Liberatos Pizza

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Liberatos Pizza Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Liberatos Pizza New York-Style Pies Menu and Prices

Lg (18" Pies). Whole Wheat Option $3. Pie Add Ons ($2): Kalamata Olives, Meatball, Italian Sausage, Grilled Chicken, Crispy Chicken, Eggplant, Arugula, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Green Peppers.
Margarita New-York Style Pie $21.00
Plain New York-Style Pie $19.00
Ricotta Spinach New York-Style Pie $23.00
Classic White New York-Style Pie $21.00
Veggie Lovers New York-Style Pie $25.00
Vegan New York-Style Pie $20.00 cheese-less with seasonal veggies.
Pepperoni New York-Style Pie $21.00
Mushroom New York-Style Pie $21.00
Meat Lovers New York-Style Pie $25.00
Sausage New York-Style Pie $21.00

Liberatos Pizza Beverages Menu and Prices

Water $1.75
Bottled Soda $2.25 pepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist, diet sierra mist
Snapple $2.25 iced tea, diet iced tea, raspberry, peach, diet peach

Liberatos Pizza Desserts Menu and Prices

Sweet Pie $1.00 sweet pie option: whole wheat
Tiramisu $4.00
Sweet Pie $7.00 nutella, bananas, and granola.

Liberatos Pizza Sides & Salads Menu and Prices

Meatballs $5.50
Tomato Sauce $1.00
Arugula Salad $8.50 artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, shaved parmesan, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette.
Side Caesar Salad $4.25
Chicken Wings $10.00 with chipotle sauce.
Classic Caesar Salad $7.50
Soup Of The Day $2.75
Buffalo Chicken Wings $10.00
Liberatos Garlic Bread $7.00 melted mozzarella and plum tomatoes. served with marinara dip.

Liberatos Pizza Grandma-Style Menu and Prices

Pan-Baked. Whole Wheat Option $3.
Grandma Veggie Lovers Pie $25.00 tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach and onions.
Grandma Margherita Pie $19.00 fresh mozzarella and basil.
Grandma Chicken Alfredo Pie $21.00 alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon, baby spinach, onions and parmesan.
Grandma Alla Vodka Pie $19.00 creamy vodka sauce, basil pesto sauce, parmesan and oregano.
Grandma Meat Lovers Pie $25.00 sausage, pepperoni, meatballs and fresh mozzarella.

Liberatos Pizza Liberatos Parmesan Specialties Menu and Prices

Chicken Parmesan  
Eggplant Parmesan  
Meatball Parmesan  

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