Although it now mainly operates as a restaurant, Hooters also had a fully operative airline that was known for its means of service delivery. Hooters serves a mixture of different types of foods but they are also popular for the alcoholic drinks available at their outlets. This has been known to be part of their culture with some of their restaurants even having fully functional bars.

Hooters’ dress code

Hooters are also popular for the dress code of their staff. The fact that they seem to have more female employees who put on revealing outfits when serving customers seems to be a source of attraction to some customers especially the male ones.

What they serve

When it comes to the menu, Hooters has everything from seafood to salads. You can get appetizers such as lot-a-tots, chicken quesadilla, buffalo chicken dip, and the original buffalo platter. Hooters menu prices are pocket-friendly. The menu also consists of bacon wrapped wings, naked wings, boneless wings and smoked wings among others. Burgers are also available in different flavors including twisted Texas melt, western barbeque burger, and the big Hootie. In addition to these, you can find sandwiches, tacos, fries, salads, seafood and desserts of your choice at Hooters.

Hooters menu has seen some changes that include having a shrimp stand where shrimp is served in different forms. They have also added some new flavors to their menu items which have resonated well with customers.

Brief history

In 1983, a few businessmen came together with an idea to open a restaurant in Clearwater. One year after it started operating, another partner bought the rights of the restaurant from the initial founder and years later, another group bought the brand.

This purchase led to the growth of Hooters into hundreds of branches in different parts of the world. The development of Hooters casino hotel in 2006 was a remarkable move even though that same year saw the loss of the owner, Brooks. Its significance is more pronounced by the fact that it remains the only Hooters property where lodging services are offered.

After the death of the owner, Hooters received great publicity that led to multiple entities showing interest in its purchase. It was eventually bought by Chanticleer and some other investors who continued to expand the restaurant.

Currently, Hooters have branches in regions like Mexico, Russia, Thailand, China, Canada, Austria, and Australia among many others. Since they started till now, the selection of their staff and their dressing code seems to be the standard source of attraction for most customers.


Everything on Hooters menu prices is updated and made to perfection. This is why it becomes difficult to choose a specific meal as a favorite. They put a lot of effort into choosing their ingredients as well as in the preparation of the meals. Their chicken and shrimp are specifically mouth watering and the different varieties ensure you never get bored of trying them out.

Their salads are always extra fresh making them tastier, healthier and more fulfilling. The drinks are also refreshing and perfect for your relaxation after a long day at work. Catering service from hooters will not disappoint you. You can get any kind of service whether its dinner, a bachelor party or even a corporate meeting.

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