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Flip Appetizer Menu and Prices

Fried Cheese Ravioli $9.00 served with 3 dipping sauces: marinara, garlic aioli and cheese sauce

Flip 3. Choose A Topping – Flip-Ins Menu and Prices

The First One’s Free. Each One After That Is $1.50.
Caramelized Onions ;
Avocado ;
Sauteed Mushrooms ;
Fried Onion Ring ;
Tandoori Onion Ring ;
Diced Jalapenos ;
Bread And Butter Pickle ;
Sauteed Peppers ;

Flip Signature Burgers Menu and Prices

Zorburger $16.00 blended turkey burger with olive tapenade and feta cheese on an organic caramelized onion & fresh sage brioche, served with a side greek salad. suggested pairing; ommegang rare vos belgian-style ambe
Benedict Burger $23.00 american bred wagyu beef with canadian bacon, ultra-melted cheese sauce, and a fried egg, grilled melt-style on organic ny rye bread, served with steak fries. suggested paring: saint hilaire blanc de
The Eastern Burger $19.00 exotic lamb blend with an herbal yogurt sauce and a tandoori onion ring rolled in a traditional naan flatbread, served with chubby fries topped with caramelized onions. suggested pairing: dogfish hea
South Of The Burger $18.00 sweet beet blend with pepper jack cheese and pico de gallo on an organic hot cherry pepper & asiago cheese roll, served with corn tortilla chips and guacamole. suggested pairing: sierra nevada pale a
Flip Burger $15.00 our hearty blend burger with american cheese and caramelized onions on a classic seeded roll, served with skinny fries. suggested pairing: brooklyn lager

Flip Daily Deal Menu and Prices

Fried Ravioli $12.00 with 3 dipping sauces and a pint of a draft beer

Flip Other Sides $5 Menu and Prices

Seasonal Fruit ;
Small Macaroni And Cheese ;
Small Chips And Guacamole ;

Flip Cocktails Menu and Prices

Ginger Gold Rush $14.00 maker’s mark, canton ginger liqueur, fresh lemon juice
Metro Cooler $14.00 tanqueray gin, fresh cucumber, simple syrup, tonic
Flip-O-Politan $16.00 crop organic vodka, chambord, cranberry juice. triple sec
Manhattan Cocktail $16.00 bourbon, grand marnier, sweet vermouth, bitters, maraschino cherry
B. Ilini $14.00 prosecco, peach puree
Flipped Mimosa $14.00 prosecco, grapefruit juice, st. germaine elderflower liqueur
Margarita $14.00 don julio silver, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, triple sec
Flip Cherry Rum $14.00 appleton estate dark rum, cherry puree, splash of soda, over ice
Pomegranate Rum Martini $16.00 10 cane rum, pomegranate puree, simple syrup, fresh lime juice
Loyallist Martini $16.00 bootlegger 21 vodka, pomegranate puree, fresh lime juice, soda
Bloody Mary $14.00 crop organic vodka, flip signature bloody mary mix

Flip Desserts Menu and Prices

S&S Cheesecake $5.00
Flourless Chocolate Torte $8.00 a la mode
Max & Mina’s Ice Cream $5.00
Sweet Sliders $5.00 choice of ice cream sandwiched between two mini black and white cookies
Cupcakes $8.00 a la mode
Flip Ultra-Thick Milkshake $11.00 with cheesecake, chocolate torte or cupcake blended in
Flip Ultra-Thick Milkshake $8.00 malted
Abita Root Beer Float $8.00
Flourless Chocolate Torte $5.00
Cupcakes $5.00
Flip Ultra-Thick Milkshake $7.00
S Cheesecake $8.00 a la mode

Flip Beer & Wine Cocktails $12 Menu and Prices

Michelada ; kelso pilsner, hot sauce, lime, salt
Ginger Shandy Beer ; newburh farmhouse ale, canton ginger liquer, lemon
Monaco ; heineken light, fresh lemonade, melba sauce
Dark And Smooth ; six point brownstone ale, port wine
Mango Flip ; prosecco, mango puree

