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Fang Restaurant Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Fang Restaurant Traditional Wok Lunch Plates Menu and Prices

(Served w/ white rice) (brown rice add $1.00).
Pan Fried Tofu $7.95 Yellow curry sauce, tomatoes, onions, cabbage.
FangA’s Crispy Honey Steak $10.95 Served w/ marinated bok choy.
Five Spice Whitefish $8.95 Jade spinach, caramelized peppers.
Famous Nanking Sesame Chicken $7.95 Crispy chicken, sweet potatoes, squash.
Szechuan Prawn $8.95 Served over basil-cucumber salad.
Eggplant Tofu And Mushrooms $8.95 In blackbean sauce.
Cooling Lettuce Wraps $8.95 Chicken, tofu, beef, pork, fish, scallop or shrimp.
BBQ Pork Spareribs $8.95 Pineapple honey garlic glaze, bokchoy.
Salted Pork Belly $8.95 Sauteed w/ pumpkin.
Salt & Pepper Shrimp And Mushroom $8.95 Basil, red onions, garlic.
Pan Fried Chicken Breast $8.95 Yellow curry sauce, peas, zucchini.
Fragrant Basil Chicken $8.95 Onions, cucumber, roasted garlic.
Steamed Seafood Pot $9.95 With clams, prawns and scallops, crispy garlic, soy, rice noodle, scallion and cilantro.
Mongolian Beef Tower $8.95 Scallions, onions, chili, baby corn, crispy rice noodle (mongolian prawns available).

Fang Restaurant Noodles Menu and Prices

(Served hot, cold, or in soup). (add chicken, beef, pork, tofu, beef balls $2.00) (add fish or shrimp $3.00).
Mei Fun $7.95 (Thin rice vermicelli), chili oil, basil, mint, snap peas.
House Made Egg Noodle $7.95 soy sauce, garlic, cabbage.

Fang Restaurant Salads Menu and Prices

(Add chicken, beef or tofu $2.00) (add fish or shrimp $3.00).
Baby Peashoot Salad $6.95 Lemon citrus dressing, napa cabbage, choy gwa.
Marinated Bok Choy Salad $6.95 Onions, garlic, basil, cold rice noodle.
FangA’s Cabbage Apple Salad $6.95 Purple/ green cabbage, apple, scallions, sesame dressing.
Jade Spinach Sala $6.95 Honey garlic dressing, caramelized red peppers.

Fang Restaurant Chinese Steamed Buns Menu and Prices

Great on the go and easy to eat, just use your hands and eat it like a sandwich. Comes with side of bok choy salad.
Chicken Bun $7.95 Chicken breast, pickled veggies, scallion, ginger,
Pork Bun $7.95 Braised pork, pickled veggies, scallion, ginger, x2.
Tofu Bun $7.95 Crispy tofu, cabbage apple sesame slaw, x2.
Beef Bun $8.95 Braised shortrib, pickled veggies, scallion, ginger, x2.

Fang Restaurant Bamboo Steamers Menu and Prices

(Steamed to order w/white rice).
Braised Pork Sparerib $8.95 Orange onion soy reduction, pickled cabbage.
Tofu In Black Bean Sauce $7.95 Garlic broccoli.
Braised Shortrib $8.95 Anise soy honey reduction, garlic broccoli.

Fang Restaurant Brown Rice Delight Menu and Prices

Additional toppings: (vegetarian $1.00) (meat or seafood $2.00). Our healthy alternate to fried rice is brown rice tossed with garlic, caramelized onions and fresh herbs. Comes with two of the choices below
Tofu $8.95
Roasted Pork $8.95
Prawns $8.95
Green Beans $8.95
King Oyster Mushrooms $8.95
Chicken $8.95
Fava Beans $8.95
Zucchini $8.95
Edamame $8.95
Fish $8.95
Pea Sprouts $8.95

Fang Restaurant Soups Menu and Prices

(Add wontons $2.50) (add rice noodles or egg noodles $1.00).
Country Rice Chowder $6.95 Eggs, rice, peas, zucchini (fish, beef, pork, chicken, or tofu).
Papaya Soup $9.95 Pork spareribs simmered w/ papaya and peanuts.
White River Soup   Whole fish simmered w/ daikon, peanuts, and scallions.
Sizzling Rice Soup $6.95 Lemon broth, scallions, crispy rice (chicken or veggie).
Soups $6.95 – $10.95
Spicy Wor Dumpling Soup $8.95 Fish, beef, pork, chili oil, onions.
Hot And Sour Soup $6.95 (Chicken or tofu).
Fresh Homemade Wonton Soup $6.95

Fang Restaurant Appetizers Menu and Prices

House of nanking favorites.
FangA’s Peking Buns $13.95 (Beef, duck, chicken or tofu) x 4.
Steamed Shanghai Soup Dumplings $8.95 X 6.
Fried Onion Cake $5.95 Peanut sauce.
Fried Potstickers $5.95 Peanut sauce.
Fried Shrimpackets $5.95 (Chicken or vegetarian).
Steamed Seafood Pot $6.95 With clams, prawns and scallops, crispy garlic, soy, rice noodle, scallion and cilantro. Person.
Fried Pork Confit Eggrolls $5.95 (Chicken or vegetarian).
Steamed Pork Dumplings $8.95 (Chicken or vegetarian).
Marinated Bok Choy $5.95 Onions, garlic, basil, sesame oil.
Salt & Pepper Mushrooms $6.95

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