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Ingrid's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Ingrid’s St German Coffee And Tea Menu and Prices

Chai Latte $2.95 – $3.75
Mexican Moka $3.14 – $3.50
CafA© OlA© $2.60 – $2.95 espresso, flavored syrup, cocoa, cinnamon stick
CafA© Moka $3.25 – $3.50 chocolate with espresso and steamed milk
Cappuccino Moka $2.75 – $3.25
CafA© Du Jour $2.55 – $1.75 daily special house coffee
IngridA’s Hot Tea $1.75
Espresso $1.75 – $2.25 a bold coffee classic
CafA© Latte $2.60 – $2.95 espresso and steamed milk
European Hot Cocoa $2.95 – $3.50
Cappuccino $3.25 – $2.60 rich freshly brewed espresso beneath creamy cloud of hot frothed milk
Strong Black Tea $1.75 ingridA’s special tea
CafA© Americano $1.75 – $2.10
IngridA’s Coffee $1.50 special coffee, milk, sugar
Best Teas $2.75 assortmens of hot tea
Macchiato $1.85 – $2.15
Assortments Of Hot Tea $2.95
Pumpkin Latte $3.95 – $2.95
Best & Organic Decaf Teas $2.75 decaffeinated & herbal tea

Ingrid’s Ingrid’s Tea Sachets Menu and Prices

Jasmine Teas ; jasmine, dragon pearl jasmine, white vanilla grapefruit
Decaffeinated Teas ; earl gray, ceylon
Oolong Teas ; formosa oolong, pomegranate oolong, dragon pearl jasmine, white vanilla grapefruit
Black & Flavored Teas ; assam, english breakfast, earl gray, paris, caribe, hot cinnamon spice, vanilla, apricot, peaches & ginger, mango, indian spice, black currant
Herbal Caffine Free Teas ; chamomile, yellow & blue chamomile, lavender & corn flowers, mint verbena, rooibos, tilleul de carpentras, raspberry herbal, peppermint herbal
Green Teas ; japanese sencha, bangkok, genmaicha, lung ching, chinese flower, gunpowder green, citron green

Ingrid’s Petit French Patisseries Menu and Prices

We Make Small Amount Of Petit Pastries Please Ask For Availability Lavender, Mango, Turkish Coffee, Rose Water & Saffron, Rose Water Cherry Sorbert, Pomegramate Sorbet, French Vanilla
Sugarnolie $2.50
Opera $2.50
CrA?me Brulee $2.50
Florentine Cup $3.75 with fruit
Dark Chocolate Box $2.50
Taco Shell $4.25 with fruit
Tiramisu $2.75
Cappuccino Cup $2.50
Lemon Meringue Tart $2.50
Lemon Bombe $2.50
ChocolatA© A‰clair $2.50
IngridA’s Ice Cream $3.95
Trio Mousse $2.50
Chocolate Mousse & Raspberry $2.50
Napoleon $2.50
Chocolate Bombe $2.50
Rumbaba $2.50
Mango Mousse $2.50
Chocolate Florentine Canolie $2.50
Passion Fruit Mousse $2.50

Ingrid’s Salads Menu and Prices

Salad Sampler $7.95 choices of 3 salads: taboli, chicken salad, tuna salad, hummus, babaghanoosh, stuffed grape leaves 3, daily special salad
CelinaA’s Mediterranean Salad $7.95 organic greens, tomato, basil, garlic, red onion, mozzarella cheese
Greek Salad $8.75 romaine lettuce, red onions, tomato, cucumber, black olives, stuffed grape leaves 2 & feta cheese
Classic Nicoise $8.95 romaine lettuce, albacore tuna, green beans, kalamata olives, potatoes, tomato, & boiled egg
Tuna Salad Over Organic Mixed Green, Tomato, Cucumber $8.50 albacore tuna, yogurt, celeries, green onions, parsley, kosher pickles, garlic
Chicken Salad Wrap Cabbage $8.50 gourmet grilled chicken breast, yogurt, walnut, cranberries, celery, green onions, and cilantro