Flip Spiked Milkshakes $14 Menu and Prices

Pt (16oz).
Irish Coffee ; coffee ice cream, bushmills whiskey, bailey’s, cafe boheme liqueur
Chocolate Hazelnut Mudslide   dark chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate godiva liqueur, frangelico hazelnut liqueur, chocolate sprinkles.
Cherry Flip   dark chocolate ice cream, crop organic vodka, dark chocolate godiva liqueur, cherry puree
Nutty Thing   salted caramel ice cream, frangelico hazlenut liquer, amaretto di saronno, almond liquer, shaved almonds
White Russian   vanilla ice cream, crop organic vodka, cafe boheme liqueur, bailey’s
Peachy Sunrise ; vanilla ice cream, don julio silver, peach puree, grenadine
Mangoes, Peaches N’ Cream   vanilla ice cream, bacardi rum, mango puree, peach puree

Flip Deluxe Flip-Ins $2 Menu and Prices

Hard Boiled Egg  
Canadian Bacon  
Hickory Smoked Bacon  
Fried Egg  

Flip White Wine By The Glass Menu and Prices

Chateau Les Arromans $10.00 bordeaux blanc entree-deux-mers, bordeaux, france 2011
Clean Slate $10.00 riesling, mosel, germany, 2012
Kris $11.00 pinot grigio, delle venezie, italy, 2012
Wolffer Estate $13.00 chardonnay, long island, ny, 2011

Flip Sparkling Menu and Prices

Zardetto Prosecco $11.00 valdobbiadene, italy, nv

Flip 3. Choose A Topping – Cheeses Menu and Prices

The First One’s Free. Each One After That Is $1.50.
Feta ;
Blue Cheese ;
Swiss ;
American ;
Fresh Mozzarella ;
Chevre ;
Pepper Jack ;
Vermont Cheddar ;
Monterey Jack ;
Grafton Village Aged ;

Flip Signature Flip Fries $7 Menu and Prices

Smothered ; chubby fries with sautA©ed onions, mushrooms and cheese sauce
Caribbean ; sweet potato fries with mango salsa
Flipster ; steak fries with garlic aioli
Cajun ; chubby fries with diced jalapenos, tabasco, cajun seasoning
Tex-Mex ; chubby fries with hearty chili and cheese sauce.
Pesto ; skinny fries with fresh pesto
Greek ; steak fries with herbed yogurt sauce
Buffalo ; steak fries with buffalo-style hot sauce and blue cheese dressing

Flip Hot Beverages Menu and Prices

Espresso $4.00
Tavalon Tea $3.00 black, oolong, green, herbal
Hot Chocolate $3.00
Cappuccino $4.00
Latte $4.00
Coffee $2.00

Flip Milkshake Menu and Prices

;Spiked; $12.00 with pomegranate liqueur
Red & Blue Raspberry $7.00

Flip 1. Choose Your Burger Blend Menu and Prices

Veggie ; comes with two free toppings
Hearty ; short rib blend
Crispy Chicken ;
Turkey ; white and dark meat blend
Refined ; wagyu american-bred kobe
Sweet ; brisket blend
Portobello Mushroom Cap ; comes with two free toppings
Exotic ; spiced moroccan lamb blend
Tuna Medallion ;
Chicken Breast ;

Flip Summer BBQ Menu and Prices

Week At Flip. $14 Minimum Per Person In Dining Room Between 11am-5pm.
Summer Ranch Burger $18.00 our brisket blend burger with sliced jalapenos, cheddar cheese, a fried onion ring & bbq ranch sauce on a classic seeded bun with steak fries
Blueberry Pie Milkshake $10.00 madagascar vanilla bean ice cream blended with a slice of fresh-baked blueberry pie
Bfusions $5.00 blend of fruit, herbs and agave nectar, shaken with iced tea
Chopped Bbq Chicken Salad $17.00 bbq chicken, chopped hearts of romaine, cilantro, tomatoes, corn, cheddar and tortilla strips with bbq ranch dressing
Soup $6.00 chicken corn chowder
Bfusions ; our shopper’s brew with asian pear-lemongrass-agave nectar
Bfusions   herbal pomegranate iced tea with mixed berry-mint-agave nectar

Flip 2. Choose Your Bread Menu and Prices

All Organic Except Classic Seeded Roll.
Ciabatta Roll  
Whole Wheat Roll  
White Bread  
Onion And Sage Brioche  
Plain Brioche  
Classic Seeded Roll  
NY Rye Bread  
Hot Cherry Pepper And Asiago Cheese Roll  

