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Lucky Ginger Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Lucky Ginger Dessert $1.95 Menu and Prices

Sweet Potato Pie  
Apple Cobbler  
Lemon Cheese Pie  
Buttermilk Coconut Pie  
Peach Cobbler  
Pecan Pie  

Lucky Ginger Vegetable & Tofu Menu and Prices

Sauteed Snow Pea & Water Chestnuts $6.75 – $4.65
Kung Pao Tofu* $6.95
Tofu In General Tso’s Sauce* $7.50
Ma Po Tofu* $7.50 sauteed soft tofu, snow pea and carrot in spicy sauce
Broccoli In Oyster Sauce Or Garlic Sauce* $4.65 – $6.75
String Bean In Garlic Or Szechuan Sauce* $6.95
Bean Curd Home Style* $6.95
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables $6.75 – $4.65

Lucky Ginger Moo Shu Menu and Prices

With White Rice
Moo Shu Beef $8.45
Moo Shu Combination $9.15
Moo Shu Pork $7.95
Moo Shu Shrimp $8.45
Moo Shu Vegetable $6.95
Moo Shu Chicken $7.95

Lucky Ginger Seafood Menu and Prices

With White Rice
Shrimp In Lobster Sauce $8.50
Kung Pao Scallops* $9.95
Kung Pao Shrimp* $8.50
Shrimp Snow Peas $6.20 – $8.50
Spicy Steam Shrimp* $15.20 – $8.20 no rice with shell (medium)
Shrimp In Black Bean Sauce* $6.20 – $8.50
Shrimp Hunan Style* $8.50
Shrimp In Curry Sauce $6.20 – $8.50
Spicy Steam Shrimp* $11.20 – $6.60 no rice. with shell (medium)
Shrimp & Vegetable $6.20 – $8.50
Shrimp In Garlic Sauce* $6.20 – $8.50
Shrimp $6.20 – $8.50 with broccoli
Shrimp Szechuan Style* $8.50
Shrimp & Scallops $9.95 with vegetable

Lucky Ginger Platter Menu and Prices

All Platters Are Served With Cole Slaw, Fries Or Onion Rings & Choice Of Sauce
Hush Puppies $1.75
Crab Stick $6.15
Fried Whitting $6.43
Fried Seafood Combination $10.21 scallop (4), shrimp (8), oyster (4), crab cake (1), crab stick (2), fish (1)
Scallop Platter $8.35
Jumbo Shrimp $7.95
Clam Strips $2.75
Oyster $7.95
Shrimp Platter $6.45
Shrimp (15) & Scallops (8) Platter $8.32
Crab Cake $6.52

Lucky Ginger Cold Subs Menu and Prices

6; (Half) / 12; (Whole)
Tuna Salad $7.15 – $3.85
Ham & Cheese $7.15 – $3.85
Turkey & Cheese $7.25 – $4.00
Philadelphia Hoagies $7.45 – $4.00

Lucky Ginger Sweet & Sour Menu and Prices

With White Rice
Sweet & Sour Combo $8.25
Sweet & Sour Pork $7.75
Sweet & Sour Chicken $7.75
Sweet & Sour Shrimp $8.25

Lucky Ginger Salad Menu and Prices

Served Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, Green Pepper, Egg, Choice Of Dressing: Blue Cheese, Ranch, French, Italian
Chicken Salad $4.95 grilled chicken
Garden Salad $3.85
Shrimp Salad $5.75 medium shrimp

Lucky Ginger Soup Menu and Prices

Egg Drop Soup $1.60 – $3.00
Seafood Soup $6.35
Hot & Sour Soup* $1.75 – $3.25
Creamy Chicken Corn Soup $4.75
Vegetable Soup $1.75 – $3.25
Wonton Soup $1.60 – $3.00
House Special Soup $5.75

