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Matta's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Matta’s Beverages & Cantina Menu and Prices

Soda, Lemonade Or Iced Tea ;
Bottled Water ;
Coffee, Tea, Milk ;

Matta’s Tacos & Tostadas Menu and Prices

Red Or Green Chile Meat  
Chicken, Ground Beef  
Robert’s Taco ;
Tostada Grande ;
Shredded Beef ;
Bean Tostada ;

Matta’s Desserts Menu and Prices

Creme filled Churros  
Chocolate Taco  
Strawberry Burro  

Matta’s Soups & Salads Menu and Prices

Fajita Salad ;
Tossed Salad ;
Albondiga Soup ;
Lisa’s Taco Salad  
Tossed Chicken Salad  

Matta’s Chimichangas Menu and Prices

(Deep fried burros).
Ground Beef ;
Chicken ;
Red Or Green Chile Meat ;
Shredded Beef ;

Matta’s Tamales Menu and Prices

Green Corn Tamale   (in season).
Red Chile Pork  

Matta’s Burros Menu and Prices

Red Or Green Chile Meat ;
Chicken ;
Ground Beef ;
Bean & Cheese ;
Veggie Burro ;

Matta’s Combos Menu and Prices

Robert’s Taco Combo (2) ;
Rice & Beans ;
Bean Tostada & Cheese ;
2 Item Combo, Rice & Beans ;
Enchilada ;
Chile Relleno, Rice & Beans ;
Fiesta Combo-Ground Beef Taco ;

Matta’s Appetizers Menu and Prices

Mexican Pizza  
Nachos Suprema  
Sofies’s Taquitos (4) ;
Monterrey Quesadilla ;
Louie’s   4 mini burros filled with cheese & chile.
Mini Burritos (4)  
Cheese Crisp  

Matta’s Kids Menu Menu and Prices

(Includes rice, beans & drink).
Taco ;
Cheese Crisp ;
Chicken Tenders ;
Bean & Cheese Burro ;

Matta’s House Specialties Menu and Prices

Fish Taco  
Potato Tacos (2)  
Sandy’s Special ;
Fajita ;
Chilaquiles Casserole ;
Carne Asada Burro ;
Chorizo Burro ;
Chile Relleno ;
Sampler Platter ; (4 mini chimis & 2 taquitos).

Matta’s Enchiladas Menu and Prices

Bean & Cheese  
Red Or Green Chile Meat  
Ground Beef  
Shredded Beef  

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