Ingrid’s Mr And Mrs Remy Pate And Cheese Plateau Menu and Prices

Cheese Plateau (2 Or More People) $45.00 assortments of french cheese with pear or grapes, dates and walnuts, honey sliced baguette
Les Perles De Caviar Au Blinis A La Ciboulette   golden potato blinis, creme fraiche & chives with achoice of caviar sevruga or ostera will be available soon
Country Style Pate $14.25 2 slices served with pumpkin preserve, cornichons & sliced baguette
Smoked Salmon Pate $16.75 2 slices with lemon marmalade, cornichons & sliced baguette
Chicken Liver Mousse $16.75 2 slices with lemon marmalade, cornichons & sliced baguette
Foie Gras $28.00 2 slices with fig or rhubarb preserve, cornichons & sliced baguette
Terrine D’epinards Spinach Pate $14.25 2 slices with lemon marmalade, cornichons & sliced baguette
Remy Plateau (2 Or More People) $65.00 assortments of french pate & cheese with pears or grapes, dates & walnuts, honey, preserves, cornichons & sliced baguette
Paris Plateau $25.00 jamobon, country pate, chicken liver mousse & salami, cornichons & sliced baguette
Mousse Au Champignons Pate With Mushroom $14.25 2 slices served with lemon marmalade, cornichons & sliced baguette

Ingrid’s French Breakfast Menu and Prices

8am To 11am AddA’l Charge For Each Topping
Our Fluffy French Omelets  
Scramble Eggs $6.95 with seasonal fruit and sliced baguette
Jumbo Oatmeal & Chocolat Chip Cookies $2.00 the best in town
Organic Yogurt $5.95 with seasonal fruit
Jambon & Cheese Croissant $6.25
Sweet Crepes With Fresh Berries $7.25 whipped cream or cocoa hazelnut
Danishes $1.95 jumbo croissants, jumbo chocolat croissant, apricot danish, assorted 8 oz muffins, blueberry scone, apple turnover
Egg, Jambon & Cheese Croissant $7.95
Sliced Baguette $5.75 with butter & gourmet preserves
Croque Madame $6.95 hot jambon, gruyere cheese in brioche & topped with fry egg french sandwich
Croque Monsieur $6.25 hot jambon & gruvere cheese in broiche french sandwich
Egg White Omelet $6.25
Plain French Omelet $5.95

Ingrid’s Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Parisien $8.95 imported french ham & butter
Dieppois $8.50 tuna salad, organic mixed greens & tomato
Italia $8.25 italian mortedella, mayo dijon, organic mixed greens and tomato
Savoureux $8.25 italian parmesano salami, & butter
Pavot Poulet $8.50 gourmet grilled chicken breast, with organic greens & tomato, mayo dijon
Turkey $8.75 gourmet turkey breast, mayo/dijon, organic mixed greens, tomato
Fraicheur $6.85 boiled eggs, mayo dijon, romaine lettuce & tomato

Ingrid’s Champs – Elysees Dinner Menu Menu and Prices

Braised Short Ribs * $23.00 beef with potato gratin dauphinois, served with potato gratin dauphinois, vegetable due jour
Trout Almondine * $20.00 whole trout with toasted almonds & lemon butter parsley sauce
Steak Au Poivre $25.00 premium filet mignon with red wine bordelaise sauce served with gratin dauphinois & french green beans
Le Samoun Au Sauce Toscane $26.00 broiled salmon with tuscan herb butter served with a mashed yukon potato parsley & french green beans
Chesapeake Crab Cakes * $25.00 authentic maryland style crab cakes served with a mashed yukon potato-parsley & vegetable du jour
Le Cotes DA’agneu Grills BA©arnaise $24.00 tender lamb chops served with potato gratin porcini mushroom, green beans and vodka sauce
La Cavard A LA’orange * $28.00 traditional french style roasted duck with a grand marnier orange sauce served with potato gratin porcini mushrooms & vegetable du jour
Halibut * $27.00 fresh halibut topped with lemon-butter sauces served with mediterranean vegetable gratin & french green beans
Le Coquilles St. Jacques Au Chambord * $26.00 jumbo scallops sautA©ed with a raspberry vinegar a fresh mint served with jasmine rice pilaf and vegetable gratin
Le Poulet Piccata $19.00 breast of chichen sautA©ed with capers and lemon parsley wine sauce, french green beans & vegetable gratin
Pasta Dishes (please Ask) $12.95 – $16.95 with chefA’s special sauce, shaved parmedan and french green beans & vegetable gratin roasted vegetable ravioli or beef short ribs tortellini or lobster ravioli

Ingrid’s Refreshments Menu and Prices

Iced Tea Du Jour $2.25
Organic Milk $2.95
Organic Orange & Apple Juice $1.95
Evian Water $2.00
Lemonade $1.95
7-up Or Diet 7-up $1.55
Pellegrino $3.00
Perrier $2.00
Pom Ice Tea $4.00
Fiji Water $2.00
Regular Iced Tea $1.95
Italian Soda $4.50 – $3.95
Pepsi Coke Or Diet Pepsi Coke $1.55

