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Godaiko Sashimi – Individual Sashimi Menu and Prices

sashimi items are 3-4 pcs. per order prices are approximately twice sushi prices.
Medium Sashimi $29.50 5 different types of fish
Chef’s Choice $20.50 6 sushi and daily roll
Small Sashimi $19.50 tuna, salmon & yellowtail

Godaiko Godaiko Special Rolls Menu and Prices

Salmon Fusion $11.00 salmon, avocado and masago in a tempura fried shell
Spicy Thai Shrimp $9.50 breaded tiger shrimp with tomato avocado and sweet chili sauce
Love Potion $13.75 breaded shrimp, salmon and scallions wrapped with avocado and masago
Tuna $5.00 ahi tuna tekka
Ultimate Spicy Tuna $13.75 spicy tuna and avocado wrapped in ahi tuna
Wild Roll $10.50 spicy tempura shrimp with crab avocado and chili sauce
Naked Tuna $10.00 albacore tuna over spicy tuna and scallions
Spider $9.75 crunchy soft shell crab wrapped with avocado and crab sauce
Spicy Salmon $7.50 salmon and scallions with spicy chili sauce
Spicy California $6.50 regular california roll with our spicy sauce
Spicy Tuna $7.50 tuna and scallions with spicy chili sauce
California $5.75 our famous crab and avocado with masago
Yellowtail $6.50 yellowtail with scallions
Paul’s Big Roll $9.50 big roll with crab, mango, pine nuts, avocado and scallions
Tuna Fusion $11.00 tuna, avocado and masago in a tempura fried shell
Salmon $6.50 salmon with scallions
Princess $12.75 lobster, black caviar, avocado and scallions with white wasabi sauce
California No Mayo $5.75 crab stick avocado and cucumber with masago
California Hot Roll $10.00 tempura fried crab and avocado with sweet soy and chili sauce
Tempura Shrimp $9.50 tempura fried tiger shrimp with cream sauce
Dynamite Crab $10.50 crunchy soft shell crab with lettuce avocado, masago and spicy sauce
Ocean $11.50 big roll with tuna, salmon yellowtail, avocado and masago
Godaiko $13.75 crab and avocado wrapped with tuna, salmon and white fish
Salmon Bagle Roll $12.50 wrapped in salmon
Wasabi $10.00 tuna, steamed shrimp and scallions with wasabi sauce
Eel And Cucumber Asparagus Or Avocado $7.50 river eel with choice of vegetable
River Dragon $13.75 crab and avocado wrapped in a layer of river eel
Boston Roll $10.00 king crab, avocado, cucumbers lettuce and japanese mayo egg, scallion, cream cheese
California Shrimp $8.50 steamed shrimp, avocado and cucumber with masago

Godaiko Sushi A la Carte Menu and Prices

Sweet Prawn $3.00 (raw), amaebi
Smelt Roe $2.50 masago
Shrimp $2.75 ebi
Albacore Tuna $2.85 bincho
Omelet $2.25 tamago
Smoked Salmon $2.95 fumiyaki shake
Fatty Tuna $4.25 toro
Sea Eel $2.75 anago
Mackerel $1.95 saba
Surf Clam $2.25 hokkigai
Salmon $2.85 shake
Octopus $2.50 tako
Yellowtail $3.25 hamachi
River Eel $2.95 unagi
Maine Lobster $3.95 ise ebi
Squid $2.25 lka
Alaskan King Crab $3.95 kani
Scallop $2.95 hotate
Salmon Roe $2.95 ikura
Fatty Yellowtail $3.50 hamachi toro
Sea Urchin $3.50 uni
Tuna $2.85 maguro
Whitefish $2.50 shiromi

Godaiko Vegetarian Sushi Menu and Prices

Mushroom Roll $4.50 enoki and kampyo 8 pcs
Natto Roll $4.00 pickled soybeans 6 pcs
Avocado Roll $4.75 hass avocado 8 pcs
Cucumber Roll $4.50 cucumber 8 pcs
Ume & Shiso Roll $4.00 plum and mint 6 pcs
Tempura Asparagus $5.00 asparagus 8 pcs
Asparagus Roll $4.50 asparagus 8 pcs

