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Fishpond Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Fishpond Dinner Buffet Menu and Prices

Wednesday & friday night 6 pm to 9 pm.
Dinner Buffet $9.95 All you can eat. 14 popular filipino dishes, 4 kinds of dessert.

Fishpond Seafood Menu Menu and Prices

Price and up.
Kilawin Pusit $10.95 Broiled squid in vinegar with ginger and spring onion.
Halabos Na Hipon $11.95 Steamed shrimp or prawns.
Bangus $15.95 Broiled or fried milk fish with tomato, onion and ginger stuffing.
Escabecheng Tilapia $11.95 Fried fish with sweet and sour sauce.
Sinigang Na Hipon $11.95 Tamarind flavored prawns or shrimp soup with vegetables.
Tinolang Tahong $10.95 Mussel cooked in ginger flavored soup with spinach.
Mussel with Misua $10.95 Ginger flavored mussels soup with spring onion.
Daing Na Bangus $13.95 Fried marinated milkfish.
Ginataang Hipon $11.95 Shrimp cooked with coconut milk.
Butterfish $10.95 Fried or pinangat filipino style with tomato and onion.
Adobong Pusit $10.95 Squid cooked in vinegar, garlic and soy sauce.
Camaron Rebosado $11.95 Fried battered shrimp.
Catfish $10.95 Fried with tomato and onion.
Sinigang Na Bangus $10.95 Tamarind flavored soup with vegetables.
Catfish Sarciado $12.95 Sauteed with onion, tomato, garlic and egg.
Fried Tilapia $10.95 With tomato and onion.

Fishpond Appetizers Menu and Prices

Fried Chicken Wings $5.95 (6 Pcs).
Lumpiang Frito $6.95 Egg roll available 2 big pcs or 6 small pcs fried vegetables spring roll.
Lumpiang Shanghai (10 Pcs) $6.95 A bite size egg roll filled with ground meat, vegetables and shrimps with sweet and sour sauce.
Chicharon Bulaklak $8.95 Fried ruffle fat with special sauce.
Vegetable Eggroll $6.95 Fried lumpia. (6 pcs).
Siaopao $2.00 Steamed or baked bread with meat.
Pork BBQ $6.95 3 Slices.
Arroz Caldo $6.95 Chicken with sweet rice.
Lumpiang Sariwa $6.95 Mixtures of fresh vegetables and shrimps with garlic sauce.

Fishpond Desserts Menu and Prices

Biko $2.50
Halo – Halo to Go $5.50
Halo – Halo $4.50 Mix your own choice of five flavors : kalong, tangke, beans, ube, macaguno special with ice cream.
Mais Con Yelo $3.50

Fishpond Drinks Menu and Prices

Coffee Or Tea $1.25
Mango Juice $2.00
Soft Drinks $1.25

Fishpond Weekend Special Menu and Prices

Saturday and sunday 11.30 am to 3.00pm.
Weekend Special $9.95 All you can eat brunch 14 popular filipino dishes – 4 kinds of dessert.

Fishpond Breakfast Menu and Prices

Open at 8 am.
Longsilog $4.95
Tapsilog $4.95
Dasilog $4.95
Tosilog $4.95

Fishpond Main Dishes Menu and Prices

Dinuguan $8.95 A fine philippine pork delicacy.
Bisteak $9.95 Beef slices cooked with soy sauce, lemon and topped with onion rings.
Lechon Kawale $9.95 Deep fried pork with liver sauce.
Chicken Adobo $8.95 Cut up chicken cooked with garlic, soy sauce, vinegar and pepper.
Ginataang Sitaw, Kalabasa $8.95 Sauteed beans & squash cooked in coconut milk.
Lechon Paksiw $9.95 Pork cooked with vinegar, soy sauce and pepper.
Pinakbet $9.95 Sauteed mixed tropical vegetables cooked with bagoong.
Sinigang Beef $9.95 Tamarind flavored beef soup with vegetable.
Sotanghon Guisado $8.95 Sauteed cellophane noodle with meat and vegetable.
Steamed Rice $2.00
Crispy Pata $12.95 Pork hock steamed and deep fried.
Tortang Talong $7.95 Eggplant omelette.
Beef Kaldereta $9.95 Stewed beef with diced potato, sweet and green olives.
Sinigang Pork $9.95 Tamarind flavored pork or beef soup with vegetables.
Guisadong Ampalaya $9.95 Sauteed bitter melon with shrimp or beef.
Beef Nilaga $9.95 Beef boiled with potato and vegetable.
Inihaw Na Talong $7.95 Broiled eggplant with tomato and onion.
Menudo $9.95 Sauteed mixed tropical vegetable cooked with bagoong.
Pork Adobo $8.95 Cut up pieces of pork cooked with garlic, soy sauce vinegar and pepper.
Crispy Chicken $5.95 Half fried chicken – filipino style.
Pancit Palabok $8.95 Philippine spaghetti topped with special shrimp sauce.
Fried Rice Chicken $6.95
Pancit Canton $8.95 Sauteed egg noodle with meat and vegetable.
Kare – Kare $10.95 Stewed oxtail and tripe with special peanut butter sauce served with sauteed bagoong.
Gulay Guisado $9.95 Chop suey – sauteed mixed vegetable.
Fried Rice Shrimp, Beef Or Pork $6.95
Chicken Tinola $7.95 Ginger flavored chicken soup with vegetable.
Pancit Bihon $8.95 Fine rice noodle with meat and vegetable.
Chicken $7.95 With mixed vegetables.

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