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Firecracker Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Firecracker Vegetable Menu and Prices

rice per person, white rice $1.00, brown rice $1.25
Oyster Sauce Asparagus $9.50 blanched asparagus topped with lightened oyster sauce flavored with sugar and ginger, also laced with fresh garlic and a dash of mustard
Eggplant Portobello Mushrooms $9.00 eggplant paired with meaty mushrooms in a soy, ginger sauce with basil
Sauteed String Beans $8.25 fresh string beans and aromatic garlic braised to a grilled perfection
Red Cooked Eggplant $8.00 eggplants in a tangy, spicy sauce
Pea Sprouts and Fresh Shitake Mushrooms $9.00 pea sprouts and shitake mushrooms sauteed with browned garlic pieces and sesame wine sauce
Pan Seared Tofu $10.50 seared tofu squares braised into Chinese broccoli and leeks in a tangy soy sauce
Gold Bean Tofu – Spicy $9.00 blocks of tofu braised with string beans in a golden bean sauce and garnished with fresh basil

Firecracker Seafood Menu and Prices

Hot Braised Shrimp – Spicy $13.50 shrimps braised with spicy red sauce made from ginger and plum paste
Hu Fun Noodles $12.50 wide flat rice noodles woked with calamari and scallops, with Chinese brocoli stems in a tangy soy, garlic sauce
Yin Yang Prawns $13.50 a combination plate, half an order of the sweet walnut prawns, the yin (feminine), and the half an order of the spicy hot braised shrimps, the yang (masculine)
Walnut Prawns $13.50 lightly breaded prawns and carmelized walnuts in sweet velvety white sauce

Firecracker House Specialty Menu and Prices

Pinecone Snapper $15.50 crispy whole snapper with fruity, caramelized ginger sauce, sprinkled with pine nuts
Wok Seared Ahi Tuna $16.50 slices of ahi tuna rubbed with ginger, peppercorn crusts, and a touch of garlic, seared in the woknd served on a bed of caramelized onions
Five Spice Duck $14.50 duck flavored with cinnamon and anise, then braised with soy, sugar, and ginger, served with a side of stir fried Chinese broccoli
Salmon with Asian Pear and Bok Choy $15.50 salmon pan fried with garlic and wine then served on a bed of bok choy and slices of sweet Asian pear
Mango Shrimp $13.50 shrimp and mango slices woked in a tangerine, lime juice and a touch of chili
Phoenix and Dragon – Spicy $12.50 chicken (phoenix) and shrimp (dragon) braised with eggplant in spicy plum sauce with a touch of tomato and tangerine juices, a happy union
Wild Mushroom Beef $13.00 slices of beef sauteed with chantrelles, shitake, and portobello mushroom in shallots, ginger, and five spice

Firecracker Warm Starters Menu and Prices

Crab Rolls $7.00 crunchy rolls filled with crab meat, shredded bokchoy, shallot and pea sprouts, served with a cucumber, lime dipping sauce
Baby Pork Dumplings $6.50 dumplings wrapped with thin wonton skins, boiled, then tossed in a tangy, cinnamon garlic soy sauce, garnished with bok choy
Pot Stickers $6.50 pan fried dumpling filled with pork and savory vegetables
Vegetarian Pot Stickers $6.50 dumplings filled with Chinese cabbage, Chinese mushrooms, chivies and rice vermicelli
Chive Spring Rolls $6.50 crispy rolls filled with shitake mushrooms, beanthread noodles, and a sprinkle of chives
Spicy Calamari with Spinach $7.00 strips of calamari flash fried then sauteed with spinach and chili pepper flakes

Firecracker Starters – Cold Starters Menu and Prices

Tofu and Spinach Layers $7.00 spinach marinated in tangy, miso vinegrette and layered between three slices of organic tofu, light, refresing, and very healthy
Curry and Lemongrass Shrimp Salad $7.00 shrimp marinated in curry and lemongrass served on a bed of fresh cucumber tossed in a light vinegar dressing
Fujian Rolls $6.50 summer favorite of the fujian province, tofu skin, red leaf lettuce, mint leave, and fresh beansprouts wrapped in a thin bao bing skin, served with a side of plum, chili sauce sprinkled with sesame s
Sesame Romaine Salad $6.00 – $7.00 Romaine leaves and green onions tossed in a toasty sesame oil and sea salt dressing, simple rustic salad

Firecracker Soup Menu and Prices

Hot and Sour $4.50 spicy, sour soup with tofu, eggs, and black mushroom slices

Firecracker Meat Menu and Prices

Firecracker Chicken – Spicy $11.00 lightly breaded chicken chunks dry woked in a sweet and peppery garlic sauce
Mongolian Beef $12.50 slices of beef sauteed with green onions for a bold flavor, garnished with crispy rice sticks
Mandarin Beef $12.50 lightly charbroiled slices of beef marinated in a garlicky sweet sauce with a touch of sesame aroma
Pinenut Chicken $11.50 diced chicken flavored with curry and sprinkled with pine nuts, served over crunchy spinach leaves
Sweet and Tangy Pork or Chicken $10.50 authentic version of the popular dish with tree ear mushroom, carrots, and onions, stir fried with a sophisticated flavor of a amber colored glaze

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