El Rincon Restaurant

Enjoy El Rincon Restaurant latest menu price updated list. Up to date El Rincon Restaurant and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

El Rincon Restaurant Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

El Rincon Restaurant Mofongo Menu and Prices

Mofongo $4.00 Mashed green plantain with spices.
Mofongo Con Bistec $7.50 Mashed green potato with spiece steak.
Mofongo Relleno De Camarones $13.00 Mashed green plantain stuffed with spices and shrimp.
Mofongo Con Carne Frita $7.50 Mashed green plantain with spices and fried meat.
Mofongo Con Chuleta $7.50 Mashed green plantain with spices and pork chops.

El Rincon Restaurant Sopas Menu and Prices

Seafood Soup $10.00
Beef Soup $6.00
Shrimp Soup $10.00
Chicken Soup $5.00

El Rincon Restaurant Los Fines De Semana Menu and Prices

Mondongo Con Arroz $7.00 Tripe stew with rice.
Sancocho $6.00 Pork stew.
Sanchocho Con Arroz $7.00 Pork stew with rice.
Mondongo $6.00 Tripe stew.
Mondongo Con Tostones $7.00 Tripe stew with fried plantains.

El Rincon Restaurant Ensaladas De Marisco Menu and Prices

Breaded Shrimp $12.50
Shrimp Salad $12.00
Sauteed Shrimp With Garlic Sauce $12.00
Octopus Salad $13.00

El Rincon Restaurant Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Ham Cheese And Bacon $3.00
Ham And Cheese $2.50
Steam And Cheese $6.00
Ham Cheese And Eggs $3.00
Bistic $5.00
Pork $4.00
Ham Cheese And Salad $2.75
Ham Cheese, Eggs And Sausage $3.50

El Rincon Restaurant Desayuno Menu and Prices

2 Huevos Frito $2.00 2 Fried eggs.
Madhro O Tostones Huevos Y Jamon $5.50 Sweet plantain or fried plantain, eggs and ham.
Con Queso Frito O Salami $6.00 Plain mashed with onion, oil, garlic with cheese or salami.
Papas Huevos Y Bacon $4.00 Potato, eggs and bacon.
Papas Huevos Y Jamon $4.00 Potato eggs and ham.
Papas, Huevos, Bacon Y Salchicha $5.00 Potato, eggs, bacon and sausage.
Papas Huevos Y Salchichas $4.00 Potato eggs or sausage.

El Rincon Restaurant Frituras Menu and Prices

Platanos Frito $1.00
Carnes Frita  
Alcaamurrias $1.25
Rellenos $2.00
Fried Fish  
Guieos $0.50
Pastillo $1.25
Rotisserie Chicken $1.50

El Rincon Restaurant Comidas Latinas Menu and Prices

Bistec Con Tostones, Papas, O Maduros $7.00 Steak with med or sweet plantains or potato.
Arroz Y Habichuelas $4.00 Rice and beans.
Costillas Con Tostones, Papas O Maduros $7.00 Ribs with fried or sweet plantains and potato.
Bistec, Arroz Y Balchuelas $7.00 Rice, beans and steak.
Chuletas Con Arroz Y Habichuelas $7.00 Pork chops with rice and beans.
Pollo Frito Y Arroz Con Babichuelas $7.00 Fried chicken with rice and beans.
Pernil Con Tostones, Papas O Maduros $7.00 Roast pork with fried or sweet plantains or potato.
Pollo Frito, Tostones, Papas O Maduros $7.00 Fried chicken, fried or sweet plantains and potato.
Chivo Gulsado $7.00
Chuletas Con Tostones, Papas O Maduros $7.00 Pork chops with fried or sweet plantains and potato.
Costillas, Arroz Y Habichuelas $7.50 Ribs with rice and beans.

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