Lucky Ginger Rice Noodle Menu and Prices

Rice Noodle Is A Product Of Rice Flour, It Is Shaped Like Skinny Noodle
Singapore Style* $7.95 sauteed rice noodle, roast pork, shrimp, chicken in yellow curry spicy sauce, with shredded carrots, celeries, boy choy, onion and green pepper
Chicken Or Beef Or Shrimp Rice Noodle $7.65 sauteed rice noodle, meat shredded carrots, celeries, boy choy, onion and in brown sauce

Lucky Ginger Lunch Special Menu and Prices

Mon-Sat: 11:00am-3:00pm. Fried Rice & Egg Roll
L10. Pork In Black Bean Sauce $4.95
L11. Chicken In Curry Sauce $4.95
L22. Shrimp In Garlic Sauce* $5.25
L26. Kung Pao Shrimp* $5.25
L28. Orange Chicken* $5.25
L16. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork $4.95
L15. Broccoli In Garlic Sauce* $4.95
L2. Egg Foo Young $4.95 choice of: chicken, roast pork, shrimp or beef
L21. Szechuan Beef* $5.25
L8. Chicken Hunan Style* $4.95
L20. Hunan Shrimp* $5.25
L4. Beef Or Shrimp Chow Mein $4.95
L1. Lo Mein $4.95 choice of: chicken, roast pork, shrimp or beef
L24. Pepper Steak $5.25
L17. Shrimp $5.25 with cashew nuts
L25. General Tso’s Chicken* $5.25
L12. Chicken In Garlic Sauce $4.95
L3. Roast Pork Or Chicken Chow Mein $4.95
L9. Pork Szechuan Style* $4.95
L19. Beef Or Shrimp $5.25 with broccoli
L29. Sesame Chicken $5.25
L5. Chicken Or Cashew Nuts $4.95
L18. Shrimp $5.25 with vegetable
L13. Home Style Bean Curd* $4.95
L14. Sauteed Mix Vegetable $4.95
L6. Chicken & Broccoli $4.95
L23. Beef In Black Bean Sauce* $5.25
L7. Pork $4.95 with vegetable
L27. Triple Delight $5.50

Lucky Ginger Side Orders Menu and Prices

Onion Rings $1.48
Apple Turnover $1.35
Seasoned Fries $1.75
French Fries $1.35
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $3.15
Steamed Broccoli $2.50

Lucky Ginger Appetizers Menu and Prices

All Entree Come With Steamed Rice, Substitution For Plain Fried Per $1.25 Extra Each.
Fried Wontons $2.95
Fried Or Steamed Meat Dumpling $4.50
Steamed Mini Dumplings $5.25
BBQ Pork $5.25
Shrimp Or Vegetable Spring Roll $2.40
Deep Fried Scallops $4.75
Fried Or Steamed Veggie Dumplings $4.50
Shrimp Egg Roll $2.40
Teriyaki Chicken $4.50
Pu Pu Platter $9.25
BBQ Spare Ribs $6.50
Shrimp Toast $3.75
Steak Cheese Egg Roll $1.75
Crab Meat Rangoon $2.65

Lucky Ginger Chow Mein, Chop Suey Or Yat Mein Menu and Prices

Chow Mein Is Sauteed Meat, Bok Choy, Onion, Carrots, Bean Sprout In A Light Sauce And Come With A Part Of Crispy Noodle, Chop Suey Has More Snow Peas Then Chow Mein.
Combination $6.95 shrimp, pork, chicken. brown sauce
Choice Of Beef $6.55 brown sauce or shrimp
Choice Of Veggie Or Pork $5.95 brown sauce or chicken

