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Enjoy Gloria's Cafe latest menu price updated list. Up to date Gloria's Cafe and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Gloria's Cafe Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Gloria’s Cafe Juices Menu and Prices

Soursop $2.50
Blackberry $2.50
Guava $2.50
Naranjilla Fruit $2.50
Papaya $2.50
mango $2.50
Passion Fruit $2.50

Gloria’s Cafe Sopas – Soups Menu and Prices

nuestras sopas van acompanadas de ensalada, arroz y maduro
Lunes Sopa de Lentejas $5.95 Monday lentil soup
Jueves Sopa de Tortilla $5.95 Thursday tortilla soup
Martes Sopa de Vegetables $5.95 Tuesday vegetable soup
Sabado Mondongo $6.95 Saturday beef tripe soup
Domingo Sancocho de Gallina $6.95 Sunday hen stew soup
Viernes Sancocho de Costilla $6.95 Friday beef rib soup
Miercoles Sopa de Tostones $5.95 Wednesday green plantains soup

Gloria’s Cafe Platos Tipicos – Typical Plates Menu and Prices

Bandeja Campesina $9.95 carne molida, chicharron, huevo, maduros, frijoles, aguacate y arroz country platter ground beef, pork skin, egg, sweet plantains, beans, avocado and rice
Mini Bandeja $6.95 carne, chicharron, huevo, arroz, frijoles y maduros small typical platter beef, fried pork skin, egg, rice, beans and sweet plantains
Sobrebarriga a la Criolla $9.95 papa, arroz y frijoles top flank in creole sauce, potato, rice and beans
Chuleta Asada $9.95 arroz, frijoles y ensalada grilled pork chop rice, beans and salad
Bandeja Paisa $9.95 carne asada, chicharron, huevo, aguacate, frijoles, chorizo typical platter grilled beef, pork skin, sausage, egg, avocado, beans
Chuleta Empanizada $9.95 ensalada, arroz, frijoles y maduros breaded pork loin salad, sweet plantains, rice and beans
Milanesa de Res $9.95 arroz, frijoles, maduros y ensalada breaded steak rice, beans, sweet plantains and salad
Churrasco $13.50 papa criolla, ensalada y chimichurri skirt steak small yellow potatoes, salad and chimichurri sauce
Beef Steak Encebollado $9.95 maduros, arroz y frijoles top round steak with onions sweet plantains, rice and beans
Picada $17.50 carne de res, chicharron, chorizo, carne de cerdo, patacon, yuca y arepa beef platter beef steak, pork skin, sausage, pork steak, green plantain, cassava and corn cake
Beef Steak a Caballo $9.95 arroz, frijoles y huevo frito top round steak with fried egg rice and beans
Carne Asada $9.95 frijoles, maduros y arroz grilled top round steak beans, sweet plantains and rice
Lomo de Cerdo Asado $9.95 arroz, frijoles, maduros y ensalada grilled pork loin rice, beans, sweet plantains and salad
Lengua en Salsa $9.95 maduros, papa, arroz y frijoles tongue in sauce sweet plantains, potato, rice and beans
Sobrebarriga a la Plancha $9.95 maduros, arroz frijoles top flank grilled sweet plantains, rice and beans

Gloria’s Cafe Desayunos – Breakfast Menu and Prices

Chocolate $1.50
Arepa con Carne Asada $5.00
Agua Panela $1.50
Arepa Grande con Mantequilla y Queso $2.50
Chorizo con Huevos Perico $5.00
Calentado y Huevos Perico $4.50
Cafe o Te $1.00
Calentado con Carne Asada $5.00

Gloria’s Cafe Mofongos – Mashed Green Pantain Menu and Prices

Con Camarones Enchilados $11.50
Con Camarones al Ajillo $11.50
Con Carne de Cerdo $10.50

Gloria’s Cafe Pollo – Chicken Dishes Menu and Prices

Arroz con Pollo $9.95 papa frita, chicken with rice French fries
Pechuga a la Criolla $9.95 arroz, frijoles, maduros y ensalada chicken breast in creole sauce, rice, beans, sweet plantains and salad
Pollo Empanizado $9.95 arroz, frijoles y ensalada, breaded chicken breast, rice, beans and salad
Pechuga Encebollada $9.95 arroz, frijoles, maduros y ensalada, grilled chicken breast with onion, rice, beans, sweet plantains and salad
Pechuga a la Plancha $9.95 arroz, frijoles y ensalada grilled chicken breast, rice, beans and salad

Gloria’s Cafe Antojitos – Appetizers Menu and Prices

Arepa de Choclo $3.00 sweet corn cake
Pastel De Pollo $1.25 chicken pie
Chicharron con Arepa $3.50 fried pork skin with corn cake
Empanadas $1.00 beef patties
Chips y Salsa $2.00 chips and salsa
Chorizo con Arepa $2.50 sausage with corn cake
Mazamorra $3.00 boiled corn in milk guava paste.
Avena $2.00 oatmeal

Gloria’s Cafe Side Orders Menu and Prices

Pasta Fritas $2.00 French fries
Arroz Blanco $1.50 white rice
Ensalada con Aguacate $3.00 avocado salad
Maduro $2.50 fried sweet plantain
Orden de Aguacate $2.50 order of avocado
Frijoles Rojos $2.00 red beans
Orden de Ensalada $2.00 order of salad
Tostones $2.50 green plantain
Yuca Frita $2.00
Green de Arepas $1.50

Gloria’s Cafe Mariscos – Seafood Menu and Prices

todos los mariscos van acompanados de arroz, tostones y ensalada – our seafood is served with rice, green plantain and salad
Filete Empanizado $11.50 breaded tilapia filet
Pargo Sudado $0.00 steamed red snapper
Arroz con Mariscos $12.50 tostones y ensalada, rice with seafood green plantain and salad
Camarones al Ajillo $11.50 shrimp with garlic sauce
Camaron Empanizado $11.50 breaded shrimp
Mojarra Sudada $13.50 steamed red tilapia
Camarones Enchilados $11.50 shrimp with hot sauce
Pargo Rojo Frito $0.00 fried red snapper
Cazuela de Mariscos $15.00 seafood casserole
Mojarra Frita $12.50 fried red tilapia

Gloria’s Cafe Sodas Colombianas Menu and Prices

Cervezas Importada $3.00 import beer
Cervezas Domestica $2.50 domestic beer
Colombiana, Manzana, Naranjada, Uva, Tamarindo Pina, Pony Malta $1.25 champagne, apple, orange, grape, pineapple, pony malta
Coca-Cola, Sprite $1.00

Gloria’s Cafe Postres – Desserts Menu and Prices

biscocho de Helado $3.00 ice cream cake
Brevas con Queso $2.50 figs with cheese
Flan de Las Tres Leches $3.00 three, milks flan

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