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Enjoy Island Eats Hale Aina latest menu price updated list. Up to date Island Eats Hale Aina and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Island Eats Hale Aina Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Island Eats Hale Aina Bowls Menu and Prices

Served Over Steamed Rice
Teriyaki Chicken $3.95
Chicken Katsu $6.00
Beef Curry $3.95
Loco Moco $5.50
Shoyu Chicken $3.95
Teriyaki Beef $4.50
Kalbi Beef $5.00
Kalua Pork $4.25

Island Eats Hale Aina Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Grilled Cheese & Kalua Pork $4.40
Burger $3.50
Burger $0.35 add cheese
Teri Beef Burger $4.50
Grilled Cheese $2.50

Island Eats Hale Aina Drinks Menu and Prices

Free Refills On Soft Drinks, Coffee & Tea Add a flavor $0.25: Passion Fruit, Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla, Pineapple, Coconut, Raspberry.
NOS $2.25
Mocha $3.25 – $3.95
Hot Tea $1.50
Espresso $1.95 – $1.75
Red Bull $2.25
Fuze $1.90
Monster $2.25
White Mocha $3.95 – $4.25
Bottle Soda $1.65
Cappuccino $3.45 – $3.75
Fountain Drinks $1.60
Hawaiian Sun $1.50
Coffee $1.25 – $1.60
Arrowhead H2O $1.50
Dasani H2O $1.50
Rock Star $2.25
Caramel $4.25 – $3.25
Hot Chocolate $2.50
Power Aid $1.75
Latte $2.75 – $3.45
Milk $1.35
Juice $1.85

Island Eats Hale Aina Soups Menu and Prices

Made Fresh
Ox Tail $10.95 (thursday, friday & saturdays) a rich beef broth with beef, vegetables and peanuts. served with rice.
Chicken Long Rice $2.50 – $4.95 shredded chicken, clear noodles, shiitake & ginger.
Saimin $6.95 with kamaboko, spam, char sui, egg, and green onion.

Island Eats Hale Aina Plate Lunch Menu and Prices

Served With Steamed Rice, Salad & Potato Macaroni Salad
Chicken Katsu $1.50 add a side of curry
Loco Moco $9.50 2 hamburger patties & 2 eggs on top of steamed rice covered with gravy.
Chicken Katsu $8.95 chicken breast breaded and fried.
Furikake Ahi $11.95 fried ahi steaks with furikake, macadamia nuts, iri & kura goma.
Island Pork Ribs $9.25 tender & juicy with our special sauce.
Kahuku Garlic Shrimp $13.95 lightly coated and sautA©ed with butter and garlic
Mixed Plate $10.00 kalbi, chicken teriyaki & island pork ribs.
Kalbi Beef $10.50 boneless beef short ribs marinated & grilled.
Teriyaki Beef $9.00 sirloin steak sliced, marinated & grilled.
Lau Lau $1.50 add chicken long rice
Sesame Chicken Wings $8.50 chicken wings & drumettes fried and coated in a sesame soy sauce with a hint of chili pepper.
Kalua Pork $9.00 smoky shredded pork. served with lomi salmon & poke (when available).
Teriyaki Chicken $7.50 boneless skinless thighs marinated & grilled.
Korean Chicken $8.95 boneless skinless breasts breaded, fried, and coated in a chili sauce.
Lau Lau $11.95 pork wrapped in taro leaves. served with lomi salmon & poke (when available).
Kalua Pork $1.50 add chicken long rice
Frozen Lau Lau $5.50
Hamburger Steak $9.50 2 hamburger patties, sautA©ed onions & mushrooms on top of steamed rice covered with gravy.
Beef Curry $7.25 japanese style curry with beef and vegetables.
Shoyu Chicken $6.50 chicken simmered in a sweet & savory soy sauce gravy.

Island Eats Hale Aina Sides Menu and Prices

Potato Macaroni Salad $1.75
Spam Musubi $1.75
Sesame Chicken $5.25
Poke Rice $6.00
French Fries $1.75
Lomi Salmon $1.75
Seared Ahi  

Island Eats Hale Aina Salads Menu and Prices

Chinese Chicken $6.95 – $4.95 lettuce, shredded chicken, green onions, mandarin oranges, crispy won ton noodles & almonds.
Somen Noodle $6.50 with lettuce, char siu, egg, kamaboko & green onions.
Mixed Greens $2.95 with ranch, italian, 1000 island, blue cheese or creamy sesame dressing.

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