Ducks Eatery

Enjoy Ducks Eatery latest menu price updated list. Up to date Ducks Eatery and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Ducks Eatery Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Ducks Eatery Red Menu and Prices

Donati Claret $10.00 paicines, ca 2010
Duxinaro Pinot Noir $11.00 morgan hill, ca 2012
Hacienda Crianza $11.00 la rioja, sp 2008
Pedroncelli Merlot $10.00 sonoma, ca 2011
Old Vine Zinfandel $9.00 geyserville, ca 2011

Ducks Eatery Large Format Dinners Menu and Prices

Whole Smoked Wild Hare $70.00 cold smoked, confit & charred over white oak. served with sides. must order 1 week ahead
New England Clam & Lobster Bake $65.00 surround yourself with the finest shellfish the northeast has to offer! must order 48 hrs ahead.
Whole Smoked Suckling Pig Platter $65.00 our berkshire pigs are brined, smoked & served with sides. must order 1 week ahead.

Ducks Eatery White Menu and Prices

Alexander Valley Chardonnay $10.00 sonoma, ca 2012
Revelry Riesling $10.00 columbia valley, wa 2012
Epilogo Sauvignon Blanc $8.00 manzanares, sp 2012
Sancerre Durand $12.00 loire, fr 2013

Ducks Eatery Late Night Menu and Prices

Pimento Grilled Cheese $4.00
Double Hamburger $9.00 w/ special sauce
Chicken Nuggets $6.00 special sauce, bbq or honey mustard
Double Hamburger $6.00 add pastrami to your burger!
Pimento Grilled Cheese $3.00 add benton’s bacon
Pastrami Sandwich $11.00
Jerk Chicken Wings $9.00
Potato Wedgies $4.00 special sauce, bbq or honey mustard
Hamburger $6.00 w/ special sauce
Spicy Brisket Jerky $8.00 black peppercorn, palm sugar
Deez Nuts $8.00 cashew, benton’s bacon, cocoa krispies, bing cherries

Ducks Eatery Brunch Menu and Prices

Benedict De Marie Laveau $17.00 edwardA’s country ham, english muffin, smoked ricotta, poached eggs, crA©ole hollandaise, maple sweet potato home fries
Pumpkin Waffle $14.00 pecan butter, praline syrup, whipped cream
Pumpkin Waffle $8.00 add buttermilk fried duck
Head-On Shrimp & Grits $1.50 add fried egg
Smoked Brisket Hash $14.00 purple potato, red onion, hatch chili, fried egg
Head-On Shrimp & Grits $16.00 andouille sausage, cheddar, heirloom tomatoes, scallion
BentonA’s Bacon Benedict $15.00 english muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise, maple sweet potato home fries
Eggs Pontchartrain $17.00 pan-fried rainbow trout, poached eggs, crA©ole hollandaise, maple sweet potato home fries, sage
Homemade Granola $10.00 maple yogurt, fresh berries, mint

Ducks Eatery Small Plates Menu and Prices

Charred Head-On-Shrimp $12.00 whipped lardo, arugula, anise, vinegar, sambal
Crispy Pig Ears $11.00 bibb, lingham’s hot sauce, pickled cabbage, sesame
Bone Marrow $8.00 smoked wild oysters, salt cured blood orange, whipped ricotta
Smoked Boudin Noir $11.00 fermented cucumber kraut, charred apple, chili, aioli
Smoked Duck Salad $13.00 black rice, pomegranate, apple, black garlic
Rainbow Trout Salad $11.00 pear mostarda, ryeberry, dill, pecan birch kombucha
Smoked Mussels $14.00 chili oil, house cultured smoked butter, toast, maple, chive
Rocky Point Oysters $8.00 jalapeA±o mignonette

Ducks Eatery House Cocktails Menu and Prices

Dandylion $13.00 rye, yellow chartreuse, lemon, peychauds float
Paloma $12.00 tequila, grapefruit, chipotle, sage
Jalisco Sour $13.00 infused aged tequila, chipotle, lime, grenache float
Watermelon Gimlet $12.00 gin, watermelon, lavender, lime
Storey Thyme $13.00 spring 44 gin, raspberry, egg white, lemon, thyme
Mannahatta $12.00 old tom gin, antica, orange bitters
Pico De Pato $14.00 ancho reyes liqueur, ilegal mezcal, chili, lemon
Duck Buck $11.00 bourbon, sweet ginger, calamansi, soda
Southern Rita $12.00 tequila, maple, ilegal mezcal, habaA±ero, lime

Ducks Eatery Sweet Menu and Prices

Beignets $5.00 powdered sugar, dark chocolate espresso sauce
Smoked Pot De CrA?me $8.00 chocolate, chili, salted caramel whipped cream

Ducks Eatery Iced French Press Coffee $3.50 Menu and Prices

Cappuccino ;
Espresso ;
Cortado ;
Americano ;
Latte ;
Loose-Leaf Tea ; variety
Cold Brew ;
Mocha ;

Ducks Eatery Draft Beer Menu and Prices

Imperial Stout $8.00
Moo Stout $5.00
MamaA’s Pils $5.00
Dales Pale Ale $5.00
Crispin Cider $6.00
Genesee $3.00
Porkslap $5.00
Modelo $4.00
Cisco Grey Lady $5.00

Ducks Eatery RosA© Menu and Prices

Chandon Sparkling RosA© $11.00 yountville, ca
Bouchaine RosA© Of Syrah $10.00 napa, ca 2012

Ducks Eatery Bites Menu and Prices

House Pickles $6.00 jicama, radish, wax beans, okra, dill, anise
Shrimp Chips $5.00 vinegar, cilantro, sesame
Spicy Brisket Jerky $8.00 black peppercorn, palm sugar
Deez Nuts $8.00 cashew, benton’s bacon, cocoa krispies, bing cherries

Ducks Eatery Sparkling Menu and Prices

Marquis De La Tour $8.00 loire, fr

Ducks Eatery From The Bar Menu and Prices

Bloody Maria $12.00 tomato, horseradish, clam juice, pickled okra, mezcal
French Press Coffee $3.50 kind 1, kind 2
Bloody Mary $10.00 tomato, horseradish, clam juice, pickled okra, vodka
Mimosa $8.00 calamansi, prosecco, mint

Ducks Eatery Sides Menu and Prices

Shrimp Chips $5.00
Roasted Celery Root $10.00
Smoked Ricotta Grits $6.00
Andouille Sausage $5.00
BentonA’s Bacon $6.00
Collard Greens $7.00
Pickles $5.00
Maple Sweet Potato Home Fries $6.00
Buttermilk Biscuits $3.00
Celery Root $10.00 wakame butter, preserved meyer lemon, togarashi, burdock
Collard Greens $7.00 smoked benton’s bacon
Nasi Ulam Rice $8.00 fines herbs, dried shrimp, coconut, sambal
Beignets & Chocolate $5.00

Ducks Eatery Plates Menu and Prices

Yakamein Soup $16.00 brisket, clams, sora noodles, pickled greens, coconut milk
Chicken Wings $12.00 hickory smoke, jerk rub, lime
Little Neck Clams $16.00 sage, peppercorn broth, heirloom tomato, charred corn
Smoked Whole Goat Neck $34.00 yellow curry, bing cherries, coconut rice
Red Beans ‘n Rice $12.00 smoked lamb breast, chili, cumin, cilantro, coconut rice
St, Louis Ribs $13.00 hickory smoke, dry rub

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