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El Chalaco Pescados Y Mariscos Menu and Prices

Fish & Seafood
Picante De Mariscos $15.00 spicy peruvian sauce seafood
Corvina A Lo Macho $16.00 filled fish with seafood in spicy sauce
Corvina A La Chorillana $12.00 fish filled onion, tomatoes & rice
Ceviche De Corvina $11.00 slice fish marinate in spicy lemon juice
Chaufa De Mariscos $14.00 seafood fried rice combination
Ceviche De Mariscos $14.00 slice fish w/ octopus, clams, shrimp marinate in spicy lemon juice
Camarones Empanizados $15.00 ensalada, arroz, tostones o papas. shrimp breaded with salad, rice & green p. or fries
Arroz Con Mariscos $14.00 seafood & rice combination
Ceviche Mixto $14.00 mixed seafood in spicy lemon juice
Corvina Frita $12.00 fried fish with rice and salad
Jalea De Mariscos $22.00 – $12.00 slice fish, seafood marinated in spicy lemon juice & red sauce
Sudado De Pescado $13.00 stuffed fish with potato & rice
Jalea De Corvina $11.00 – $20.00 slice fish, marinated in spicy lemon juice & red sauce
Salteado De Mariscos $15.00 seafood, onions, and tomatoes
Tallarin De Mariscos $14.00 spaghetti with seafood & vegetables
Ceviche De Camarones $14.00 shrimp marinate in spicy lemon juice

El Chalaco Porciones Menu and Prices

Platanos Fritos $2.50 fried green plantains
Papas Fritas $2.50 french fries
Frijoles Rojos $2.50 red beans
Salchipapas $5.00 slices hot dog w/ french fries
Maduros Fritos $2.50 fried sweet plantains
Arroz Blanco O Amarillo $2.50 white / yellow rice
Ensalada Mixta $5.00 mixed salad

El Chalaco Sopas Menu and Prices

Sopa A La Minuta $9.00 beef consomme
Chupe De Mariscos $15.00 seafood soup w/ rice
Parihuela $14.00 seafood combination soup
Sopa Del Dia $3.50 – $5.00 soup of the day

El Chalaco Combo Menu and Prices

Combo 2 $8.99 1/4 pollo / chicken, arroz / rice, habichuelas / beans, ensalada / salad
Combo 8 $29.99 1 pollo / chicken, ensalada / salad, arroz / rice, habichuelas / beans, soda, anticucho, salchipapa
Combo 6 $21.00 1 pollo / chicken, ensalada / salad, arroz / rice, habichuelas / beans, soda, tostones / green plantains
Combo 4 $18.00 1 pollo / chicken, ensalada / salad, arroz / rice, tostones / green plantain, papa , f. fries
Combo 5 $19.00 1 pollo / chicken, ensalada / salad, arroz / rice, habichuelas / beans, soda
Combo 3 $15.00 1 pollo / chicken, ensalada / salad, arroz / rice, habichuelas / beans
Combo 1 $5.99 1/4 pollo (chicken), arroz (rice), habichuelas (beans), ensalada (salad)
Combo 7 $25.00 1 pollo / chicken, ensalada / salad, arroz / rice, habichuelas / beans, soda, papa / f. fries. tostones / green plantains, maduros / sweet plantains

El Chalaco Bebidas Menu and Prices

Soda $1.25
Agua En Botella $1.25
Chicha Morada $2.00

El Chalaco Pollos Menu and Prices

1/2 Chicken   w/ rice and beans
1 Pollo $8.99 whole chicken
1/4 Pollo, Arroz And Habichuelas $5.99
1/2 Pollo, Papas Fritas O Ensalada $7.50 1/2 chicken, french fries or salad
1/4 Pollo $3.00 quarter chicken
1/2 Pollo $5.00 1/2 chicken

El Chalaco Batidos Menu and Prices

Shakes. En Agua (With Water) $3 / En Leche (With Milk) $3.50
Pina   pineapple
Fresa   strawberry
Maracuya   passion fruit
Guanabana Y Lulo   soursop and lulo
Mora   blackberry

El Chalaco Carnes Menu and Prices

Tallarin Salteado De Carne $12.00 spaghetti with beef
Tallarin Verde Con Bistek $12.00 spaghetti in basil, cheese & beef
Mongonguito A La Italiana $11.00
Arroz Chaufa De Carne $11.00 fried rice with beef
Churrasco $16.00 big steak with potato
Bisteck Encebollado $11.00 beef steak with onions & tomatoes
Pollo Salteado $11.00 chunks of chicken with onions & tomatoes
Arroz Chaufa De Pollo $11.00 fried rice with chicken
Milanesa De Pollo $12.00 breaded chicken
Bistec A Lo Pobre $15.00 steak with rice, french fries, sweet plantains
Chuleta Frita $11.00 fried pork chops with french fries & salad
Lomo Salteado $11.00 chunks of beef with onions and tomatoes

El Chalaco Entradas Menu and Prices

Anticuchos $7.00
Papa Rellena $7.00 potato stuffing beef
Ensalada De Pollo $7.00 chicken salad
Papa A La Huancaina $7.00 potato topped w/ spicy cheese, yellow sauce
Palta Relleno $7.00 stuffing, avocado, chicken & vegetables
Tamales $6.00 corn food stuffing with meat
Causa Rellena $7.00 potato stuffing chicken
Choritos Al Chalaco $9.00 red onions, lemon, hot sauce

El Chalaco Bebidas Calientes $1 Menu and Prices

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