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Enjoy Finka Table & Tap latest menu price updated list. Up to date Finka Table & Tap and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Finka Table & Tap Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Finka Table & Tap Wood Burning Oven – Pizzas Menu and Prices

Grilled Chicken   mozzarella / honey / gochujang / bean sprouts
Artichoke   mushroom / red peppers / onions / mozzarella
Mozzarella   tomato sauce / basil
Lomo Saltado   red onions / roasted red peppers / shoe string fries
Manchego   chorizo / peruvian olives / pesto sauce / fried egg. may contain nut products.
Vaca Frita   mozzarella / caramelized onions / cilantro

Finka Table & Tap Algo Mas Menu and Prices

SautA©ed Potatos  
Brussels Sprouts  
Truffle Fries  
Black Beans  
Risotto   parmesan, pumpkin, mushroom or seafood
Mac N 3 Cheese Side  
White Rice  
SautA©ed Veggies  
Shoe String Fries  

Finka Table & Tap Lean & Green Menu and Prices

Mediterranean Salad – Spring Mix   sunflower seeds / roasted red pepper / sundried tomatoes / feta cheese / grapes mediterranean dressing
Beet Salad – Spring Mix   soy sauce infused beets / goat cheese /mariquita crisps / balsamic dressing
Asian Pear Salad – Kale   red onion / sliced asian pear / peruvian olives / goat cheese / ponzu lime dressing
Cuban Caesar Salad – Spicy Pork   romaine lettuce / cuban bread croutons / manchego cheese / caesar dressing

Finka Table & Tap Tap Dat Beers Menu and Prices

Six Point Resin   double ipa
Orange Blossom   pilsner
Sweetwater 420   pale ale
Wynwood   ipa
Rivertown Roebling   porter
Original Sin   hard cider
Brooklyn   sorachi ace
Two Brothers   ebelA’s weiss

Finka Table & Tap Larger Plates Menu and Prices

Cuban Bibimbap Bowl   bed of rice / vaca frita / carrots / zucchini / black beans / maduros / bean sprouts / kimchee / fried egg
Fresh Fish Of The Day  
Korean Pork Ribs   garlic & parsley truffle fries
22oz Bone-In Ribeye  
Finka "KFC" Bowl   korean fried chicken / spicy gochujang
Churrasco   fingerling sauteed potatoes / broccolini
Fresh Wild Caught Salmon   bok choy / duck bacon pineapple red peppers / white rice
Grass Fed Oxtail In Merlot Reduction   mushroom risotto

Finka Table & Tap From The Wok Menu and Prices

Vaca Frita ‘Japchae’   glass noodles / bok choy zuchinni / carrots / scallions / sesame seeds
Spicy Kimchee Fried Rice   seasonal veggies / water chestnuts / fried egg / scallions
Cuban Fried Rice   shrimp / maduros / pineapple cilantro aioli / fried egg / scallions
Lomo Saltado Fried Rice   egg scramble / shoestring fries

Finka Table & Tap Bottles & Can Beers Menu and Prices

Brooklyn Local 2  
Hatuey   lager
Cigar City   jai lai ipa
Three Philosophers Quad   ale
CrabbieA’s Hard Ginger Beer  
DaleA’s Pale   ale
Crispin   pear cider
Red Hook   ipa
Lagunitas   little sumpinA’ sumpin
Southern Tier   2xipa
Harpoon UFO   white
Cristal   lager
Kentucky Bourbon   ale
Fat HeadA’s   honey blueberry
Cigar City   maduro
Nitro   milk stout
Goose Island 312   ale
Matilda   pale ale
Cusquena   lager

Finka Table & Tap Cocktails Menu and Prices

Summer Love   spring44 honey vodka / cardamom syrup / lemon juice / florida egg whites / fresh homestead watermelon / rose petal
Cuban Old Fashioned   old forester86 bourbon / bustelo cafA© syrup / angostura & angostura orange bitters
Green Acres   leblon cachaA§a / fresh cucumber / pink peppercorn syrup / lime juice / kimchi flakes
Saged By The Bell   el jimador tequila / peach bitters / spicy hibiscus syrup / sage from the garden / lime
British Primavera   oxley gin / hopped grapefruit bitters / lemon verbena syrup / lemon juice / dry lavender soda

Finka Table & Tap Abuelitas Kitchen Menu and Prices

Camarones Enchilados   white rice / maduros
Masitas De Puerco   white rice & beans / yuca / mojo

Finka Table & Tap Para Picar Menu and Prices

Kimchee Shoestring Fries   vaca frita / spicy mayo / queso blanco / pico de gallo
Mac N’ 3 Cheese ; carne asada / bacon / scallions
Islas Canarias Croquetas ; ham, chicken, & fish
Tostones ; vaca frita / pico de gallo / chicharron crumble / cilantro aioli
Ceviche ; * sweet potato mash / red onions / cilantro
Soup Of The Day ;
Tamal En Cazuela ; pulled lamb shank / fried carrots
Cabbage Kimchee ;
Korean Style Sauteed Brussels Sprouts ; bacon / fried wonton / kale sprouts
Salmon Tartare ; aji amarillo / mariquita scoops
Black Bean Hummus ; pico de gallo / mariquita scoops
Causa De Pollo ; * mariquita crisps / micro cilantro tiradito / rocoto / choclo / chicharron crumble

Finka Table & Tap Classics Menu and Prices

Sazerac ; dickelA’s rye / peychaudA’s & angostura bitters / finka syrup / absinthe original recipe from new orleans
Daiquiri ; atlantico reserve / don q rum / fresh lime juice / finka syrup original recipe from cuba
Southside Fizz ; bombay gin / fresh lemon juice / finka syrup / mint from the garden / soda original recipe from chicago
Moscow Mule ; vodka vodka / fresh lime juice / fever tree ginger beer recipe made popular on hollywoodA’s sunset strip
Pisco Sour ; kappa pisco / fresh lemon & lime juice / florida egg white / finka syrup national cocktail of peru and chile

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