El Mirasol Regional Cuisines

Enjoy El Mirasol Regional Cuisines latest menu price updated list. Up to date El Mirasol Regional Cuisines and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines Salad Menu and Prices

Guacamole Salad $11.25
Carnitas Salad $13.25
Chicken Salad $12.75

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines Especialities De La Casa Menu and Prices

Beef Chile Rojo $12.50 Bite size pieces of mildly seasoned tender beef, cooked in a red chile sauce
Carne Asada $13.50 Mexican style, thin cut beef steak seasoned and broiled, served with guacamole
Shrimp Dona Diabla $18.75 This is a very hot dish. We are unable to prepare it mild. What is hot is hot
Machaca con Queso $12.75 Beef or chicken, shredded beef or chicken breast, sliced bell peppers, onions and ripe tomato wedges stirred on a dry hot grill and seasoned with fresh pressed garlic and melted cheese
Shrimp in Pipian $18.75
Pollo en Pipian $14.00 In precolumbian times the tarascans and the aztecs in central mexico created this sauce with ground pumpkin seeds and chiles to accompany their fish and wild game. Today in the state of zacatecas a w
Shrimp in Garlic $18.75 Our own interpretation of camaron al moja de ajo. a culinary tradition through the coastal towns of the mexican pacific riviera
Pollo en Mole Poblano $14.00 Mexico’s national dish A.T.E from conquerors to monarchs to the present visiting dignitaries, to mexico from all over the world have enjoyed this elaborated dish known to be as old as the chiles, coc
Carnitas $14.00 Carefully trimmed pork meat slowly cooked in a copper kettle, then browned and served with guacamole and tortillas so you can make your own tacos
Shrimp Picado $18.75 A fine example of traditional california cuisine. Lots of grilled chiles, onions, tomatoes and garlic
Steak Picado $14.50 Beef steak sauteed with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes
Chicharron en Salsa $12.50 Selected pork meat, oven roasted until crispy and served in a sauce of tomatillos, green chiles, scallions and cilantro. A Mexican delicacy
Carne Adobada $13.50 Broiled marinated pork steak with a spicy and distinctive flavor
Pork Chile Verde $12.50 Trimmed pork meat cut into small chunks and cooked with green chiles and tomatillos

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines De La Casa Combination Menu and Prices

Carne Asada y Carne Adobada $14.50
Beef Chile Rojo y Pork Chile Verde $14.50
Carne Adobada y Carnitas $14.50
Carnitas y Carne Asada $14.50

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines Desserts Menu and Prices

Jericaya $4.75
Flan de Cafe $4.75
Carrot Cake $5.75

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines Vegetarian Green Patch Menu and Prices

Machaca Vegetariana $12.75
Spinach Tostada with Guacamole $12.25
Spinach Enchiladas $11.50
Burrito Vegetariano $12.25 Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, scallions, garlic, salsa, and cheese chile relleno burrito
Qyesadilla Vegetariana $12.75
Spinach Soft Tacos $12.25 Flour or corn tortilla
Chile Relleno y Enchilada $11.50

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines Appetizers Menu and Prices

Queso Fundido $10.75
Nachos con Guacamole y Crema $10.75
Guacamole $9.75

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines Beverages Menu and Prices

Milk $1.75
Coffee $1.75
Sodas $2.25
Iced Tea $1.70

El Mirasol Regional Cuisines Classic Mexican Combinations Menu and Prices

Served with corn chips and salsa, rice and beans with soup or salad, add $1.75. Any enchilada with chicken or beef add $0.50
Chicken Burrito All Meat $12.50
One Tostada $12.25 Chicken, beef or pork
Taquitos con Guacamole $9.75
Taco y Enchilada $11.00
One Burrito $12.25 Beef or pork
Two Cheese Enchiladas Rancheras $14.00 With guacamole y crema
Taco y Tamal $11.00
Two Cheese Enchiladas $11.50 Beef or chicken add $1.00
Meat Quesadilla $12.75 With guacamole y crema chicken, beef or pork
Two Chicken Flautas $12.50 With guacamole y crema
Enchilada y Tamal $11.25
Chile Relleno y Tamal $11.50
Chile Relleno $10.25 Served with tortillas
Two Chiles Rellenos $12.50 Served with tortillas
Two Tamales $11.50
Taco y Chile Relleno $11.50
Enchilada y Chile Relleno $11.50
Two Soft Tacos $12.25 Chicken, carnitas or asada
Two Hardshell Tacos $10.50 Beef or chicken

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