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Fusia Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Fusia Roll or Hand Roll Menu and Prices

Oshinka Maki $3.00 pickled radish
Spicy Roll with or without Crunch $6.00 – $5.00 choice of tuna, salmon, yellowtail or scallop
Yellowtail & Scallion Roll $4.00
Avocado Maki $3.00
Asparagus Maki $3.00
Alaskan Roll $5.00 salmon, avocado & cucumber
Philadelphia Roll $5.00 smoked salmon, cucumber, scallion & cream cheese
Eel Avocado Roll $5.00
Ume Shisa Maki $3.00 plum paste & cucumber
Eel Cucumber Roll $5.00
Tempura Roll $4.00
Kappa Maki $3.00 cucumber
Salmon Roll $4.00
Boston Roll $5.00 shrimp, cucumber, lettuce & mayo
Salmon Skin Roll $5.00 with cucumber & scallion
A.A.C. Roll $4.00 asparagus, avocado & cucumber
Sweet Potato $0.00
Tuna Roll $4.00
California Roll $4.00

Fusia Sushi & Sashimi Set Menu and Prices

served w. soup or salad $1 extra
Vegetarian Sushi Set $10.00 cucumber & avocado roll, 1 sweet potato roll, 4 pcs. of vegetable sushi
Sushi & Sashimi Combo $17.00 1 tuna roll, 5 pcs. of sushi & an assortment of raw fish
Sashimi Regular $15.00 assorted sashimi
Sushi Deluxe $16.00 8 pcs. of assorted sushi & a spicy tuna roll
Tekka Don $15.00 sliced tuna over seasoned rice
Sashimi Deluxe $17.00 an even larger assortment of sashimi
Tuna or Yellowtail Sushi $15.00 1 tuna, or yellowtail roll, 7 pcs. of tuna or yellowtail sushi
Chirashi Sushi $15.00 a variety of raw fish over seasonal rice
Sushi Regular $14.00 7 pcs. of assorted sushi & california roll

Fusia Fusion Roll Sampler Menu and Prices

Spicy $10.00 3 pcs. of chipotle shrimp, 3 pcs. of spicy grilled tuna, 3 pcs. of blackened yellowtail, 3 pcs. of spicy tuna crunch
Sweet $10.00 3 pcs. of roasted maple salmon, 3 pcs. of shrimp cocktail, 3 pcs. of honey roll, 3 pcs. of california roll
Tuna $10.00 3 pcs. of spicy grilled tuna, 3 pcs. of white tuna & scallion, 3 pcs. of spicy tuna crunch, 3 pcs. of tuna roll
Veggie $8.00 3 pcs. of grilled portabello & goat cheese, 3 pcs. of roasted pepper, onion & asparagus, 3 pcs. of cucumber roll, 3 pcs. of sweet potato roll

Fusia Kitchen Entrees Don Buri Menu and Prices

served w. salad or miso soup & white or brown rice
Oyako Don $8.00 cooked chicken, veggies & egg over rice
Ebi Don $8.00 cooked shrimp, vegetable & egg over rice
Unagi Don $14.00 broiled eel over white rice
Katsu Don $8.00 cooked pork cutlet, vegetable & egg over rice

Fusia Kitchen Entrees Japanese Noodle Menu and Prices

served w. salad or miso soup & white or brown rice
Yaki Udon or Soba $8.00 sauteed noodles w. chicken & vegetable
Tempura Udon or Soba $8.00 noodles & vegetable in soup. served w. shrimp tempura
Nabe Yaki Udon $9.00 noodles w. shrimp, chicken vegetable egg cooked stew style
Zaru Soba $7.00 japanese cold noodle & special sauce
Beef Udon or Soba $8.00 noodles w. sliced beef steak & vegetable in soup

Fusia Special Roll Menu and Prices

Snow Flower Roll $9.00 fluke, tuna, crab stick, avocado & caviar roll, lightly fried w. snow flakes thin crunch surrounds all
Spider Roll $9.00
Dragon Roll $8.00 sliced avocado over a eel avocado roll
King’s Roll $8.00 king crab, avocado & cucumber
Shrimp Tempura Roll $7.00
Golden Dragon Roll $9.00 fresh mango topped eel cucumber, avocado roll

