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Loi Estiatorio Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Loi Estiatorio Appetizers Menu and Prices

Horiatiki Loi $15.00 Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion, greek olives, & feta cheese with greek herb vinaigrette
Spetsofai $14.00 House made beef sausage, vegetable medley, tomato
Roka $14.00 Arugula, candied figs, hazelnuts and shaved kefalograviera cheese with fig balsamic vinaigrette
Moussaka $16.00 Eggplant, ground beef, tomato, onion, bechamel
Solomos Marinatos $17.00 Salmon tartare with chives, shallots, horseradish & lemon on bed of shredded phyllo with yogurt dill emulsion
Htenia $18.00 Seared diver sea scallops with lamb bacon and parsnip puree
Marouli $13.00 Chiffonade of romaine hearts, scallions and dill with red wine vinaigrette
Kalamari Scharas $15.00 Julienned calamari, sauteed in white wine, finished with a parsley almond basilicus sauce
Htapodaki Stin Shara $19.00 Grilled octopus served with red wine macerated onions, capers, almonds, fresh herbs, oregano and ladolemono over fava
Garides Santorini $19.00 Oven baked prawns in an ouzo infused tomato sauce with feta cheese
Pikilia $19.00 Assortment of traditional greek spreads

Loi Estiatorio Desserts Menu and Prices

Yaourti Me Meli $10.00 Yia ourti me meli yogurt with attiki honey and toasted mixed nuts or with greek spoon desserts
Karidopita $10.00 Kari dop ita traditional walnut sponge cake spiced with an orange cinnamon sauce
Ravani $10.00 Rava ni greek orange cake made with semolina, olive oil and finished with sesame
Sokolatopita $10.00 Sok ola topita marias special rich chocolate flourless cake
Loukoumades $10.00 Lou kou ma des traditional flash fried doughnuts finished with cinnamon and honey
Baklava $10.00 Bak la va layers of phyllo with almonds, walnuts, pistachio nuts, light drizzle of spiced honey syrup
Ekmek Kadaifi $10.00 Ek mek ka dai ifi shredded phyllo soaked in honey topped with custard, toasted nuts and light creme

Loi Estiatorio Entrees Menu and Prices

Pougi Me Mydia $25.00 Mussels, white wine, krokos kozanis greek saffron
Ravioles $28.00 Meatball, garlic, mint, parsley, fresh pasta, egg, lemon
Paidakia $42.00 Lamb chops, red bliss potato, arugula, loi yogurt
Moscharaki Kokkinisto $34.00 Beef short ribs, red wine, tomato, carrots, parsley, loi couscoussaki
Kokoras Krassatos $29.00 Rooster, red wine, tomato, cinnamon, cloves, lemon, loi hylopites
Lavraki $32.00 Branzino, chicory, lemon, olive oil
Solomos $29.00 Salmon, idaho potato, olive oil, kalamata olives
Barbounia $34.00 Grecian red mullet, chicory, lemon, olive oil
Psari Sto Alati $62.00 ChefA’s fish selection for two, chicory, lemon, olive oil
Papoutsakia $24.00 Baby eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, onion, tomato, bechamel

Loi Estiatorio Sides Menu and Prices

Patates Lemonates $9.00 Roasted lemon potatoes
Gigantes $9.00 Giant beans steeped in tomato sauce
Feta $9.00 Greek sheep and cowA’s milk cheese
Lahanika $9.00 Assortment of seasonal vegetables
Kounoupidi $9.00 Roasted cauliflower steeped in caramelized tomato sauce
Horta $9.00 Steamed seasonal wild greens

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