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Flor's Kitchen Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Flor’s Kitchen Postres Menu and Prices

Postres Caseros $5.00 – $6.00 homemade desserts

Flor’s Kitchen Bebidas (Drinks) – Jagos Naturales (Fresh Fruit Juices) Menu and Prices

Chicha $3.50 sweet drinks made out of rice
Guanabana $3.50 soursop
Papelon $3.50 sugarcane with lemon
Pina $3.50 pineapple
Parchita $3.50 passion fruit
Papaya $3.50
Naranja $3.50 orange
Mango $3.50
Tamarindo $3.50 tamarind
Limonada $3.50 lemonade
Guayaba $3.50 guava

Flor’s Kitchen Desayunos Menu and Prices

breakfast plates
Huevos fritos $7.50 fried eggs
Huevos reueltos $7.50 scrambled eggs
Ferico $7.50 scrambled eggs, tomatoes and onions
Omelettes de jamon,hongos o queso $7.50 harm,mushrooms or cheese (combination-$1.00 adicional / mixed add-$1.00) servidoscon arepay tajadas (all of the above served with arepa and sweet plantains
Bunuelos de yuca con papelon derretido,queso y tajadas $7.50 sweet fried cassava balls with sugar cane syrup,white cheese and sweet plantains

Flor’s Kitchen Cachapas Menu and Prices

Fresh corn pancakes
Con jamony queso $10.00 ham&cheese
Con queso $9.00 cheese

Flor’s Kitchen Arepas Menu and Prices

Filled corn cakes
Queso blanco $4.00 white cheese
Atun $4.00 tuna
Queso amarillo $4.50 cheddar cheese
Pollo $4.50 shredded chicken
Arepa Barlovento $4.50 black beans, sweet plantains and cheese
Carne mechada $4.50 shredded beef
Tofu con vegetables $4.50 tofu and vegetables
Arepa domino $4.00 black beans and cheese
Perico $4.50 scrambled eggs, tomatoes and onions
Arepa Barlovento $4.00 black beans, sweet plantains and cheese
Atun $4.50 tuna
Tofu con vegetables $4.00 tofu and vegetables
Asada negro $4.50 beef cooked in sauce
Reina Pepiada $4.50 chicken and avocado
Jamon $4.50 ham

Flor’s Kitchen Comidas Menu and Prices

Pabellon criollo $12.00 shredded beef, rice, plantains,salad and black beans
Parilla con yuca $15.00 grilled steak, cassava, plantains, salad
Pescado a la plancha $14.00 grilled fish,rice,salad,green plantains
Pasticho con salsa guillermo $12.00 beeef or vegetables lasagna, salad, plantains
Arroz con pollo $12.00 chicken, rice,salad,plantains
Parrilla de pollo con yuca $12.00 grilled chicken,cassava,plantains,salad
Asado $13.00 beef cooked in sauce, rice, salad and plantains
Camarones tropicales $15.00 grilled shrimp,exotic salad,rice,green plantains

Flor’s Kitchen Bebidas (Drinks) – Bebidas calientes (hot drinks) Menu and Prices

Chocolate Casero $2.50 home made chocolate seasonal
Cafe Con Leche $3.00 cappucinno
Expresso $2.50
Te de Hierbas $1.50 herbal teas
Cafe Helado $2.50 iced coffee seasonal
Todos Los Jugos $3.50

Flor’s Kitchen Sopas Menu and Prices

Sancocho de pescado $5.00 fish soup
Hervido de res $5.00 beef soup
Chupe $4.75 chicken in broth with potatoes, fresh corn and white cheese
Sopa de remolacha $4.75 vegetarian beet soup

Flor’s Kitchen Ceviches Menu and Prices

Ceviche de pescado con tostoncitos caseros $11.00 fish ceviche with home made green plantain chips
Ceviche de camarones con tostoncitos caseros $12.00 shrimp ceviche with homemade green plantain chips

Flor’s Kitchen Empanadas Criollas Menu and Prices

Corn fiour empandas
Carne mechada $4.00 shredded beef
Bacalao $4.00 cod fish
Caraotas $4.00 black beans and cheese
Queso $4.00 cheese
Pollo $4.00 shredded chicken

Flor’s Kitchen Raciones Menu and Prices

side orders
Arepitas fritas con nata $4.50 fried arepas with homemade cheese cream
Tajadas $3.50 fried sweet plantains
Yuca $4.50 fried or stearned cassava with avocado sauce
Arroz blanco $3.00 white rice
Tostones $4.50 fried arepas with homemade cheese cream
Arepitas dulces con queso $4.50 sweet fried arepas with cheese
Caraotas $3.50 black beans

Flor’s Kitchen Ensaladas Menu and Prices

Ensalada mixta $5.00 – $6.00 mix green salad
Aguacate $6.50 – $7.50 mix greens and avocado
Coliflor y mango $6.00 – $7.00 cauliflower and mango
Espinacas $5.50 – $6.50 spinach, mushrooms, carrots and kiwi

Flor’s Kitchen Bebidas (Drinks) – Bebidas Frias (Cold Drinks) Menu and Prices

Poland spring $1.50
Ginger ale $1.50
Diet coke $1.50
Coke $1.50
Pelligrino $3.00 – $6.00

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