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Island View Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Island View Desserts / Postres Menu and Prices

Flan de Vanilla, Flan de Queso, Cheese Cake y Pudding $1.50

Island View Sopa / Soup Menu and Prices

Sopa de Dia / Soup of the Day $2.50

Island View Especialidad del Dia / Specialty of the Day Menu and Prices

Cabrito / Goat Stew $8.95 Sabado / Saturday
Carne Guisada / Beef Stew $7.95 Martes / Tuesday
Fricase de Conejo / Rabbit Fricassee $8.95 Jueves / Thursday
Pavo Guisado / Turkey Stew $6.95 Miercoles / Wednesday
Fricase de Pollo / Chicken Fricassee $6.95 Lunes / Monday
Paella Rice $8.95 Viernes / Friday

Island View Island View Specialty Menu and Prices

servido con caldo de pollo o pescado / served with chicken or fish broth
Motongo a la Island (Conejo Frito / Fried Rabitt) $7.75
Motongo a la Island (Camarones Guisados / Shrimp Stew) $8.25
Motongo a la Island (Chicharrones de Pollo / Chicken Chunks) $7.50
Motongo a la Island (Carne Frita / Pork Chunk) $7.25

Island View Island View Sampler Menu and Prices

chicharrones de pollo, carne frita, alcapuritas, tostones y bacalaitos, chicken and pork chunks, alcapuritas, green plantain and fish fritte
Island View Sampler $9.50

Island View Appetizer / Aperitivos Menu and Prices

Relleno de Papas / Stuffed Potatoes w/ Beef $1.50
Bacalaito / Fish Fritter $1.50
Carne Frita / Pork Chunk $3.25
Alitas Fritas / Chicken Wings (6) $3.00
Amarillos / Fried Ripe Plantain $1.75
Pollo Frito / Fried Chicken $3.25
Papitas Fritas / French Fries $1.75
Pasteles / Pasteles (Pollo / Chicken) $2.00
Tostones / Green Plantain $1.75
Alcapurias / Stuffed Green Banana Fritter w/ Beef $1.50
Pasteles / Pasteles (Cerdo / Pork) $2.50
Chicharrones de Pollo / Chicken Chunks $2.75

Island View Entrees Menu and Prices

todos los platos son servidos con arroz blanco y habichela o el arroz gulosado del dia y ensalada / All plates are served with white rice and bean or the yellow rice of the day and salad. Amarillo y tostones es optional / fried green and ripe plantain opt
Chuletas Fritas / Fried Pork Chops $7.95
Bistec Encebollado / Steak with Onions $7.95
Pollo Frito / Fried Chicken $6.95
Pernil / Pork $6.50

Island View A La Carta / A La Cart Menu and Prices

Bistec T-Bone / T-Bone Steak $16.95
Camarones Fritos / Fried Shrimp $13.95
Churrasco / Skirt Steak $12.95

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