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Enjoy Inka Wasi latest menu price updated list. Up to date Inka Wasi and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Inka Wasi Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Inka Wasi Inka Favorites Menu and Prices

Pescado A Lo Mancho $18.00 – $12.00
Camaron Al Ajo $11.00 garlic shrimp
Sudado Chalaco $18.00 seafood stew
Jalea $18.00 breaded fried seafood

Inka Wasi Beverages Menu and Prices

Maracuya   passion fruit
Cafe Inka & Hot Teas  
Sparking Water Or Bottled Wate  
Fountain Sodas  
Inca Kola  
Chicha   inka purple corn juice

Inka Wasi Dessert Menu and Prices

Lucama Ice Cream $3.00
Mango Ice Cream $3.00
Mini-Alfajores $3.00 shortbread cookies filled with manjar blan co (dulce de lecha)
Flan $3.00
Picarones $4.00 homestyle pumpkin fritters with a peruvian dark syrup

Inka Wasi Saltados Menu and Prices

Pollo $8.00 chicken
Mariscos $11.00 fish, shrimp, calamari
Camaron $12.00 shrimp
Pescado $10.00 fish
Tofu $8.00
Lomo $9.00 beef
Vegetables $7.00 french fries not included

Inka Wasi Soul Warmer Soups Menu and Prices

Parihuela $11.00 seafood bouillabaisse
Aguadito $5.00 – $2.00 chicken cilantro & rice soup

Inka Wasi Picantes Menu and Prices

Tofu $9.00
Quinos $2.00 add quinoa to any
Carne $9.00 beef
Quinos $9.00
Camaron $12.00 shrimp
Mariscos $11.00 fish, shrimp, calamari
Pollo $8.00 chicken

Inka Wasi Pollo A La Brasa Menu and Prices

Inka Wasi Family Meal $26.00 2 whole pollos
1/2 Pollo $8.00
Whole Pollo $15.00
Whole Pollo $11.00 a la carte
1/4 Pollo $6.00

Inka Wasi Chaufa Menu and Prices

Tofu $9.00
Vegetables $7.00 broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas
Mariscos $11.00 fish, shrimp, calamari
Pollo $8.00 chicken
Cane $9.00 beef

Inka Wasi Sides Menu and Prices

Papas Fritas $2.00 french fries
House Green Salad $3.50
Brown Rice $3.00
Garlic Steamed Rice $2.00
Platano $3.00 fried plantains
Camote Fritos $3.00 sweet potato fries
Choclo $3.00 peruvian corn
Cancha $2.00 peruvian corn nuts
Salsa Criolla $2.50 lime marinated red onions & cilantro
Quinoa $3.00
Frijoles $3.00 canario beans
Yuca $3.00 fried cassava

Inka Wasi Aji Hot Sauces Menu and Prices

Aji De La Casa   varies daily
Aji Verde   green sauce our signature hot sauce

Inka Wasi Tallarines Menu and Prices

Pollo $9.00 chicken
Carne $10.00 beef
Vegetales $8.00 broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas
Camaron $13.00 shrimp
Mariscos $12.00 fish, shrimp, calamari

Inka Wasi Soul Awakening Salads Menu and Prices

Quinoa Salad $5.00
Fish & Quinoa $9.00 fresh fish and quinoa ceviche salad
Squid & Quinoa $9.00 fresh squid and quinoa ceviche salad
House $3.50 mixed greens in vinaigrette

Inka Wasi Appetizers Menu and Prices

Papa A La Huancalna $5.00
Yuquitas En Salsa $5.00 fried cassva with our signature hot sauces
Anticuchos $7.00 beef heart, chicken
Caviche De Pescado $9.00 fish
Chicharon De Calamari $10.00 fried calamari with marinated lime onions
Papa Rellena $6.00
Tour De Peruvian Piqueo $10.00 3 featured appetizers ask us
Tour De Papas Fritas $4.00 seasoned fries with our signature hot sauces
Anticuchos   3 skewers
Salchipapas $4.00 hot dog and french fries with sauces
Ceviche Mixto $10.00 fish, shrimp, calamari

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