Godaiko Chops And Steaks Menu and Prices

our steaks are aged 28 days with an 1/8 inch trim and 1/4 inch tail. kobe steaks are the top 25% of steaks served and graded #8 or higer on a japanese marbling scale. our pork is kurabuta berkshire pork and our chicken is organic free range. all dished se
Kobe Ribeye $39.95 12 oz boneless ribeye #8 marbling japan kobe tenderness with dramatic flavor
Angus Stir Fry $23.50 angus strip steak stir fry with seasonal vegetables
Filet Mignon $28.95 8 oz angus filet served with garlic butter and ginger teriyaki sauce
Chicken Stir Fry $18.95 white chicken breast stir fry with seasonal vegetables
New York Strip $26.50 12 oz boneless angus strip served pan fried with garlic and teriyaki sauce
Rib Eye $25.50 16 oz bone in rib eye black angus with steamed vegetables and teriyaki sauce
Chicken Breast $18.95 14 oz free range, boneless organic chicken served with teriyaki sauce
Fire Steak $26.95 12 oz boneless angus strip served spicy chili garlic sauce
Kobe Stir Fry $38.00 12 oz boneless ribeye #8 marbling japan grilled then sliced with fresh seasonal vegetables

Godaiko Godaiko Side Menu and Prices

Shiro Miso Soup $3.95 silk tofu, seaweed and scallion in a white miso broth
Japanese Fried Chicken $9.75 free radge dark meat chicken served with katsu sauce
California Crab Salad $14.50 king crab and shrimp with avocado, pine nuts, somen noodles and ginger dressing
Teriyaki Chicken Salad $12.50 shredded free range teriyaki chicken with avocado, pine nuts, somen noodles and ginger dressing
Prawn Tempura $11.50 two prawn and fresh vegetable lightly fried in dry tempura flour
Godaiko House Salad $4.50 romaine salad with vegetables, pine nut and somen noodles served with ginger dressing
Vegetable Tempura $8.50 fresh mushrooms, sweet yams, onions and peppers lightly fried in dry tempura flour

Godaiko Appetizers Menu and Prices

Spicy Ahi Tuna $12.50 sashimi tuna served with oil and garlic chili sauce
Hamachi Toro $12.50 sashimi yellowtail seared with bacardi 151 and blood orange ponzu
Pork Gyoza $8.50 minced pork dumplings served with a spicy garlic dipping sauce
Seafood Lettuce $12.50 shrimp, butter scallops and shitake mushrooms with limestone lettuce
Grilled Portabello $8.50 sliced portabaello with green asparargus in ginger sauce
Chicken Lettuce $10.50 shredded chicken and fresh
Age Dashi Tofu $7.95 fried silk tofu squares with a ginger broth
Tako Sunomono $9.50 octupus with japanese cucumber and sea kelp
Edamame $5.50 fresh soybeans, steamed and salted
Kani Sunomono $11.50 king crab with japanese cucumber and sea kelp
Seaweed Salad $6.50 variety of japanese sea weed with a sesame vinaigrette
Calamari Tasfuta $9.50 fried calamari served with spicy tobikko sauce
Beef Maki $0.00 grilled beef rolled around asparagus, carrots with ginger teriyaki sauce
Kani Wasabi $11.50 king crab with asparagus and wasabi sauce
Wraps $0.00 shitake mushrooms with limestone lettuce

Godaiko Sushi Bowls Menu and Prices

Tekka Don $15.95 – $16.95 sliced tuna over rice
Chirashi $17.95 – $18.95 assorted sushi over rice

Godaiko Roll Specials Menu and Prices

buy one get one free, saturday 1/2 off
Monday – Spicy Tuna Or Salmon $0.00
Friday – Tempura Shrimp Roll $0.00
Saturday – Godaiko Roll $0.00
Wednesday – Spider Roll $0.00
Thursday – Spicy California $0.00
Tuesday – California $0.00
Sunday – Spicy Thai Shrimp $0.00

Godaiko Traditional Sushi Menu and Prices

Futomaki $6.50 egg, crab, cucumber masago and kampyo
Salmon Skin Salmon Skin Cucumber $5.50

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