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El Monumento Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

El Monumento L Classico Menu and Prices

Hamburguesa El Mon $13.00 Roasted pobland, cheddar cheese, fred egg on jakapeno bun with sweet potato wenge fries add rice & Beans to any plate 3, add a fried egg 2
Enchiladas Suizas $11.00 3 Chicken or cheese
Camarone Relleno $16.00 Tekas gulf shrimp with roasted potato, craman mushroom, almonds garlic and spanch with rice
Asada $14.00 – $17.00 Rajas onions with tordllas
Enchiladas Verde $11.00 3 Chicken or cheese
Vegetariana Chile Relleno $12.00 Roasted poblano, carmen mushrooms, almonds, garlic and spnach with rice
Enchiladas Roja $11.00 3 Chicken, cheese or beef
Enchiladas Ranchero $12.00 Chicken or cheese
Enchiladas especial $11.00 Sweet cheese, sweet potato and white sauce
Asada El Mon $22.00 Grilled beef, chicken and shrimp, rajas and onions with torellas

El Monumento Los Tacos Menu and Prices

Vegetable $10.00 Sauteed seasonal vegetables add rice and beans to any plate 3
Pollo $12.00 Brased chicken
Pork $12.00 pollied pork
Carne $12.00 Beef picadillo or grilled beef
Pescado $13.00 Grilled fish of the day

El Monumento Las Sopas Y Menu and Prices

Corazon $12.00 Mixed greens, grilled chicken, bean corn reush, guacamole, coucia cheese and pobland dressing
Seasonal $5.00 – $10.00
Caesar tijuana $11.00 Baby romane lettuce, traditional tuna, cesar dressing and parmesen – add shrimp 6, chicken 4

El Monumento Las Botanas Menu and Prices

Nachos $7.00 Fred tcrula cheeps topped with mashed black beans, mexican cheese and escabede and beef 4, chicken 4, shrimp 6
Guacamole $9.00 Classc avocado with pico de gallo and seasaal fruit on the side
Queso Flameado $7.00 Doeso and mexican cheese with poblano pepper and caemelled cnons – and chocked 3
Flautas $7.00 Crispy fred corn tortuas fulled with your choice of beef bredet or chicken
Queso El Mon $8.00 A blend of american cheese with canon, tomato, green chles and clandzo
El Avocado $8.00 Fred avcado, coseo freshed and beef peadillo
Albondigas $6.00 Caiacan snow Cocked Meanes
Fried Jalapenos $6.00 Sliced jalapenos fred n rice fldur served with homemade lanch dressing.
Camarenos Campechana $12.00 Terrs gulf shrimp, donald, canon, jalapeno, avocado and lime juice served with chips
Quesadillas $7.00 Adobo smoked chicken, roasted poblanos, cheese and clantro

El Monumento Sopas Menu and Prices

Seasonal $5.00 – $8.00
Tortilla Con Pollo $5.00 – $8.00 Chicken, cheedar cheese, corn tordallas and clantro

El Monumento La Signature Menu and Prices

El mon daily combination plate $16.00
Carnitas $12.00 Pork ,fred baisley with rice
Rotisserie pollo $12.00 – $20.00 Served with pond de galld, torilias, escabeche with rice
Grilled pollo $17.00 3 oz breast with classic carvando sauce, with rice
Grilled Carne $19.00 Served with Chimichurri grilled beef tenderen with rajas and sweet potato wedge fries
Grilled Camardnes $19.00 grilled tosaed gulf shrimp, garlic roasted onions with sauce with rice
Columbian Style Banana Leaf Tample $12.00
Grilled Pesado $24.00 grilled toaste gulf shrimp, garlic, roasted onions with rice
Green Chile Pork Stew $13.00 Tdastoal pork stew with potato, garlic, onion green chiles with rice

El Monumento Los Vegetables Menu and Prices

Grilled Corn On The Cob $4.00
Charro Beans $2.00
Black Beans $2.00
Arroz Verde $1.00
Seasonal $4.00
Esacabeche $2.00
Brussel Sprouts $4.00

El Monumento Los Ninos Menu and Prices

Taco $6.00 Beef or chicken with rice and beans
Quesadilla $6.00 Cheese with rice and beans
Nachos $4.00 Black bean and cheese
Pollo $9.00 Grilled 4 oz breast with rice and beans
Flauta $6.00 Beef or chicken with rice and beans
Enchilada $6.00 Cheese with rice and beans

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