Little Saigon Pearl

Enjoy Little Saigon Pearl latest menu price updated list. Up to date Little Saigon Pearl and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Little Saigon Pearl Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Little Saigon Pearl Soups Menu and Prices

2. Bun Ga Xao Xa $5.95 chicken and lemongrass served with noodle. bean sprout lettuce and fish sauce served with noodle
4. Sup Chay $4.95 vegetable and mushroom soup. baby corn, snow peas, mushroom, onion
1. Pho Tai, Nam, Gan, Bo Vien $6.95 vietnamese beef noodle soup. choice as follow, fresh eye of round, navel, omosa and beef ball
2. Bun Ga Xao Xa $1.00 add shrimp or beef
3. Sup Mang Cua $4.95 crab meat and bamboo soup.

Little Saigon Pearl Drinks Menu and Prices

10. Soy Milk $2.95 hot or cold
5. Tropical Blast $3.95 pineapple and cucumber
7. Summer Sunset $3.95 pineapple, carrot, tomato
2. Hot Or Cold $3.45 vietnamese style black coffee
6. Beach Blast $3.95 strawberry and banana
9. Fresh Orange $3.45
3. Hot Or Cold $3.95 vietnamese style milk coffee. with condensed milk
1. Bandanna’s Bananas $3.95 banana and lemon
8. Longevity Healthy $3.95 strawberry and orange
4. Blue Hawaii $3.95 banana and blueberry

Little Saigon Pearl Entrees Menu and Prices

6. Ca Kho To $6.95 slow cooked marinated. tilapia, scallion, garlic, black pepper and vietnamese fish sauce
4. Com Chien Ga, Tom/Bo $1.00 add shrimp or beef
4. Com Chien Ga, Tom/Bo $5.95 vietnamese style chicken fried rice. carrot, peas, tomato paste, onion
1. Ga Xao Xa Ot $1.00 add shrimp or beef
1. Ga Xao Xa Ot $6.95 chicken lemongrass served with white rice. shrimp/chicken with garlic, onion, curry, lemongrass
2. Ga Kho Gung $6.95 sauteed ginger chicken vietnamese style. sauteed chicken with fresh ginger
7. Canh Chua Ga, Tom $1.50 add shrimp
3. Com Suon Nuong $6.45 vietnamese pork chop served with broken rice. marinated pork chop, lettuces, tomatoes
7. Canh Chua Ga, Tom $5.95 vietnamese style sweet and sour chicken soup served with noodle or white rice. bean sprout, tomato, pineapple, celery
5. Ga Xao Dau Hoa Lan $1.50 add shrimp or beef
5. Ga Xao Dau Hoa Lan $6.95 vietnamese style sauteed chicken with snow peas.

Little Saigon Pearl Desserts Menu and Prices

Ice Cream $2.95 green tea, mango or vanilla

Little Saigon Pearl Appetizers Menu and Prices

3. Goi Cuon Chay $4.50 vegetarian summer rolls. tofu, garlic onion
1. Tom Hoa Tien $6.95 kim tien rolls. crab meat, ground pork, whole shrimp, carrot, dried mushroom/noodle, eggs
6. Muc Chien Gion $6.95 vietnamese style calamari. fried marinated squid in coated flour.
5. Cha Gio Chay $6.45 vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls. tofu, carrot, dried mushroom/noodle, eggs
2. Cha Gio $7.50 vietnamese spring rolls. crab meat, ground pork, shrimp, carrot, dried mushroom/noodle, eggs
4. Goi Cuon $4.50 summer rolls. shrimp, noodle, lettuce and mints
7. Xa Lach Tron $5.95 salad. lettuce, tomatoes, onion mixed with lemon and sugar juice
8. Goi Bap Cai Tom $6.95 shrimp cabbage salad. served with vietnamese fish sauce
9. Ca Lan Bot $6.95 vietnamese style fried fish coated with flour. tilapia with garlic

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