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Marchi’s Our Dining Experience $51.75 Menu and Prices

The Third Course ; you will be served delectably crisp, deep-fried fish, which virtually melts in your mouth. savory cold beets and string beans are prepared with a simple oil and vinegar dressing to accompany it
The Fourth Course ; consists of roast chicken and moist, tender slices of roast veal accompanied by a heaping platter of superbly cooked fresh mushrooms and a bowl of tossed salad
The Second Course ; is a steaming portion of lasagna. The pasta, of course, is homemade, and the sauce, made by Signor Lorenzo Marchi, is a family secret perfected only after many years of patient improvements
The Fifth Course ; is dessert. You will find your table laden with a bowl of fruit, consisting of peaches, bananas, oranges, pears, and apples. A delicious cheese will also be served to complement the fruit. For your s
The First Course ; consists of platters of antipasto . . . celery, melon, radishes, finocchio (a delicious Italian winter celery), Genoa salami, and a Lorenzo salad created by Signor Lorenzo Marchi, consisting of tuna

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