Los Cunados

Enjoy Los Cunados latest menu price updated list. Up to date Los Cunados and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Los Cunados Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Los Cunados Tortas $4.99 Menu and Prices

Chicken   pollo
Ham   jamon

Los Cunados Tortas Sencillas $6.99 Menu and Prices

Pierna   pork, leg
Milanesa   breaded steak
Chorizo   pork, sausage
Asada   beef steak
Salchicha   sausage

Los Cunados Antojitos Menu and Prices

Tacos Indio Con Carne $3.98
Alambres $7.99
Choriqueso $8.50
Tacos Indio Sin Carne $2.50
Mini-Flautas $2.99 – $3.99
Tacos Dorados $4.99 – $5.99 potato, pork, sausage, or chicken
Huarache $5.99 asada, pollo, chorizo, milanesa
Burrito $5.25 steak, chicken, breaded steak
Tostada De Pata $4.00
Quesadilla $5.50 chicken, breaded steak, ham, cheese
Pollo O Res $5.25 – $7.00 flautas

Los Cunados Beverages Menu and Prices

Agua De Botella $1.00 bottle water
Jugos Naturales $4.75 – $2.99 natural juices
Licuados $4.75 – $2.99 milk-shakes
Agua De Jamaica O Horchata $1.50 – $2.75
Soda Lata $1.50 canned soda
Cafe $1.00 coffee
Jugos Naturales Mixtos $3.50 – $4.75 natural mixed juice
Aguas De Fruta $3.75 – $2.25 fruit water

Los Cunados Chicken Menu and Prices

Pollo Entero $10.99 whole chicken. with rice, beans, and tortillas
Whole Chicken Special $13.99 with rice, beans, tortillas, and salad
1/2 Pollo Sencillo $6.25 half chicken
Ensalada De Pollo $6.25 chicken salad
1/2 Pollo Especial $7.99 half chicken special
Ensalada Regular $2.50 salad

Los Cunados Soup Menu and Prices

Caldo De Gallina $7.00 chicken soup

Los Cunados Breakfast Menu and Prices

Breakfast Burrito $5.25 pork sausage, ham, sausage
Huevos Al Gusto $3.99 egg with your choice of sausage, ham, or pork sausage.

Los Cunados Dessert Menu and Prices

Fresas Con Crema $5.25 strawberry with cream
Flan $3.00
Ensalada De Frutas $4.99 fruit salad

Los Cunados Tortas Combinadas $8.25 Menu and Prices

Mexican Sandwich Special
Gringa   ham and breaded steak
Lambada   pork leg and steak
Hawaiiana   pork leg, ham, and cheese
Caprichosa   pork sausage and pork leg
Thalia   chicken, pork sausage, american and cheddar cheese
Los Cunados   steak, roll pepper, tomato, onion, and cheese
Codiciada   breaded steak and pork leg
Cubana   egg, breaded steak, pork leg, ham, sausage, american and cheddar cheese
Super Chavo   ham, sausage, and cheese
Torta Indio   steak, cactus, and cheese

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