Lucky Ginger Chef’s Special Menu and Prices

With White Rice
Seafood Delight $10.65 jumbo shrimp, scallop, lobster, crabmeat and mix vegetable, quickly stir-fried in a delicious white sauce
Orange Chicken* $8.41
Mussel In Black Bean Sauce* $9.15 sauteed mussel with shredded green pepper, onion in spicy black bean sauce
Dragon & Phoenix* $9.15 two platter combined in to one general tso’s chicken shrimp & mixed vegetables
Triple Delight $9.15 a unique combination of jumbo shrimp, chicken and beef stir-fried with vegetables in a tasty brown sauce
Orange Shrimp* $9.25 deep-fried shrimp then sauteed with broccoli, carrot, water chestnut, green pepper in spicy sweet, sour orange sauce
Combination Broccoli $9.15 chicken, shrimp & beef
Sesame Chicken $8.41
Hunan Delight* $9.15 beef & shrimp with mixed vegetables in hot hunan sauce
Four Seasons $9.65 shrimp, chicken, beef, roast pork & mixed vegetables
Tofu Bun $7.85 stir-fried assorted types of bean curd, bean sprouts, green onion, carrot and celery for wrapped into lettuce leaves
Lemon Chicken $8.41 two batter-fried chicken breast served with light lemon sauce on the side
Happy Family $10.35 fresh mix vegetable, jumbo shrimp, lobster, beef, chicken, scallops, sauteed in special brown sauce
Orange Beef* $9.25 the beef is first deep-fried until crispy, then we saute it in orange peel flavored sauce, served steamed broccoli
General Tso’s Chicken* $8.32 zhon-tang was a famous chinese general, the chicken dish he liked the best was named after him, this is one of the favorite dishes of americans. the chicken is battered and deep-fried to crispy brown

Lucky Ginger Poultry Menu and Prices

Small $5.45 / Large $7.75. With White Rice
Chicken And Broccoli ;
Chicken $7.95 with cashew nuts
Chicken In Garlic Sauce* ;
Szechuan Chicken* ;
Kung Pao Chicken* ;
Chicken In Curry Sauce* ;
Chicken In Black Bean Sauce* ;
Moo Goo Gai Pan ; white sauce
Chicken Hunan Style* ;
Chicken And Vegetable ;
Chicken And Snow Peas ;

Lucky Ginger Everyday Special Menu and Prices

4 Pcs Wings $4.95 with french fried or fried rice
BBQ Rib Tips $5.30 with french fried or fried rice
5 Pcs Wings $5.95 with french fried or fried rice
4 Pcs Wings $3.75 plain
3 Pcs Wings $2.95 plain
6 Pcs Wings $5.35 plain
Wing Zing $5.50
6 Pcs Wings $6.59 with french fried or fried rice
8 Pcs Wings $7.15 plain
5 Pcs Wings $4.65 plain
General Tso’s Wings $6.25
Bone Fish $5.19 with french fried or fried rice
8 Pcs Wings $8.40 with french fried or fried rice
Buffalo Wings $6.25
7 Pcs Wings $7.55 with french fried or fried rice
10 Pcs Wings $10.30 with french fried or fried rice
10 Pcs Wings $8.95 plain
Chicken Nuggets $5.19 with french fried or fried rice
3 Pcs Wings $4.30 with french fried or fried rice
7 Pcs Wings $6.95 plain

Lucky Ginger Dinner Combo Menu and Prices

Served With Roast Pork Fried Rice & Egg Roll
General Tso’s Chicken* $7.50
Chicken* $6.95 with garlic sauce
Hunan Chicken Or Pork* $6.95
Szechuan Chicken Or Pork* $6.95
Orange Chicken* $7.50
Triple Delight $7.50
Kung Pao Shrimp Or Chicken* $7.50
Beef* $7.50 with garlic sauce
Chicken* $6.95 with curry sauce
Sesame Chicken $7.50
Shrimp Or Beef Broccoli $7.50
Chicken Or Shrimp Chow Mein $6.95
Chicken Or Pork $6.95 with mixed vegetables
Sweet Sour Chicken Or Pork $6.95
Shrimp* $7.50 with garlic sauce
Shrimp* $7.50 with curry sauce

Lucky Ginger Health Diet Dish Special Menu and Prices

By Plain Steamed With Original Flavor With No M.S.G Salt And Oil Used. You Have To Choose With Seasoning Sauce (White, Brown Or Garlic Sauce) On The Sauce
D4. Steamed Shrimp $8.45 with mixed vegetables
D6. Steamed Shrimp $8.95 with string beans
D2. Steamed Chicken $7.75 with mixed veg
D1. Steamed Mixed Vegetables $6.75
D3. Steamed Beef $8.45 with mixed vegetables
D7. Steamed Shrimp & Scallops $9.95 with vegetables
D8. Steamed Triple Delight $9.95
D5. Steamed Shrimp & Chicken $9.95 with mixed vegetables

