Louis XVI

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Louis XVI Main Course Selections Menu and Prices

Seared Diver Sea $29.00 Scallops wrapped in bacon yellow chanterelle mushrooms, salsify, spinach jus
Lightly Smoked Codfish $24.00 Braised oven ripe tomatoes black olive nicoise, saffron jus
Roasted Organic Chicken $22.00 Orange-peppercorn flavor fricassee of autumn baby vegetables
Braised Tender Veal Cheeks $29.00 Melee of mushrooms home made herb-parmesan noodle, madeira reduction
Red Snapper Crispy Potato Shell $32.00 Leek fricassee aged balsamic-port reduction
Butter Poached Shelled $48.00 Whole maine lobster lemongrass lobster jus consomme, vegetable pearls
Roasted Boneless Long $26.00 Island duckling, grilled breast apple-calvados sauce, potatoes paillasson
Atlantic Salmon Pan $25.00 Roasted on crispy skin, gulf prawn bok choy, cauliflower-caper emulsion
Braised Pulled Suckling Pig $27.00 Horseradish mousseline xeres vinegar reduction

Louis XVI Appetizers Menu and Prices

Burgundy Escargot $14.00 Basil-garlic butter, feuillette toast
Pan Seared Yellowfin Tuna $15.00 Relish of fruit and vegetable balsamic jus
Black Truffle and Corn Soup $10.00
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat $23.00 Artichoke, tomato salad tarragon coulis, cumin tuile
Maine Lobster $24.00 Mango, baby arugula, mizzuna salad, confit sweet red pepper, balsamic jus
Caspian Sea Special $15.00 Reserve osetra caviar
Hand Cut Yellowfin Tuna Tartare $14.00 Three caviars, potato chip
Baby Arugula $12.00 And french string bean salad, tomato coulis shaved pecorino cheese
Brie De France $12.00 green and red grape terrine, bartless pear coulis Bouquet of greens, walnut dressing
Herb Crusted $24.00 Open ravioli of half lobster porcini-tomato fondu, fine herbs infusion
House Hickory Smoked Salmon $14.00 Celery root, black truffle, baby salad
Sauteed Hudson Valley $25.00 Duck foie gras, cranberry sauce pumpkin compote, salad of baby greens
Belgian Endive Salad $10.00 Roasted red beets, caviar cream
Terrine of Hudson $23.00 Valley duck foie gras, raisin brioche toast
English Green Pea and Split Pea Veloute $10.00
Bisque of Maine Lobster $10.00

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