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Enjoy El Milagrito Cafe latest menu price updated list. Up to date El Milagrito Cafe and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

El Milagrito Cafe Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

El Milagrito Cafe Mini Taco Menu and Prices

4 Mini tacos corn tortilla w/one side order. (Arroz, refried beans or borracho beans). Add .99 beef or chicken fajita. Your choice.
(4) Pastor   All meat.
(4) Asada A La Mex  
(4) Carne Guisada  
(4) Asada (Bisteck)  
(4) Barbacoa   All meat.

El Milagrito Cafe Child’s Menu Menu and Prices

(Served with rice & beans). Child’s plate are only served to children under 12 years old. Thank your for you cooperation.
Carne Guidsada  
1 Chalupa   (Bean & cheese, beef or chicken).
1 Cheese Enchilada  
1 Crispy Taco   (Beef or chicken).

El Milagrito Cafe Tortas Menu and Prices

All tortas come with lettuce, tomato, onions & sour cream or mayo. Add cheese, bacon, guacamole or jalapenos for only $ 0.50 cents (each).
Pastor   W/frijoles refritos.
Chicken Fajita   Add $ 0.99
Asada A La Mex  
Carne Guisada  
Beef Fajita   add $ 0.99.

El Milagrito Cafe Appetizers Menu and Prices

Milagrito’s Quesadilla ; (Corn 3) or (Flour 2).
Nachos Bean & Cheese ;
Nachos Bean & Cheese ; W/picadillo. Nachos bean & cheese w/chicken or beef fajita.
Guacamole Order ;
Queso Flameado W/Chorizo ; Malted monterrey jack cheese with chorizo and two flour tortillas.
Chips Chili Queso ;

El Milagrito Cafe Lunch Special Menu and Prices

Cheese Enchilada Plate ; Two cheese enchilada topped w/delicious gravy of carne guisada.

El Milagrito Cafe Burguers Menu and Prices

All burgers served with, steak fries.
Cheese Burger ; How could you improve on our jumbo burger? start by adding cheese.
Double Meat Burger ; A jumbo jumbo burger with cheese.
Railroad Burger ; Double meat, double cheese, bacon, grilled onions & guacamole.
Bacon Cheese Burger ; A jumbo burger laded with bacon.
Jumbo Burger ; 1/2 Lb. ground beef grilled to mouth watering perfection.
Avocado Burger ; Another texas favorite a burger piled high with guacamole.
Jalapeno Burger ; Our jumbo burger piled with jalapenos.

El Milagrito Cafe Soups & Salads Menu and Prices

Menudo ; Large, small.
Menudo Cup ;
Taco Salad ; (Picadillo, chicken guisado, asada beef or chicken fajita).
Tortilla Soup ;
Caldo Tialpeno ; Chicken sour shredded chicken rice, chick pea, cheese and avocado and two corn toasted tortillas. Choice regular or chipotle.
Caldo ; (Beef or chicken). One size.

El Milagrito Cafe A La Carte Menu and Prices

Pancacke (One) ;
Chile Toreado ; Added cheese of red sauce chips.
Beans Refried ;
Jalapenos ;
Rice ;
Guacamole ; (Small).
Corn Tortilla ;
Sour Cream ;
2 Green Enchiladas ;
Borracho Beans ;
Pancacke (Two) ;
2 Beef Or Chicken Enchiladas ;
1 Egg (Any Style) ;
2 Cheese Enchilads ;
2 Mole Enchiladas ;
Corn Or Flour Tortilla (12) ;
2 Eggs (Any Style) ;
Flour Tortilla ;
Potatoes ;
Texas Toast ;

El Milagrito Cafe Lunch Plates Menu and Prices

Served with rice, beans, salad & two hand made tortillas. Additions to your plate.
Chicken Fajita Plate ;
Bean & Cheese Chalupa Plate ; Two chalupa bean & cheese.
Pastor Ranchero ; Pastor topped w/ranchero sauce & melted monterrey jack.
Lengua Plate ;
Picadillo Plate ;
Tejano Plate ; 2 Cheese enchiladas & a side order of carne guisada.
Tripa Plate ;
Chicken Fajita Ranchera ; Chicken topped w/ranchero sauce & melted monterey jack.
Carne Asada A La Mex ; With Grilled onions mixed w/pico de gallo.
Pollo Guisado Plate ;
Tampiquena Plate ; 2 Cheese enchilada, carne asada entera estilo tampiquena & guacamole.
Beef Fajita Ranchera ; Beef fajita topped w/ranchero sauce & melted monterrey jack.
Enchiladas Rancheras Plate ; Two enchiladas of your choice beef or chicken (Add .99 beef or chicken fajita).
Crispy Taco Plate ; Two crispy taco of your choice beef or chicken.
Milagrito Plate ; 1 Cheese enchilada, 1 bean & cheese chalupa, 1 crispy taco beef, 1/2 tostada w/guacamole & a side of carne guisada.
Puffy Taco Plate Two ; Two puffy taco of your choice beef or chicken.
Costilla Nayarit ;
Mexican Plate ; 2 Cheese enchilada, 1 crispy taco beef, 1 bean & cheese chalupa.
Chalupa Beef Or Chiken Plate ; Two chalupa of your choice beef or chicken.
Green Enchilada Plate ; Two chicken or beef enchilada topped w/green tomatillo sauce, melted white cheese & sour cream.
B. J. Special ; 2 Cheese enchiladas & one pork chop.
Beef Fajita ;
Sope Plate ; Two sope of your choice beef or chicken.
Flauta Plate ; 3 Extra long tortillas stuffed with chicken topped w/guacamole & sour cream.
Chile Relleno Plate ; Chile poblano stuffed with your choice of picadillo, carne deshebrada or white mexican cheese.
Carne Guisada Enchilada Plate ; Two carne gusada enchiladas.
Milanesa Regia ;
Gordita Plate Two ; Beef or chicken.
Carne Guisada Plate ;
Steak Ranchero ; 9 Oz. rib steak topped w/ranchero sauce.
Pork Chop Plate ; Two pork chops topped w/ranchero sauce.
Mole Enchilada Plate ; Two chicken or beef enchiladas w/mole on top.
Chipotle Cream Enchilada ; Two chicken, beef or white cheese enchiladas w. chipotle creme melted white cheese & sour cream.
Carne Asada Plate ; With grilled onions.
Beef Enchilada Plate ; (Two beef enchilada). Topped w/our delicious gravy of carne guisada.

El Milagrito Cafe Beverages 1 Menu and Prices

Iced Tea ; (Free refill).
Aguas Frescas ; Large 32 Oz ($.50 1 refill).
Coffee ; (Free refill).
Bottle Soda ; (16.9 Oz).
Hot Chocolate ; (Chocolate mex).
Juice Jumex ; (Nectar Mexicano).
Lemonade ; Large 32 Oz ($ .50 1 refill).
Orange Or Apple ;
Chocolate Milk / Bottle Milk ;
Bottled Water ; (16.9 Oz 500 ml).
Can Soda ; (12 Oz 355 ml).
Lemonade ; Small 24 Oz ($ .50 1 refill).
Aguas Frescas ; Small 16 Oz ($ .50 1 refill).

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