Ingrid’s Cheese And Wine Menu and Prices

White Wine $6.50 red cliffe sauvignon
Red Wine $7.50 simi merlot
Red Wine $10.95 chaeau mayne guyon
Red Wine $6.50 chapoutier cote du rhone
Fol Epi (pastes Dry With Strong Savour) $14.00 1 slice with olives, grapes, apples or pears, almond & sliced baguette
White Wine $6.50 red cliffe sauvignon
Red Wine $6.50 chapoutier cote du rhone
Crottin De Champcol (goat Cheese) $17.00 2 .oz with pears or apples & sliced baguette
Red Wine $8.00 celine zinfandel
Slice With Olives, Grapes, Appbrie (french Brie Soft Pastes With Soft savour) $17.00 1 slice with olives, grapes, apples or pears, seasonal berries & sliced baguette
Le Montagnard (soft Pastes With Strong Savour) $14.00 2 slices with olives, grapes, walnut, dates & sliced baguette
Red Wine $10.95 chateau greysac medoc
St. Nectaire (pastes Dry With Soft Savour) $12.00 1 slice with grapes or pears, olives & sliced baguette
Fourme D’ambert (spotted Cheese) $14.00 3 slices with raspberry, grapes & sliced baguette

Ingrid’s Panini Menu and Prices

Prosciutto $9.50 imported italian prosciutto, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes
IngridA’s Special Panini $10.95 roast beef with brie, butter garlic oregano spread, & horseradish mayo
Caprese $9.25 fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, roasted red pepper
Turkey $8.95 gourmet turkey breast, basil pesto, red roasted pepper, cheese
Normand $8.75 brie with tomato & fresh basil

Ingrid’s Gourmet Plateau Menu and Prices

Quiche Lorraine $8.75 with salad and seasonal fruit
Special Galette $8.25 caramelized onions, fontina, mushrooms, scallions, italian parsley, garlic, rosemary
Fromage En Provence Crisp $7.25 goat cheese, red onions, provence herbs
IngridA’s Gourmet Pizza Of The Day $9.25 please ask) (addA’l $2.00 for meat, chicken or ingridA’s gourmet bistro sausage
Chive, Parsley, Scrambled Egg Crepe $8.95 with jambon and cheese
SautA©ed Spinach & Brie Cheese Crepe $8.25
Vegetable Quiche $8.25 with salad and seasonal fruit
Tomato-pesto Crisp $7.25 special pesto, ripe tomatoes & cheese
IngridA’s Gourmet Bistro Sausage Of The Day $9.25 please ask
Mediterranean Crisp $7.25 feta cheese, red peppers, kalamata olives & provence herbs
Tomato Gruyere Galette $8.25 tomatoes, gruyA?re, basil, dijon mustard

Ingrid’s Soup Menu and Prices

Soup Du Jour $5.95 please ask

Ingrid’s Afternoon Tea Menu and Prices

Add’l Tea Pastries $2.50
French Royal $23.95 tea sandwiches: cucumber mint, carrot ginger, chicken curry, smoked salmon, ham & apricot preserve.tea croissant: scone, crumpet & heavenshire cream, tea cookies, tart
Add’l Tea Sandwiches $3.95
Add’l Tea Sachet $2.95
Sweet Afternoon Te $9.95
IngridA’s Tea For Two $60.00 tea sandwiches: carrot ginger, goat cheese, cucumber mint, smoked salmon, chicken curry, ham & apricot preserve, smoked turkey & arugula mayo, tuna salad.tea pastries: scones, tea croissant, crumpet
Savory Afternoon Tea $15.95
Duchess Of Bedford $19.95 tea sandwiches: goat cheese & watercress, cucumber mint, chicken curry, smoked turkey & arugula mayo.tea pastries: scone, tea croissant, tea cookies, mini tart
Assortments Of Tea Cookies And Pot Of Tea  

Ingrid’s St German Tce Blends Menu and Prices

Iced Latte $2.60 – $3.25
Iced Mexican Moka $3.95 – $3.14
Espresso Alla Mode $3.95 espresso over vanilla ice cream
Iced Chai Latte $2.95 – $3.25
CafA© Glace $4.25 espresso, milk, sugar, ice cream
CafA© Caramel FrappA© $2.95 – $3.75 espresso, caramel sauce, ice with whipped cream
CafA© Frappe $2.50 – $3.00 espresso, ice
Iced Moka $3.50 – $2.75
CafA© Chocolate FrappA© $3.75 – $3.25 espresso, chocolate, ice with whipped cream, cocoasauce
Iced Cappuccino $2.90 – $3.25
Iced Americano $1.75 – $2.55
Iced Coffee $1.75 – $2.25

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