Glenn's Bbq

Enjoy Glenn's Bbq latest menu price updated list. Up to date Glenn's Bbq and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Glenn's Bbq Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Glenn’s Bbq Plates Menu and Prices

all plates served with steak fries, baked beans, slaw or salad and hushpuppies or bun
Barbecue Plate $8.00 (sliced)
Chef Salad $5.25 ham, cheese, bacon,tomato, cuucmber, egg, onion
Chicken Chef Salad $6.25 chicken strips, ham, cheese, bacon,tomato, cucumber, egg, onion
Hamburger Steak Plate (9 Oz Patty) $6.85
Chicken Tenders (5) $5.95
Barbecue Plate $7.00 (chopped)

Glenn’s Bbq Beverages Menu and Prices

Tea $1.30
Soft Drinks $1.30 (pepsi, diet pepsi,mountain dew, diet mountain dew, lemonade)
Coffee (Includes One Refill) $1.30

Glenn’s Bbq Bbq By The Pound Menu and Prices

tray of slaw included with pound
Sliced $9.75
Quart Of Slaw $3.50
Gallon Of Slaw $14.00
Pint Of Slaw $2.00
Chopped $8.75
Bottle Of Dip (Sauce) $1.95
Whole Shoulder $4.50

Glenn’s Bbq Sides Menu and Prices

Baked Beans $1.15 – $2.15
Onion Rings $2.50
Hush Puppies $0.15
Steak Fries $1.95 – $2.35
Extra Cheese $0.50
Chicken Tender Basket $3.25
Lettuce And Tomato $0.60
Tossed Salad $2.50
Potato Chips $0.75

Glenn’s Bbq Desserts Menu and Prices

Cobbler $1.75
Fried Oreos (2) $1.25
Pie $1.75

Glenn’s Bbq Sandwiches Menu and Prices

all lettuce and tomato $0.60, add cheese $0.50
Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato $2.75
Corndog $1.50
Hamburger Steak $3.60 (6 oz. patty)
Fish Fillet $3.30
Country Ham $3.10
Double Cheeseburger $4.55
Lettuce And Tomato $2.05
Chuck Wagon Steak $2.40 (includes lettuce and tomato)
Ham $2.75
Bbq $2.85 – $3.10
Ham, Lettuce And Tomato $2.75
Cheeseburger $2.75
Fillet Of Chicken $4.00 (includes lettuce and tomato)
Hamburger $2.50
Fried Bologna $2.25
Foot Long Hotdog $2.35
Grilled Cheese $2.50

Glenn’s Bbq Trays Menu and Prices

all trays served with slaw and hush puppies
Small Chopped Barbecue Tray $3.95
Large Chopped Barbecue Tray $4.55
Small Sliced Barbecue Tray $4.85
Large Sliced Barbecue Tray $5.25
Barbecue Salad $5.55

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