Los Cuates Pizzeria

Enjoy Los Cuates Pizzeria latest menu price updated list. Up to date Los Cuates Pizzeria and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Los Cuates Pizzeria Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Los Cuates Pizzeria Regular Pizza Menu and Prices

Sm / Med / Lg.
Ground Beef Pizza $10.25 – $8.65
BBQ Chicken Pizza $10.75 – $8.00
Steak Pizza $11.25 – $9.50
Spicy Spanish Style Pizza $9.00 – $13.50
Chicken Pizza $7.00 – $12.00
Spanish Supreme Pizza $10.75 – $12.75
Pepperoni Pizza $10.25 – $8.65
Cheese Pizza $5.75 – $7.50
Hawaiian Pizza $7.75 – $9.50
Meatball Pizza $8.65 – $10.25

Los Cuates Pizzeria Especial Menu and Prices

Enchiladas Suizas $9.00 chicken, salsa verde, cream sauce, queso, served with rice and beans.
Chips (Totopos) Especial $4.00 with pico de gallo.
Choriqueso Especial $6.00
2 Piece Gorditas Especial $8.00 chicharron, cactus, cilantro, onions, cream, cheese and salad.
Fajitas De Res Y Pollo Especial $12.00 fajitas beef and chicken.
Tacos Rancheros Especial $9.00 three pieces chicken or beef with longaniza, cactus, onions and avocado.

Los Cuates Pizzeria Burritos $8 Menu and Prices

Tinga De Pollo Burrito   chicken tinga.
Carne Enchilada Burrito   enchilada meat.
Pastor Burrito   pastor pork.
Bistek Burrito   steak.

Los Cuates Pizzeria Mexican Pizza Menu and Prices

Sm / Med / Lg.
Pizza De Alambre $12.50 – $14.50 steak, mexican sausage, bacon, green pepper and yellow pepper.
Pizza De Chorizo $9.50 – $13.50 chorizo, jalapeno, onion and cilantro.
Pizza De Pastor $12.50 – $14.50 pork, cilantro, onion and lemon.

Los Cuates Pizzeria Quesadillas $7 Menu and Prices

Chorizo Con Papa Quesadillas   chorizo with potato.
Tinga De Pollo Quesadillas   chicken tinga.
Hongos Quesadillas   mushroom.
Peccadillo Quesadillas   beef hash.

Los Cuates Pizzeria Tortas Menu and Prices

Toluquena Torta $8.00 chorizo, pierna, cheese and egg.
Cubana Torta $9.00 cheese, ham, milanese, sausage and longaniza.
Espanola Torta $8.00 chorizo, egg and cheese.
Hawaiian Torta $9.00 cheese, ham, pineapple and sausage.

Los Cuates Pizzeria Tacos $7 Menu and Prices

Pollo Tacos   chicken.
Carne Enchilada Tacos   enchilada meat.
Longaniza Tacos   longaniza.
Campechano Tacos   folksy.
Pastor Tacos   pastor pork.
Bistek Tacos   steak.

Los Cuates Pizzeria Huaraches $8 Menu and Prices

Huevo Huarache   egg.
Pastor Huarache  
Longaniza Huarache  
Suadero Huarache   suero.
Tinga De Pollo Huarache   chicken tinga.
Campechano Huarache  

Los Cuates Pizzeria Beverages Menu and Prices

Soda $2.25 – $0.75 coke, sprite, pepsi, sunkist orange

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