El Pote Espanol

Enjoy El Pote Espanol latest menu price updated list. Up to date El Pote Espanol and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

El Pote Espanol Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

El Pote Espanol Postres Menu and Prices

Natilla $7.00 Spanish cream
Pastel $8.00 Cake
Flan $7.00 Custard cake

El Pote Espanol Appetizers Menu and Prices

Cocktail de Gambas $11.75 Shrimp Cocktail
Esparragos Espanoles $11.75 Spanish white asparagus, served hot or cold.
Caracoles $11.50 Snails in butter sauce.
Calamares en Su Tinta $11.75
Queso Manchero $11.75 Spanish manchego.
Gambas al Ajillo $11.75 Shrimp marinated in garlic.
Jamon Serrano $12.50 Spanish serrano ham.
Higado al Jerez $9.95 Fresh chicken liver sauteed.
Boquerones en Vinagre $11.70 Anchovies salad in vinegar.
Pulpo Estilo Feria $16.95 Octopus in olive oil and paprika.
Champinon Rellenos $11.75 Stuffed mushrooms
Alcachofas a la Mantequilla $10.50 Hearts of artichoke in butter sauce.
Mejilliones al Vino $10.50 Mussels in white sauce
Pimientos Del Piquillo Rellenos $11.75 Stuffed piquilla peppers.
Chorizo al Pote $11.75 Spanish sausage with sweet pimentos.

El Pote Espanol House Specials Menu and Prices

All entrees served with vegetable or rice extra plate Lunch $6.00
One Stuffed Lobster  
Seafood Salad $26.50
Two 1 lb. Broiled Lobsters  
Rack of Lamb (For 2) $63.00

El Pote Espanol Pescados y Mariscos Menu and Prices

Camarones en Salsa Verde $22.50 Shrimp in green sauce.
Mariscada Salsa Verde $29.50 Seafood combination in green sauce.
Pescado del Dia $26.00 Catch of the day (broiled)
Paella Valencia $23.00 Classical chicken, seafood, sausage and rice dish.
Camarones en Salasa de Vino $22.50 Shrimp in wine.
Lenguado Saute $24.50 Filet of sole with lemon and butter.
Pollo con Longosta $29.50 Chicken and lobster.
Longosta en Salsa Blanca $45.95 Lobster in white sauce.
Pella Marinera $29.50 Spanish rice, seafood and lobster.
Vieiras Gallega $29.50 Scallops galician style.
Zarzuela de Mariscos $29.50 Seafood combination in red sauce.
Pescado a la Vasca $26.95 Catch of the day with a light green sauce.

El Pote Espanol Sopas Menu and Prices

Sopa de Pescado $8.95 Seafood soup.
Sopa de Vegetales $6.95 Vegetable soup.
Gazpacho $6.95 Cold Spanish soup.
Sopa de Ajo $6.95 Garlic soup.

El Pote Espanol Carnes Menu and Prices

Chuleta de Ternera al Pote $35.50 Veal chop sautA©ed with artichoke, asparagus, mushroom and wine.
Entrecote $32.00 Sirloin steak broiled.
Ternera A“Tio PepeA” $25.00
Ternera can Almendras $24.50 Veal with almond sauce.
Pollo al Ajillo $19.00 Chicken sautA©ed with lemon and garlic.
Pollo al Jefe $19.50 Chicken breast al chefA’s wine sauce and mushrooms.
Chuleta de Cerdo Riojana $21.50 Pork chops in wine, red pimentos and mushrooms.
Ternera Castellana $25.50 Veal cordon blue.
Ternera Plancha $26.00 Veal Broiled
Pollo al Pote $19.00 Chicken sauteed with vegetables.
Tortilla Espanola $16.00 Spanish Omelette
Arroz con Pollo $19.50 Chicken with rice and sausages.
Chuletas Cordero $34.95 Lamb chops (4)

El Pote Espanol Drinks Menu and Prices

Tea $3.50
Sanka $3.50
Cafe $3.50
Cappucino Coffee $5.00
Espresso Coffee $4.00

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