El Flamin' Taco

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El Flamin’ Taco … Menu and Prices

Sopes ; 5×5 round fried tortilla crispy with refried beans, meat of choice, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and dry mexican cheese plus any topping from our fresh salsa bar
Burrito ; 12; round flour tortilla with rice, beans, meat of choice, jack cheese, sour cream and avocado, plus any topping from our fresh salsa bar
Tacos ; a delicious handmade tortilla and meat of choice, onion, cilantro, lemon, salt and salsa roja or verde. optional: served with toasted cactus and grilled onions, plus any topping from our fresh salsa
Torta Cubana ; mexican telera bread heated with mayo and served with al pastor monterrey jack cheese, milanesa, egg, ham, salchicha and 1/2 avocado and sour cream, plus any topping from our fresh salsa bar

El Flamin’ Taco Carnes Menu and Prices

Cabeza   head
Azada   beef
Pastor   pork
Pollo   chicken
Tripa   guts
Suadero   brisket
Buche   pork stomach
Lengua   tongue
Milanesa   fried steak fried
Chorizo   sausage

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