Lucky Ginger Fried Rice Menu and Prices

Small / Large
Choice Of Beef Or Shrimp $7.20 – $5.20
Combination Fried Rice $7.45 – $5.45 shrimp, pork, chicken
Choice Of Veg Or Pork Or Chicken $6.55 – $4.45

Lucky Ginger Beef Menu and Prices

Small $5.95 / Large $8.25. With White Rice
Beef And Snow Peas ;
Beef And Broccoli ;
Beef And Vegetable ;
Beef In Black Bean Sauce* ;
Mongolian Beef* ; lg only
Beef In Oyster Sauce ;
Beef Hunan Style* ; lg only
Beef Szechuan Style* ; lg only
Pepper Steak ; lg only
Kung Pao Beef* ; lg only
Beef In Garlic Sauce* ;

Lucky Ginger Hot Subs Menu and Prices

6; Half / 12; Whole
Gyro $3.85
Steak & Cheese $3.85 – $7.15
Fried Chicken $3.75 – $7.15
Hot Ham & Cheese $3.85 – $7.15
Cheese Burger $3.55 – $6.75
Hot Turkey & Cheese $4.00 – $7.45
Crab Cake $3.85 – $7.15
Fried Fillet Of Fish & Cheese $3.85 – $7.15
Half Smoke $3.35 – $5.75
Chicken & Cheese $4.00 – $7.45

Lucky Ginger Duck Menu and Prices

Roast Duck $22.35 – $12.35 roast crispy duck (bone) with chef’s gourmet sauce
Duck Strip In Garlic Sauce* $12.35 sauteed duck strip, shredded carrot, celery, onion, water chestnut, green pepper and black fungus in spicy garlic sauce, tasty good
Beijing Duck $22.35 – $12.35 the slice duck meat, crispy duck skin and shredded scallion should be wrapped inside a thin pancake and dipped in hoisin sauce

Lucky Ginger Lunch Special $5.35 Menu and Prices

Served In 6" (Half) Sub With French Fries And Can Soda. Mon-Sat: 11:00am-3:00pm.
A2. Gyro  
A3. Cheese Burger  
A6. Filet Of Fish & Cheese  
A5. Crab Cake  
A8. Half Smoke  
A7. Fried Chicken & Cheese  
A1. Steak & Cheese  
A4. Ham & Cheese   hot or cold

Lucky Ginger Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Jumbo Chicken Sandwiches $2.65
Bacon, Egg & Cheese $2.65
Jumbo Cheese Burger $2.65
Jumbo Fish Cheese Sandwiches $2.65
Jumbo Turkey Burger $2.95

Lucky Ginger Lo Mein Menu and Prices

Carrots, Celeries, Green Onion And Bok Choy, Wok Fried With Soft Noodles In A Dark Sauce
Beef Or Shrimp Lo Mein $7.15
Combination Lo Mein $7.65 shrimp, pork, chicken
Vegetables Or Pork Or Chicken Lo Mein $6.75

Lucky Ginger Egg Foo Young Menu and Prices

"Foo Young" Is Lotus Blossom In Chinese, Egg Foo Young Is A Deep-Fried Egg Cakes Filled With Various Meats And Bean Sprouts, Onion, It Is Put In Yellow Gravy
Choice Of Beef Or Shrimp $6.85
Choice Of Vegetable Or Pork Or Chicken $5.75
Combination Shrimp, Chicken, Pork $7.15

Lucky Ginger Pork Menu and Prices

Small $5.45 / Large $7.75. With White Rice
Pork And Broccoli  
Pork And Vegetable  
Twice Cooked Pork*   lg only
Pork Hunan Style*   lg only
Pork And Snow Peas  
Pork In Black Bean Sauce*  
Pork In Garlic Sauce*  
Pork Szechuan Style*   lg only

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