'Lette Macarons

Enjoy 'Lette Macarons latest menu price updated list. Up to date 'Lette Macarons and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

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‘Lette Macarons Classics Menu and Prices

ThA© Earl Grey ; earl grey tea, earl grey tea ganache
Citron ; lemon cream
Framboise ; raspberry ganache
Caramel SalA© ; salted caramel, caramel ganache and fleur de sel
Rose ; rose ganache
Pistache De Sicile ; sicilian pistachio, ganache
Violette Cassis ; violet ganache and black current jam
Vanille De Madagascar ; madagascar vanilla, vanilla ganache
CafA© De Colombie ; colombian coffee, ganache
Noix De Coco ; coconut ganache
Chocolat Des Caraibes ; caribbean chocolate, chocolate ganache
DragA©e ; sweet wedding almond, almond ganache

‘Lette Macarons Seasonal Menu and Prices

Litchi   lychee ganache
Fruit De La Passion   passion fruit ganache

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