Fusia Kitchen Entrees Chef’s Special Menu and Prices

served w. salad or miso soup & white or brown rice
Tomatoes & Asparagus $10.00 with jalapeno teriyaki sauce
Crispy Chilean Sea Bass $17.00 with chef’s chili sauce
Grilled N.Y. Steak w. Balsamic Teriyaki Sauce Age Tofu, Sun-Dried $15.00
Pan-Roasted Salmon $14.00 with yuza jalapeno tomato salad, finger potatoes
Crispy Duck $15.00 with stir-fried udon noodles in a red curry sauce
Pan Seared Free Ranch Chicken $14.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura $15.00 lightly batter-fried rock shrimp dressed by creamy spicy sauce

Fusia Fusion Sushi Roll Menu and Prices

Blackened Yellowtail Roll $5.00
Honey Roll $5.00 honey, peanut, avocado & caviar
Vegetable Rainbow Roll $9.00 sun-dried tomato, asparagus, cucumber & special onion sauce, wrapped w. roasted pepper, mango & avocado
Shrimp Cocktail Roll $5.00
Roasted Red Pepper, Onion & Asparagus Roll $5.00
Chipotle Shrimp Roll $5.00
Grilled Portabella, Goat Cheese & Jalapeno Roll $5.00
Roasted Maple Salmon Roll $5.00
Spicy Grill Tuna Roll $5.00

Fusia Beverages & Dessert Menu and Prices

Mochi Ice Cream $3.00 of ice cream in sticky rice dough
Banana Tempura $2.50
Ice Cream Tempura $4.00
Hot Green Tea $1.00
Soda $1.25
Spring Water $1.25
Ice Cream $3.00 red bean, green tea or ginger

Fusia A La Carte Menu and Prices

Red Snapper $2.00 tai
Jumbo Sweet Shrimp $3.00 baton ebi
King Crab $4.00
Red Clam $2.00 akagai
Scallops $2.00 hotategai
Squid $2.00 ika
Striped Bas $2.00 suzuki
White Tuna $2.50
Black Fling Fish Roe $2.50
Sea Urchin $4.00 uni
Salmon Toro $3.00
Smoked Salmon $2.50
Flying Fish Roe $2.00 tobika
Octopus $2.00 taka
Salmon Roe $3.00 ikura
Mackerel $1.80 saba
Crab Stick $1.80 kani
Egg $1.50 tamaga
Eel $2.00 Unagi
Fluke $2.00 hirame
Salmon $2.00 sake
Tuna Belly $5.00 toro
Bean Curd $1.50 inari
Tuna $2.00 magura
Spanish Mackerel $2.00 sawara
Yellowtail $2.00 hamcaki
Shrimp $2.00 Ebi
Pepper Tuna $2.50

Fusia Kitchen Entrees Tasty Dishes Menu and Prices

served w. salad or miso soup & white or brown rice
Sauteed Mixed Vegetable & Tobu $9.00
Gomatori $11.00 crispy chicken w.spicy sesame sauce
Pork or Chicken Shagayaki $11.00 pork or chicken vegetable sauteed in soy ginger sauce

Fusia Special Hot Dishes Menu and Prices

Miso Young Eggplant $5.00
Martini Crispy Shrimp $6.00 finger shrimp wrapped w. rice paper, served w. special cocktail sauce
Fried Oyster (3 pcs.) $6.00
Monkey Mountain $6.00 eel, avocado & mango tempura style w. spicy sauce
Broiled Chilean Sea Bass $8.00 with honey-miso sauce

Fusia Salad Menu and Prices

Seaweed Salad $5.00
Kani Tobiko Salad $5.00 crabmeat, cucumber, caviar & mayo
Garden Salad $5.00 avocado tomato, carrots, cucumber & lettuce
Green Salad $3.00

Fusia Kitchen Entrees Teriyaki Menu and Prices

served w. salad or miso soup & white or brown rice
Seafood Teriyaki $15.00
Shrimp Teriyaki $13.00
Beef Or Chicken Negimaki $13.00
Teriyaki Combo $15.00 choose any two items from above
Beef Steak Teriyaki $13.00
Salmon Teriyaki $13.00
Chicken Teriyaki $11.00
Tofu Steak Teriyaki $9.00

