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Gottsui Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Gottsui Appetizers Menu and Prices

Ponzu Kyuri $3.25 cucumber marinate with salt and ponzu sauce
Namuru $3.00 bean sprouts and leek with sesame oil and garlic flavoring
Cold Tofu $4.75 with dried bonito, green onions and ponzu sauce
Yaki Edamame $3.25 roasted edamame with black pepper
Moyashi Nikumiso $3.00 bean sprouts with house meat and miso sauce
Kyabetsu Miso $3.00 cabbage with original miso sauce
Suji Nikomi $7.75 boiled beef and tofu in soy sauce soup
Korean Hiyayakko $4.75 cold tofu and kimuchi with sesame oil and spicy soy sauce

Gottsui Dessert Menu and Prices

Red Beans Pancake With Ice Cream $4.25 choice of vanilla or green tea
Sherbets $2.95 please ask a serve
Coffee Jelly $3.50
Ice Cream $2.95 choice of vanilla or green tea
Mochi Ice $4.25 choice of vanilla or green tea

Gottsui Soft Drinks Menu and Prices

Corkage Fee Per Bottle Wine $15.
Sierra Mist $2.50
Green Tea $3.25
Yuzu Honey Soda $2.50 citron
Lemonade $2.50
Calpico Water $2.50
Pepsi-Cola $2.50
Mineral Water $2.80
Oolong Tea $3.25
Diet Pepsi-Cola $2.50

Gottsui Toppings Menu and Prices

Pickled Plum Or Lemon $1.00

Gottsui Soju Cocktails Menu and Prices

Plum $7.00
Fresh Lemon $8.00
Green Tea $7.00
Fresh Grapefruit $8.00
Litchi $8.00
Citron Honey $7.00
Oolong $7.00
Calpico $7.00
White Peach $8.00

Gottsui Soup Menu and Prices

Misoshiru $3.25 butter-flavored potato miso soup

Gottsui Okonomiyaki Menu and Prices

Angus Beef $13.75 mixed cuts of short-rib and chuck garlic, angus beef
Tororo $12.95 pork, yam
Bacon & Cheese $12.25 cheese, potato, bacon
Vegetable $11.95 corn, asparagus, tomato, avocado
Okonomiyaki $13.75 egg, pork, shrimp, squid, potato
Negi Yaki $12.95 soy sauce flavor, squid, green onion, pork
Mochi & Cheese $14.25 cheese, potato, mochi
Kimuchi $11.95 pork, kimuchi
Mentaiko $14.95 (spicy cod roe), bacon and cheese okonomiyaki mentaiko, cheese, bacon
Beef, Green Onions, And Sliced Yam $14.95 konnyaku, angus beef, green onion
Seafood $13.95 scallop, shrimp, squid

Gottsui Yakisoba Menu and Prices

Gottsui $13.75 pork, shrimp, egg, potato, squid
Tororo $12.95 pork, green onion, yam
Angus Beef $13.75 mixed cuts of short-rib and chuck garlic, angus beef
Kimuchi $11.95 pork, kimuchi
Seafood Shio $14.95 seaweed, soy sauce flavor, shrimp, grated daikon, lemon, squid, scallop
Omelet $11.95 pork, egg, squid
Shio $12.95 seaweed, pork, grated daikon, lemon, soy sauce flavor
Seafood $13.95 scallop, shrimp, squid
Vegetable $11.95 corn, asparagus, tomato

Gottsui Salad Menu and Prices

Hakusai $5.00 nappa salad
Yaki Corn No Mix $8.95 yaki corn mixed salad
Hakusai Caesar $5.00 butter-flavored potato miso soup

Gottsui Course Menu Menu and Prices

Soup   butter-flavored potato miso soup.
Appetizer   please select from one of the appetizer options (1-5).
Teppan Grilled   please select from one of the teppan grilled options (1-14).
Salad   please select either a hakusai salad or a hakusai caesar salad (half-size).
Dessert   red bean pancake with ice cream (choice of vanilla or green tea).
Main Dish   please select from one of the main dishes.

Gottsui Beer Menu and Prices

Imported Beer $6.95 – $4.25 sapporo premium beer
Alcohol-Free Beer Taste Beverage $4.25 kirin beer
Tap Beer $5.25 – $19.95 kirin ichiban

Gottsui Teppan Grilled Foods Menu and Prices

Mentaiko Omelet $7.25 mentaiko (spicy cod roe) omelet
Potato Mentaiko Mayoyaki $4.95 baked potato with a mentaiko mayonnaise topping
Buta Kimuchi $7.75 pork & kimuchi
Sujishio $7.75 gottsui original seasoned and salted sliced beef
Tofu Steak $5.95
Chanpuru $6.95 sprouts, leeks, pork, tofu, and eggs baked in a garlic soy sauce
Steak $9.75 cubed-cut short ribs topped with green onions, garlic, and soy sauce
Sujikara $7.75 gottsui original seasoned and spicy sliced beef
Tonpei Yaki $7.25 grilled egg, sliced pork, and green onions with okonomiyaki sauce
Abotoma Bacon $7.25 avocado, tomato, bacon, eggs, and grilled cheese with cheese sauce and basil oil
Cheese Potato $7.25 potato, shrimp, eggs and grilled cheese with ketchup and mayonnaise
Kimuchi De Pon $7.75 kimuchi in a hotpot with ponzu sauce
Negi-Tanshio $9.25 beef tongue cooked with salt and pepper,topped with green onions,sesame oil and garlic
Tofu De Pon $7.75 tofu in a hotpot with ponzu sauce
Hanpen Cheese Yaki $5.95 hanpen (fishcake) & cheese
Hanpen Cheese Yaki $6.95 hanpen (fishcake) & cheese

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