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Entwine Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Entwine Meat & Murray’s Cheese Board Menu and Prices

All cheese plates served with grape and toasted bread
Bucheron $8.00
Cured Meats $22.00 Speck, sweet soppressata & spicy coppa
Delice De Bourgogne $8.00
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar $9.00 Vermont. pasteurized cow milk
Assorted Cheese Plate $25.00
Aged Manchego $8.00 Pasteurized sheep milk

Entwine Soup and Salads Menu and Prices

Add grilled chicken breast topping for $3.50
Kale Salad $12.00 Fresh kale, toasted almonds, green apple, parmesan cheese honey mustard dressing
Greek Salad $12.00 Tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, olive, dolma, red onion, mint leaves, green & red pepper, olive oil and fresh lemon juice
Arugula Salad $10.00 Baby arugula with fennel and shaved parmesan cheese

Entwine Bar Snacks Menu and Prices

Chicken Liver Pate Topped $10.00
Roasted Pistachio $7.00
Beets $12.00 Roasted beets marinated in red plum sauce
Cod Fish Brandad $12.00
Meze Plater $15.00
House Marinated Turkish Olives $7.00

Entwine Eggs Menu and Prices

Sucuklu $11.00 Scrambled eggs with spicy beef sausage
Build Your Own Omelet $9.00 Each topping $1.00, egg white $0.50. Mushroom, spinach, feta cheese, kasar cheese, goat cheese, beef sausage, sundried tomato, onions
Ispanakli $10.00 Oven baked sunnyside eggs with spinach & feta cheese
Menemen $10.00 Scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, green & red pepper
Cilbir $10.00 Poached eggs over yogurt with butter infused paprika sauce

Entwine Toasts Menu and Prices

Wild Mushroom Toast $9.00 Served with goat cheese
Choice Of Three Toasts $14.00
Artichoke Toast $9.00 Served with feta cheese
Avocado Toast $9.00

Entwine Sandwiches Menu and Prices

All sandwiches served with arugula salad
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $13.00 Cheddar, prosciutto & chili mayo
Simit Lox $13.00 Istanbul bagel with cream cheese, smoked atlantic salmon, baby arugula and capers
Simit Sandwich $12.00 Istanbul bagel with feta cheese, tomato, arugula with olives
Sucuk Simit $12.00 Istanbul bagel with turkish beef sausage and kasar cheese
Chicken Sandwich $13.00 Free range chicken breast, sauteed leeks, cheddar cheese
Grass Fed Beef Sliders Two 4oz $16.00

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