El Rocoto Restaurant

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El Rocoto Restaurant Main Courses Menu and Prices

Main Courses
Arroz con Mariscos $14.00 Seafood with saffron, rice and salsa criolla.
Camarones al Ajillo $14.00 Shrimp and garlic served over yuca and white wine sauce.
Jalea Especial $15.00 – $28.00 Assorted seafood slightly fried with yuca and salsa criolla.
Tallarin Saltado $10.00 – $14.00 Peruvian lo mein.
Pescado a lo Macho $14.00 Filet of white fish and assorted seafood served over spicy white wine sauce.
Nuestro Famoso Pollo a la Brasa $6.00 – $15.00 Peruvian rotisserie chicken served with fries and salad.
Parihuela $14.00 Mixed seafood soup with Peruvian herbs.
Lomo Saltado $10.00 Beef strips, onions, tomatoes and fries served with rice.
Tallarines Verdes $14.00 Spaghetti with pesto sauce and grilled steak.
Arroz Chaufa $10.00 – $14.00 Peruvian version of fried rice with choice of beef, chicken or seafood.
Ceviche de Pescado $11.00 – $13.00 Pescado or mixto. Fresh fish marinated in lime juice and Peruvian rocoto pepper.
Bistec a lo Pobre $14.00 Steak, two fried eggs, plantain, french fries and rice.

El Rocoto Restaurant Appetizers Menu and Prices

Sopa a la Minuta $8.00 Homemade chicken or beef noodle soup.
Chicarron de Calamar $12.00 Fried calamari served with fries and salsa criolla.
Salchipapa $6.00 Hot dogs and fries.
Choclo con Queso $6.00 Peruvian corn with a side of fresh feta cheese.
Papa a la Huancaina $6.00 Potatoes with spicy feta cheese sauce.
Anticuchos $8.00 Beef heart skewers, huancaina sauce and corn.
Leche de Tigre $8.00 Fish and shrimp marinated with lime juice.
Choros a la Chalaca $8.00 Mussels topped with diced tomatoes and onions.

El Rocoto Restaurant Side Dishes Menu and Prices

Side Dishes
Beans $3.00
Rice $3.00
Salsa Criolla $3.00
Fried Potatoes $3.00
Fried Yucas $3.00

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