Flip 3. Choose A Topping – Sauces Menu and Prices

The First One’s Free. Each One After That Is $1.50.
Blue Cheese Dressing ;
Russian Dressing ;
Buffalo Sauce ;
Garlic Aioli ;
Pickle Relish ;
Mango Salsa ;
Olive Tapenade ;
Hummus ;
Herbed Yogurt ;
Guacamole ;
Pico De Gallo ;
Fresh Pesto ;

Flip Draft Beer Menu and Prices

Pt (16oz) $7 / Tall (22oz) $9
Brooklyn Lager ; brooklyn, newyork
Brooklyn Brew Master Reserve ; brooklyn, newyork
Capt. Lawrence ;Imperial; I.P.A ; elmsford, new york
Six Point Bengali Tiger IPA ; brooklyn, new york
Saranac Root Beer $3.00 newyork
Saranac Pale Ale ; newyork
Heineken Light ; netherlands
Kelso Pilsner ; brooklyn, new york

Flip Red Wine By The Glass Menu and Prices

Domaine De Fontsainte Rouge $11.00 france, 2011
Kermit Lynch $10.00 cotes du rhone, france, 2011
Hullabaloo $11.00 zinfandel lodi, california, 2011
Nieto Senetiner $11.00 malbec mendoza, argentina, 2011

Flip Macaroni & Cheese Entree Menu and Prices

Baked $13.00 with spinach & bacon

Flip Soup Menu and Prices

White Bean $6.00 with canadian bacon

Flip Fries $5 Menu and Prices

Skinny Fries ;
Onion Rings ;
Steak Fries ;
Chubby Fries ;
Sweet Potato Fries ;

Flip Brisket Blue Menu and Prices

Our Brisket Blend Burger $18.00 with sauteed spinach, blue cheese and bacon on an organic brioche roll with sinny fries

Flip Rose Wine By The Glass Menu and Prices

Chateau Pas Du Cerf $13.00 de provence, france, 2013

Flip Cold Beverages Menu and Prices

Soft Drinks $3.00
Tavalon Iced Tea $4.00
Bloomingdale’s Bottled Water $2.00
Saratoga Sparkling Water $6.00 – $3.00
Lemonade $4.00
Iced Coffee $4.00
Q Organic Tonic $4.00
Abita Root Beer $3.00
Shoppers Brew $4.00 1/2 iced tea, 1/2 lemonade

Flip Salads $13 Menu and Prices

With Burger Blend $18, With Veggie Burger $17, With Tuna Medallion $20, With Portobello Mushroom Cap $16, With Grilled Chicken Breast $17, With Crispy Chicken $17. With Your Choice Of Dressing: Caesar, Greek, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Russian, Blue Cheese, Oi
Caesar   chopped romaine lettuce tossed with shaved parmesan cheese, classic caesar dressing and crispy croutons. suggested pairing: lamberti pinot grigio
Chopped   mixed greens, monterey jack cheese, fresh peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and celery, all chopped and tossed with your choice of dressing. suggested pairing: matua sauvignon blanc
Greek   chopped iceberg lettuce with feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, peppers, carrots, olives, and stuffed grape leaves with our own greek salad dressing. suggested pairing: fitz-ritter, gewurztraminer spatlese
Cobb   mixed greens with hard boiled egg, bacon, crumbled blue cheese, diced tomatoes, and avocado with your choice of dressing. suggested pairing: hermann wiemer riesling

Flip Starters Menu and Prices

Side Garden Salad $6.00
Side Greek Salad $6.00
Macaroni And Cheese $7.00
Guacamole And Chips $7.00
Chili Con Carne $7.00
Side Caesar Salad $6.00
Buffalo Chicken Wings $8.00
Ultimate Nachos $8.00
Chicken Flipper Sampler $9.00 with three dipping sauces
Flip Soup Of The Day $6.00
Hummus And Flat Bread $7.00

Flip Kids $8 Menu and Prices

For Ages 10 And Under. Served With Kids Beverage, Kids Fries Or Sliced Fruit And Kids Dessert.
Macaroni And Cheese   served with onion ring instead of fries
Grilled Cheese  
Chicken Flippers  

Flip Local Ice Cream $14 Menu and Prices

Minimum Per Person In Dining Room. Made In Queens.
Always   vanilla, chocolate, coffee
Special   salted caramel

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