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Fire Wok Asian Specialties Menu and Prices

Fire Wok General Tao Chicken $7.29 Honey soy, garlic, chili & scallions
Lemon Chicken $7.29 Grilled chicken breast marinated in asian spices with lemon sauce
Flaming Mongolian $7.29 – $7.99 Carrots, bell peppers, onions, chili & honey soy sauce
Lemon Fish $7.29 Crusted Talapia with a sweet lemon sauce
Sesame Chicken $7.29 Sesame seeds & scallions in a sweet tangy chili sauce
Peking Fire $7.29 – $7.99 Carrots, celery, snow peas & scallions with a spicy peking sauce
Crispy Asian Beef $7.89 Onions, bell peppers and chili in a sweet sauce.
Orange Blossom Chicken $7.29 Orange zest & chili in a tangy sauce
Fire Wok Sweet & Sour Chicken $7.29 Bell peppers, carrots, onions, & pineapple toasted in our own sweet & sour sauce
Pepper Steak $7.29 – $7.99 Bell peppers, onions & mushrooms in a black bean sauce
Szecheun Fire Kung Pao $7.29 – $7.99 Scallions, peanuts & chili vinegar soy sauce.
Malaysian Curry $7.29 – $7.99 Peanuts, coconut, raisins, pineapple, snow peas, onions, bell peppers & curry
Broccoli Cantonese $7.29 – $7.99 Broccoli, onions, ginger soy & garlic

Fire Wok Salads Menu and Prices

Spicy Chicken Salad $6.99 Spicy chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions & rice sticks

Fire Wok Drinks Menu and Prices

Soda & Tea $1.49
Bottled Water $1.49
Premium Drinks $1.49 $1.99 – $2.49

Fire Wok Rice & Noodle Bowls Menu and Prices

Hong Kong Noodle Soup $5.79 – $7.79 Bokchoy, straw mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, snow peas, scallions & egg noodles in a rich broth
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl $6.79 Snow peas, carrots, onions, ginger teriyaki sauce & toasted sesame seeds on white or brown rice
Sizzling Pan Fried Noodles $5.79 – $8.19 Bokchoy, straw mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, snow peas & thin pan fried egg noodles
Japanese Miso Bowl $5.99 – $7.69 Shiitake mushrooms, scallions, spinach, garlic, ginger & noodles in a miso broth
Chow Fun Bowl $5.99 – $7.99 Bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, onions, scallions, & flat rice noodles
Fire Wok Fried Rice $5.79 – $7.19 Onions, egg, scallions & rice
Rice Noodle Soup $5.79 – $7.79 Spinach, onions, scallions & rice noodles. Shrimp or scallops
Island Fried Rice $6.79 – $8.19 Pineapple, coconut, peanuts, raisins, carrots, egg, scallions & rice
Lo Mein $5.99 – $7.99 Cabbage, onions, carrots, scallions & noodles
Pad Thai $5.99 – $7.99 Scallions, bean sprouts, egg, onions, carrots, crushed peanuts & rice noodles
Singapore Rice Noodles $5.99 – $7.99 Cabbage, onions, carrots, egg, scallions, bell peppers & curry

Fire Wok Kiddie Woks Menu and Prices

Served with choice of white or brown steamed rice or egg noodles. For kids 12 & under
Chicken Lo Mein $4.59 Cabbage, onions, carrots, scallions, noodles
Sweet & Sour Chicken $4.59 Bell peppers, carrots, onions and pineapple tossed in our own sweet & sour sauce.

Fire Wok Stir Crazy Menu and Prices

Stir Crazy $5.99 – $8.59 Pile your bowl high with your favorite vegetables, spices and 2 ladles of one of our 8 special sauces from our vegetable bar. Served with your choice of white rice, brown rice, flat rice noodles or l

Fire Wok Appetizers Menu and Prices

Egg Rolls (2) $2.89 Chicken, cabbage, celery & onions deep fried in a traditional egg roll skin
Fire Wok Spring Rolls (2) $2.89 Cabbage, carrots, onions, shiitake mushrooms, garlic & ginger in a crispy, flaky rice skin
Edamame $2.79 Salted soy beans in the pod
Egg Drop Soup $1.99
Wonton Soup $2.29
Pan Fried Potstickers (8) $4.79 Dumplings filled with chicken, cabbage, scallions, ginger & soy
Hot & Sour Soup $2.29
Cool Lettuce Wraps $5.79 Minced chicken, shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, scallions, honey soy with iceberg lettuce
Crab & Cream Cheese Wontons (4) $2.99

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