls   Served with sweet chili sauce allow to add an extra egg roll $3.00
Fried Zucchini   Served with spicy mayo sauce
Clear Soup   Chicken or beef
Gyoza Dumplings   Cook: Pan fried, fried, steamed. Gyoza dumpling: Pork, shrimp $6.00
Sauteed Edamame   Healthy choice of fresh steamed soybeans
Fried Calamari   Golden fried calamari served with sweet chili sauce
Regular Edamame   Healthy choice of fresh steamed soybeans
Appetizer Sampler   2 Egg rolls, 2 tempura shrimps, 2 fried shrimp dumplings, ika (squid) and seaweed salad

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