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Ema's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Ema’s Pasta Menu and Prices

Linguine With Shrimp $13.00 shrimps, zucchini, tarragon on a light tomato sauce
Fettuccine With Mushrooms $15.00 homemade fettuccine served with wild mushrooms on white truffle cream sauce
Homemade Ravioli ; ask your server for our ravioli of the day

Ema’s Drinks Menu and Prices

Cappuccino $3.00
Yogurt $1.00
Pellegrino $2.00
Macchiato $2.75
Espresso $2.50
Panna $5.00
Soda $2.50
Coffee $1.50

Ema’s Special Dishes Menu and Prices

Baby Lamb Chops $16.00 grilled baby lamb chops served with sautA©ed
Whole Free-Range Chicken $15.00 oven roasted served with french fries
Pleskavica $8.00 seasoned ground beef, pounded served with homemade ajvar and chopped onions
Pasul $8.00 beans served with smoked meat
EmaA’s Delicious (Flije) $14.00 homemade cooked to perfection with homemade kajmak, side of feta cheese
Beef Burger $8.00 fresh, grilled, served with american cheese and french fries
Tave With Rice $14.00 oven roasted seasoned rice, potato medallions and smoked beef
Cevapa $9.00 – $6.00 seasoned ground beef
Gulash $8.00 beef stew served with mashed potatoes
Ribeye Steak $19.00 grilled and oven roasted, served with rosemary finger-line potatoes and mixed vegetables
Trout $17.00 whole trout, oven roasted with rosemary garlic and roasted potatoes
Sugjuk $8.00 homemade sausage grilled served with side of french fries
Burek $15.00 choice of: meat, spinach or cheese
Stuffed Peppers $14.00 yellow peppers stuffed with seasoned ground veal

Ema’s Appetizers Menu and Prices

Assorted Platter/Mezze $12.00 assortment of cured meats, cheeses and fruits (chefA’s choice)
Chicken Fingers $7.00 tender fried chicken fingers served with marinara sauce
Grilled Shrimp $9.00 served white wine lemon and butter sauce
Fried Calamari $7.00 served with light spicy marinara sauce
Grilled Portobello $6.00 topped with mixed greens and goat cheese over light balsamic dressing
Soup Of The Day $4.00 ask your server about todayA’s soup special

Ema’s Salads Menu and Prices

Caesar Salad $6.00 crisp romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, caesar dressing
Albanian Salad $8.00 cabbage, fresh tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, olives, lemon vinaigrette dressing
Mixed Green Salad $5.00 baby mixed greens served with chopped tomatoes and balsamic dressing

Ema’s Dessert Menu and Prices

Kadaif $3.50
Tiramisu $4.00
Vanilla Gelato $3.50
Cheese Cake $4.50
Chocolate Mouse $3.50
Tartufo $6.00
Chocolate Gelato $3.00
Lemoncello Cake $3.00
Bakllave $2.50
Tullumba $2.50

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