Los Chamos

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Los Chamos Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Los Chamos Sides Menu and Prices

Extra Delicious To Go With Your Delicious.
Tequenos $4.50 5 fried cheese sticks wrapped in sourdough with spicy guava habanero sauce
Chicharron $6.00 deep-fried pork belly tossed in our special house seasoning
Yuca $4.00 deep-fried yuca wedges with house sauce
Platanitos (Maduros) $4.00 sweet plantains topped with paisa cheese
Arepitas $4.00 3 mini deep-fried arepitas with nata (venezuelan cream cheese)
French Fries Lover $4.00 fresh cut idaho potatoes fried to point of awesome

Los Chamos Empanadas Menu and Prices

Deep-Fried Pockets Of Guilty Pleasure.
Sweet Domino $6.00 (v). black beans, paisa cheese, and sweet plantains
La Poderosa $6.00 ham & paisa cheese
La Quesua $5.50 (v). paisa cheese
La Del Gloton $7.50 seasoned shredded beef or chicken, black beans, paisa cheese, & sweet plantains
La Cordon Bleu $7.50 pulled chicken with leeks, ham & paisa cheese
Solo Carne $7.50 shredded beef
Sweet Cheese $6.00 (v). paisa cheese & sweet plantains
Domino $6.00 (v). black beans and paisa cheese
La Del Pana $6.50 seasoned ground beef & paisa cheese

Los Chamos Arepas Menu and Prices

Grilled To Perfection, Moon-Shaped Happiness, Made Fresh To Order. Add Avocado To Any One Of The Arepas $1.
La Piernua $6.00 ham & soft guayanes cheese
Chicharronada $7.50 chopped deep-fried pork belly, tomato, and paisa cheese
La Catira (Blondie) $5.50 (v). simply gouda cheese
Sweet Domino $6.00 (v). black beans, paisa cheese, & plantains
La Del Chamo $7.50 7 hrs of slow roasted pork made with love, and paisa cheese
La Parcera $5.50 (v). simply white paisa cheese
Veggie Lovers $7.00 (v). soft guayanes cheese, tomato, & avocado
La Pelua $7.50 seasoned shredded beef with gouda cheese
Pabellon $7.50 tradition at its best! shredded beef, black beans, plantains, and paisa cheese
La Guayanes $5.50 (v). soft guayanes cheese
Sexy Chicken & Leeks $1.00 for extra sexy: try with fresh avocado
Sexy Chicken & Leeks $7.00 seasoned pulled chicken and leeks with cheese.
Deep Into Pork $8.00 chorizo, chicharron, slow roasted pork, and paisa cheese. most people worship this one. no seriously, they do.
Domino $6.00 (v). black beans & paisa cheese

Los Chamos Unique Menu Menu and Prices

Popular Wild Card Specialties.
Poutine $2.00 add your choice of any meat
Poutine $8.00 pronounced "poo-teen" a french canadian national dish…. a must try! made with: french fries, cheddar cheese curds, & homemade beef gravy
Cachapa $2.00 add your choice of any meat
Cazon Empanada $8.00 fresh tube shark seasoned with our special "chamo" spices
Cachapa $7.50 ground sweet corn pancake with melted cheese
Alligator Empanada $10.00 meat is seasoned with garlic, shallots, & oregano in a tomato based sauce

Los Chamos Beverages Menu and Prices

Satisfy Your Thirst (V) – Vegetarian.
Malta Polar $2.00
Bottled Water $1.00
Red Bull $2.50
Frescolita $2.00 venezuelan soda
Gatorade $2.50
Arizona Ice Tea $2.00
Coca-Cola $1.50 coke zero, sprite

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