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Lucien Sea Menu and Prices

Saint Jacques Grenobloise $32.00 Pan-seared sea scallops with lemon, capers and white wine sauce over mash potato
Bouillabaisse Traditionnelle $42.00 Marseille-style bouillabaisse with rouille and gruyere
Whole Lobster Fra Diavolo over a Bed of Linguini $36.00 Traditional Lucien dish
Saumon Grille avec une Reduction de Porto et Basalmic $28.00 Grilled salmon with a Port wine and balsalmic reduction over seasonal vegetables
Little Neck Clams, White Wine, Fresh Garlic on a bed of Linguini $32.00 Traditional Lucien dish
Loup de Mer Chilien avec Julienne de Legumes $46.00 Chilean sea bass with julienne vegetables, court-bouillon

Lucien Land Menu and Prices

Onglet au Vin et Champignons $28.00 Hanger steak in a red wine mushroom sauce
Napoleon Daubergines avec Legumes $28.00 Eggplant napoleon over barley, mix vegetables with a saffron coconut curry sauce
Cassoulet Touloussain Traditionnelle $30.00 Traditional cassoulet with duck confit, and garlic sausage
Carre dAgneau aux Flageolots et Tomate Farcie Provencale $44.00 Australian free range rack of Lamb with flageolet beans and a roasted tomato
Filet Mignon au Poivre $46.00 With LucienA’s crushed black pepper sauce and french fries
Steak Frites Traditionnelle $32.00 New York strip with french fries
Lapin a la Moutarde $36.00 Rabbit in dijon mustard sauce, over pappardelle pasta
Steak Tartare Traditionnelle $24.00 Steak tartare with french fries

Lucien Air Menu and Prices

Pigeonneau Roti Hitchens $48.00 Roasted squab with wild mushroom risotto and a slice of fresh foie gras
Canard aux Figues et Navets $36.00 Magret and confit of duck on a bed of spinach, figs, and turnips
Grilled South Carolina Quail $16.00 Grilled quail stuffed with wild mushroom risotto
Poulet au grain Roti $28.00 Roasted chicken with string beans, garlic and mashed potatoes
Poussin au grain Roti with Champignons Sauvages et Polenta $36.00 Roasted free range baby chicken with polenta and wild mushrooms

Lucien Hors Douvres, Appetizers and Salades Menu and Prices

Moules Mariniere Traditionnelle $24.00 Steamed mussels in white wine shallot sauce served with frites
Moroccan Merguez $14.00 Two grilled Moroccan lamb sausages served on a bed of polenta
Veloute de Chou-Fleur lHuile de Truffle $14.00 Warm cauliflower soup topped with white truffle oil. seasonal
Salade Nicoise Traditionelle $26.00 With fresh, rare tuna
Grilled Octopus with Pommes Risselees $26.00 With roasted potatoes, olive oil, garlic and rosemary
Salade d’Asperges Poches $16.00 Blanced asparagus with mixed greens with a mustard vinaigrette
Soupe de Poisson Traditionnelle $16.00 Marseille-style fish soup with rouille and gruyere
Foie Gras Maison $26.00 Pan-seared fresh goose liver with apple and onion compote
Salade dartichaux avec cA?ur de palmier et asperges $16.00 Fresh artichoke, hearts of palm and asparagus
Salade dArugala et Fenouil $14.00 Arugala salad with shaved fennel and parmesan
Salade d’Endives et Roquefort $18.00 Endive salad with blue cheese and walnuts
Salade de Mesclun $6.00 Mesclun salad with house vinaigrette
Soup a lOignon Classique $14.00 Onion soup gratinee
Huitres ou Palourdes du Jour   Oysters or clams of the day
Salmon Tartare $16.00
Pate Maison: Mousse de Foie de Canard au Poivre Rose $12.00 Duck liver mousse triangles with cornichons and pink pepper
Sardines Grillees a la Tropezienne $15.00 Grilled sardines, St. Tropez-style
Ahi Tuna Tartare $20.00
Cocktail de Crevettes Grillees a la Marocaine $16.00 Grilled shrimp cocktail, Moroccan-style
Salade Lucien $22.00 Endive, arugula, frisee, mesclun, artichoke, tomatoand a hard boiled egg
Salade de Betteraves et Chevre $14.00 Roasted beets and goat cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette
Escargots de Bourgogne $14.00 Snails, Burgundy-style
American Crab Cake $18.00 With a coulis of fume de poisson
Salade Frisee aux Lardons $20.00 Frisee salad with diced bacon, blue cheese and a poached egg on top

Lucien Desserts Menu and Prices

Tart Tatin with Cinnamon Ice Cream $10.00
Creme Brulee $10.00
Gateau au Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream $10.00
Plat de Fromages et de Fruit Varies $16.00

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