Fusia Soup Menu and Prices

Miso Soup $2.00
Vegetable Clear Soup $3.00
Seafood Miso Soup $5.00

Fusia Special Cold Dishes Menu and Prices

Tuna Tortilla $12.00 with spicy avocado sauce
Mango Prawn Salad $11.00 jumbo shrimp, mixed greens w. Mango & tomato salsa
Salmon or Tuna Tartar $8.00 with scallion, onions & caviar
Tiradito $9.00 fluke sashimi dressed w. Red aji-panko & yuzu sauce
New Style Sashimi $10.00 red snapper, sashimi topped w. Ginger chive & yuzu soy seared w. Hot olive oil
Tuna Tataki $8.00 lightly seared tuna thin-sliced, w. Spicy ponzu sauce
Ceviche $9.00 tuna & salmon sashimi W. Special ceviche sauce
Seared Pepper Tuna Salad $11.00 with onion soy dressing
Yellowtail & Jalapeno $10.00 thin-sliced yellowtail jalapeno garnished & yuzu sauce
Naruto $9.00 rolls wrapped by thin-sliced cucumber w. Your choice of (a) spicy tuna or salmon (b) rainbow – assorted fish

Fusia Creative Gourmet Roll Menu and Prices

Golden Angel Roll $15.00 tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white-fish wrapped w. soy skin, spicy crunch & bonito flakes on top very large portion, 6 pcs. of spicy & 6 pcs of non-spicy
Duck Confit Roll $9.00 wonton wrap duck comfit & vegetable w. orange compote
House Special Roll $13.00 shrimp tempura, spicy tuna w. avocado on the outside
Crazy Tuna Roll $11.00 spicy tuna crunch roll w. black pepper tuna & avocado on top
TNT Roll $12.00 tuna, salmon, whitefish, tomato, spicy sauce (no mayo) w. avocado on top. ;a must try!;
Christmas Roll $11.00 salmon & cucumber roll w. tuna, avocado, red & green caviar on top
King Crab Rainbow Roll $14.00 assorted colorful raw fish, topped on king crabmeat (mocked crab stick $3 less), avocado & cucumber roll
Tri-Tropical Roll $9.00 spicy yellowtail, spicy tuna, spicy salmon & cucumber roll w. three color caviar. looks beautiful & tastes delicious
Steamed Lobster Roll $13.00 lobster, avocado w. spicy mango sauce
New Fashion Roll $9.00 shrimp tempura roll w. crab, kani & tobiko
Rock ‘N’ Roll $8.00 jalapeno salmon skin salad & soy skin, ;our best selling;
Fancy Salmon Roll $11.00 salmon toro, avocado & tomato roll, w. spicy salmon, crunch & caviar on top
Hot Eel Diced Roll $12.00 toasted eel topped avocado roll, glazed w. eel sauce

Fusia Appetizer Menu and Prices

Oshinka $5.00 assorted pickled vegetable
Age Tofu $4.00 fried bean curd w. ginger sauce
Beef or Chicken Negimaki $6.00 sliced beef or chicken rolled w. scallion broiled in teriyaki sauce
Yako Tofu $4.00 cold bean curd w. scallion & bonito sauce
Tempura $6.00 batter-fried shrimp & vegetable
Haramaki 2 pcs. $4.00 japanese spring roll
Gyoza $4.00 pan-fried shrimp or veg. dumpling
Steamed Mixed Vegetable $4.00
Vegetable Tempura $5.00
Shumai $4.00 steamed pork or shrimp dumpling
Hijiki $4.00 delicately cooked seaweed
Edamame $4.00 boiled soybean

Fusia Kitchen Entrees Tempura & Katsu Menu and Prices

served w. salad or miso soup & white or brown rice
Vegetable Tempura $9.00
Chicken Maki $11.00
Shrimp & Veggie Tempura $12.00
Chicken Katsu $11.00
Ton Katsu $11.00 breaded pork cutlet golden fried, served w. katsu sauce

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