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Lolo Cevicheria Los Blancos $8 Menu and Prices

Benvolio   2013, pinot grigio, friuli, italy
Leval   2012, sauvignon blanc, cA?tes de gascone, france
Dopff & Irion   2012, sylvaner and pinot blanc, alsace, france
Paul Mas   2013, chardonnay, doc france
Marques De Irun   2013, verdejo, rueda, spain

Lolo Cevicheria Las Chelas Menu and Prices

Agua Fresca $4.00 ask server for flavor of the day
Bottled $5.00 victoria, pacifico, negra modelo, anchor steam
Draft $5.00 dos equis ambar (dark), big daddy ipa
Corona Familiar 32oz. "Cahuama" $8.00

Lolo Cevicheria Las Tapas Menu and Prices

Shrimp Causas $10.00 mashed potato with cilantro and botija olives aioli, avocado
Quesadillas Fritas $8.00 deep fried, stuffed with oaxaca cheese and huitlacoche, served with arugula, fresh cheese, salsa and mexican crema
Crab Causas $10.00 epazote aioli, mashed potato with ajA­ amarillo, botija olives aioli, avocado
Chicken Causas $10.00 shredded chicken, carrots, celery, mashed sweet potato, botija olives aioli, avocado
Sopes De Mole Negro $8.00 chicken confit, oaxacan black mole, refried black beans, cotija cheese, mexican crema, arugula, sesame seeds, served over fresh corn sopes
Gambas Bravas $10.00 poached shrimp and garlic in olive oil and dry chili powder, with shallots and piquA­n peppers

Lolo Cevicheria EntrA©es Menu and Prices

Carnitas $15.00 (gf). pork shoulder confit, fresh corn tortillas, guacamole and salsa

Lolo Cevicheria Los Ceviches Menu and Prices

Ceviche Mixto $12.00 catch of the day, squid, shrimp, "leche de tigre", sweet potato flakes, fried plantain chips, cancha, choclo and ajA­ amarillo drops
Aguachile $10.00 fresh shrimp, green tomatoes, jalapeA±o, cucumber, cilantro, lime juice, jA­cama and chile ancho oil, topped with chicharrA?n crumbles
Ceviche Negro $12.00 calamari, squid ink, "leche de tigre", cilantro, sweet potato flakes, fried plantain chips, choclo, cancha, ajA­ amarillo drops
Ceviche De Pescado $12.00 catch of the day, "leche de tigre", sweet potato flakes, fried plantain chips, cancha, cilantro, choclo and rocotto oil
Leche De Tigre Drink $6.00 rich ceviche concentrate, seafood chunks, lime juice, chopped spicy peppers

Lolo Cevicheria Los Tacos Menu and Prices

Tuna Tacon $10.00 fresh seared tuna, homemade unagi sauce, shellfish aioli, avocado, served on a flour tortilla
Taco Tropical $9.00 panko breaded shrimp, tropical relish, chipotle aioli, served on a fresh jA­cama tortilla

Lolo Cevicheria Los Starters Menu and Prices

Brussel Sprouts $6.00 deep fried, mixed with capers, served with a lemon vinaigrette mezcal reduction
Gypsy Tacos $8.00 portobello mushrooms sautA©ed in epazote oil and ancho reyes liquor, served on corn tortillas
Tacos De ChicharrA?n $8.00 pork belly slow cooked in roasted tomatillo sauce, epazote with black beans, served on fresh corn tortillas
Guacamole $7.00 avocado, pico de gallo juice, salsa and cotija cheese with corn chips
Grilled Broccolini $6.00 red onions, marinara sauce and a crumble of cotija cheese
Mixed Greens Salad $8.00 orange and grapefruit wedges, avocado, cotija cheese with a mezcal lemon vinaigrette
Taco De Lengua $9.00 braised beef tongue, sautA©ed onions, cilantro, lime juice, and chile morita salsa served on fresh corn tortillas

Lolo Cevicheria Los Tintos $8 Menu and Prices

Honoro Vera   2013, monastrell, jumilla, spain
Maggio   2012, cabernet sauvignon, lodi, california
Tenuta Di Arceno   2011, merlot, sangiovese, chianti, tuscany, italy
Leval   2012, pinot noir, doc france
Vina Herminia   2012, tempranillo, rioja, spain

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