El Asadero

Enjoy El Asadero latest menu price updated list. Up to date El Asadero and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

El Asadero Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

El Asadero Burritos Menu and Prices

Grilled Steak, Beans, Cheese, Cilantro, And Onion $4.85
Beans With Cheese $3.25
Mexican Sausage With Beans $4.85
Grilled Chicken Beans, Cheese, Cilantro, And Onion $4.85

El Asadero Especialidades De Fin De Semana Menu and Prices

weekends only
Menudo $6.00 – $9.00
Pozole $6.00 – $8.95
Birria $8.95

El Asadero Tortas Menu and Prices

Pork $4.85
Mexican Sausage $4.85
Beef Tongue $5.25
Ham & Cheese $4.75
Beef/ Chicken $4.85
Grilled Pork $4.85
Grilled Steak $4.85

El Asadero Antojitos Menu and Prices

Chicken Or Grilled Steak $0.00
Green With Chicken $0.00
Taquitos Dorados 4 For $4.50
Enchiladas 4 For $5.75
Sopes $9.29
Lengua Or Pastor $0.00
Red With Chicken Or Ground Beef $0.00
Chicken Taquitos $0.00
Shredded Beef $0.00

El Asadero Tacos Menu and Prices

Grilled Seasoned Pork $1.75
Mexican Sausage $1.75
Beef Tongue $2.00
Grilled Steak $1.75

El Asadero Kids Menu Menu and Prices

Quesadillas $3.25 served w/ mexican rice.
Chicken Fingers $3.75 served w/ fries.

El Asadero Quesadillas Menu and Prices

Grilled Chicken $5.35
Ham & Cheese $3.50
Cheese Only $3.00
Vegetarians Filled $5.35 with mushrooms, bell peppers and onions.
Grilled Steak $5.35

El Asadero Dessert Menu and Prices

Fried Plantains With Condensed Milk $3.00
Churros $0.99
Flan; Flavors/ Sabores Vanilla Or Rum $3.00

El Asadero Drinks Menu and Prices

Bottled Water $1.00
Jarritos $1.35
Soft Drinks $0.99 – $1.65
Aguas Frescas $1.75

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